Hello! Tis me! I'm back baby! Anyway, this here message is to those who wanted more from the world of my mind, so I will deliver! I'm sure I have told you about Love Now Requited, the supposed collection of outtakes and POV's not used in the original story, as well as alternate endings, but… that's all changed now. I'll still have a story for all the little tidbits I decided to take out, but that's going to be called Un-Loved By Me.

HA! (that was a joke ladies and gentlemen) It's actually going to be called I Hate You Less. This will be all the little stuffs I wanted to write but didn't. it'll probably have some random stories about the creation of this fanfic as well.

But that's not the point.

The point is, Love Now Requited is going to be written as a sequel to Unrequited Love.

Okay, that's a small lie. It's really a continuation from an alternate ending I had planned to write. That alternate ending will be included as the first chapter, but the gist of it is that instead of coming back 18 months after first leaving, Gokudera comes back after 8 YEARS.

Yep. 8 whole years. So this is how it works. Unrequited Love is its own story. Love Now Requited is a sequel based on Unrequited Love, but the ending was different. The first chapter of Love Now Requited will be Unrequited Love but with the new ending. Love Now Requited is not an actual sequel, but a continuation of Unrequited Love. To suit my purposes I had to change the ending so that is why it's different from Unrequited Love.

To those who enjoyed Unrequited Love and didn't want the story to end, I hope you will enjoy Love Now Requited. Thank you and good night.