OK so this was a English assignment that the rest of my classmates and I had to do, we did it based on Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, but and this is a big but, I told myself that if this is a good one then I might out it on fanfic.

: So here it is

Yep ok so the summary/reflection will be in italics to tell you where it starts and where it ends

This is based on the Twelfth night by William Shakespeare and the characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Do not belong to me, if they did then this might be real (: or your dead, Nekosai: quiet!) the only characters that do belong to me is Jasmine and Ace, this story was made to be a spin-off of what is to be Sexy Vampire which is made by me, so please enjoy.

Ace: Ok, we are up to Ace Three Scene 4 PLEASE don't screw this UP!

Seto: Whatever

Ace: You're not here yet, scram,NOW! Sees Seto leaving, Ok, Yami, Joey, you're up first

Olivia/Yami: I have sent after her, she says she'll come;-


Yami: Fine

Trying again, it takes three takes just to get it


Jasmine: Ace, please don't take it out on Yami, something must be on his mind for him to be doing this

Ace:Ok, Jasmine you're not until later, so go find out what's going on, and see if you can put a stop to it Sees Jasmine walk off Ok let try this again.

Olivia/Yami: I have sent after him, he says he'll come; how shall I feast him? What bestow of him? For youth is brought more oft then begg'd or borrow'd. I speak too loud. Where is Malvolio? He is sad and civil, and suits well for a servant with my fortunes: Where is Malvolio?

Ace: Better

Maria/Joey: He's coming, madman ; but in very strange manner. He is sure possess'd, madam

Leaving the script, to which Ace is confused and utterly mad.

Ace: What's going on? Your getting off track again!

Yami: Something's wrong with Joey, he normally does such good acting and now, nothing

Ace: Sigh alright everyone take the rest of the day off, go practice or something. Leaves the studio.

Yami: Why? What's the matter?

Joey: Kaiba is being the same as always, never lovin' anyone but Mokie

Yami: You really love him, don't you? But every time you you try to prove it-

Joey: It fails, guess I should just give up. Sighs. Guess I'll head home to my drunken father again.

Yami: Let me try talking to him first before you go home, go talk to Jasmine-

Joey: Big grin Your girlfriend?

Yami: Blushing Zip it Joey, Trying to rub the blush off and Yugi, I'm sure that they miss talking to you ever since Ace gave us the play by Shakespeare.

Joey: Yeah, OK, I'll go talk to them, Leaves but turns around you won't... harm him... will you?

Yami: smiles then shakes his head no I won't harm him, even if my life depends on it, I won't harm him.

Joey leaves the stage, Yami follows making sure that he left to go see Jasmine and Yugi. Then turns to go see Kaiba.

Enter Yugi,Jasmine, Joey talking about Kaiba and the pros and cons to dating Kaiba.

Yugi: well there are more pros to dating Kaiba then not to dating him

Jasmine: Big smile on her face So all we have to do is get you and Seto together

Joey: Laughs Maybe not, it won't be as easy as you think, Jas

Jasmine: Loses smile Why not?

Joey: 'Cause Kaiba hates me and Kaiba hates me

Jasmine: Growls but comes up with an idea Hold on, I have an idea, wait right here Turns and runs off

Joey: Now where is she going?

Yugi: No idea

Change of Scenery

Kaiba: What is the meaning of this, Sennen?

Yami: There's no need to hide the fact that you are in love with Joey, so why hide it?

Kaiba: I guess there is no need to hide it anymore but I don't understand why Joey is upset that I didn't ask him

Jasmine: Because Kaiba, both males look at Jasmine, Joey fell in love with you but didn't know what to do simple as that.

Kaiba: so what should I do? Turns to Jasmine You seem to be the cupid around here, what do you suggest?

Jasmine: Why me? Points to herself What did I do? You can't be serious can you?

Kaiba: If I give the gifts that I wanted to give Joey, can you deliver them for me?

Jasmine: and if I were... to decline?

Kaiba: Evil smirk then I would make your life a living hell, such as the time when

Jasmine: No one really needs to hear that, Sighs you owe me

Kaiba: A genuine smile on his face for once thank you Jasmine

Jasmine: Hell must have frozen over for Kaiba to smile like that and for me to be helping you out sighs with a smile and shakes her head I must be going nuts

Kaiba: or it could be because you've hung out with the group for too long

Jasmine: Nope Hell hasn't frozen just yet, but is getting close to it through, starts laughing though if you plan on loving Joey, that attitude of yours will have to change

Kaiba: I don't think so smirk especially if I don't want anyone to know what's going on between Joey and I

Jasmine: Knew it, you're going to keep the mask up aren't you?

Kaiba: Yep.

Yami: Why don't you ask him out?

Kaiba:Embarrassed on saying the next bit Do you think that... you might...

Jasmine: Stay just in case you get rejected?

Kaiba: nods slowly

Yami: Sure

Jasmine: We'll be glad to assist you, smiles a not so innocent smile on one condition

Kaiba: and what's that?

Jasmine: if and when Joey does says yes, you have to give long passionate kiss, winks alright?

Yami: Snickers

Kaiba: You're kidding me, right?

Jasmine: no, I never kid, Kaiba-san

Kaiba: fine just to make you happy

Jasmine: I'll go get Joey, Yami make sure that Kaiba doesn't run off, ok? Winks causing Yami to blush

Yami: sure Sees Jasmine run off to fetch Joey

Kaiba: What makes her so special that you react like that huh?

Yami: Never you mind

Change of Scenery

Tea: No one should have a choice of taking my Yami

Tristan: No one should get the choice of getting my Joey either

Pegasus: But they already have, Joey is after Kaiba-boy and Yami-boy is after Jassie-girl so what's the point of going after them?

Tea: They have no right to go after what is rightfully ours!

Jasmine: I has a feeling that you two were going to try and break the four of us up weren't you two?

Tea: I guess there's always a next time, right Tristan?

Tristan: Nods

Both Tea and Tristan leave the studio never to be seen or heard from for some time

Change of Scenery

Jasmine: Joey? Joey? Joey, where are you?Searches all over the studio for Joey

Joey: You called?

Jasmine: Kaiba asked to speak to you Joey, sounds important too. Starts to drag Joey in th direction of Kaiba.

Joey: Alright! Alright! Chuckles and everyone thinks that I'M the dog.

Jasmine: I'm a cat most of the time, Joey not a dog

Joey: Chuckles again

Jasmine: Just come on

Exit Joey and Jasmine

Kaiba: Enters the room Why are we here again?

Yami: Enters as well Because this is where Jasmine is bringing Joey.

Enter in Jasmine and Joey

Joey: blushes then pulls Jasmine in whisper to, Why are you doing this to me?

Jasmine: whispers back Because it was you who said that Kaiba hates you and that if you get the chance to get asked by him you would take it without thinking

Joey: Sighs, Fine but if he dumps me or says no I'm coming after ya

Jasmine: I know, I know

Kaiba and Joey walks up to each other while Yami walks over to Jasmine making Jasmine giggle

Kaiba: Mutt

Joey: Growls Moneybags

Kaiba: Wondering something pup

Joey: Pup?

Kaiba: How would you like to go out with me?

Joey: Why go out with me?

Jasmine: Groans They are not going to start an argument are they?

Yami: Chuckles

Jasmine: What?

Yami: remember when we first started dating?

Jasmine: Yeah, Yugi and Joey pushed a gear clinks in Jasmine's head me...into... you... so your saying that if we push Joey into Seto then it might get them together?

Yami: Yeah, if you don't mind the hating for awhile

Jasmine: What have we got to lose?

Yami: nothing much

Jasmine: you do Seto, I'll do Joey?

Yami: Since when did you call Kaiba, Seto, Jas?

Jasmine: for some time now

Yami: Anyway shall we my love?

Jasmine: Yes, lets

Jasmine and Yami walk behind Kaiba and Joey and push them into each other causing them to kiss with shock

Jasmine: About time!

Yami: You might want to watch it, my dear

Jasmine: Why?

Both Joey and Kaiba recover from their shock.

Kaiba: Kisses the back of Joey hand Please excuse me, my puppy

Joey: blushing Sure

Kaiba: Thank you Glares at Jasmine

Jasmine: Gulps K-Kaiba, w-w-why are y-y-you looking at me l-l-like that?

Kaiba: You might want to run, if you know what's good for yourself

Starts running away, trying to get away from Kaiba

That's all that happens now, hopefully you enjoyed, thank you for reading R&R