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The Bard

Chapter Twenty Two

The Curse Broken Part Two

He snarled and shot up from his spot and in one blink he was the feral beast that had its way with her. She screamed and backed away more and looked up in the beastly eyes as he backed her up against the wall and placed his hands next to her head on the wall. "I tried to save you! Why couldn't you follow orders and just LEAVE!?" he roared out and more growls came from him.

Kagome turned her head and breathed harder as he got closer to her face and snarled more as he waited for her response. How kind of him to at least give her a chance to talk, but because of her nerves and scared that he would harm her again and the high emotion, she could not even speak. A soft cry escaped her as she started to feel hopeless and the fear build more inside of her and eventually just bubbled out in her crying.
Sesshomaru snarled and grasped onto her chin with his claws, a sharp nail dug into the skin of her cheek and pierced it and some blood dripped down. He leaned in and nuzzled her ear with his muzzle and his tongue came out and started to lick along the shell of her ear and down her jaw. She cried more as the fear made her shake and she was afraid he would do the same things he did to her again. Not again!

Hastily, Sesshomaru backed away with a roar and was back to the perfect image of a man he was not even a few minutes ago. She gasped and breathed hard as she stood there stuck from her fear, she watched him with wide frightened blue eyes. He looked up at her and panted hard.

"Leave now, unless you wish to be violated again." He rasped out.

She shook her head and sniffled and tried to gain enough courage to at least speak. "I can't leave you. Something is wrong and I know much of curses. That is why I keep asking you of the curse!" she said frustrated.

He shook his head grabbed onto her hand and watched as she flinched and tried to get away from him. He just simply pulled her away from her spot and rushed her out of the kitchen and back into the main hall, she thought for a moment he was going to throw her outside but he simply ascended the staircase and led her through the maze silently and into the room she had once been in and been punished for. She watched as he released her hand and approached the untouched wooden table with the once perfect feather that was now a wilting stem with one last piece of feather that was dangling and holding for its life.

"Even if you know much of curses, it is too late. I am too far gone and have messed up." He whispered roughly and placed gentle hands around the case that held the feather. He turned his head to look at the full length mirror then looked away and back down at the feather.

She pouted out her lip a little and was going to approach him but thought against it. She did not want to be too close to him and have the high chance of him snapping again and scaring her. She held onto the robe and shook in her spot where she stood. "It's never too late. What did the witch tell you?" she asked softly; adrenaline pumped through her veins and filled her with more energy than she originally had before.

Sesshomaru was silent for a while but then let out a little sigh and turned his head slightly so he was looking at her from the corner of his eye over his shoulder, "I was at war with the Northern lands. They tried to overtake my land and devastated the villages; your village was one of them. I am and was the protector, so as my duty I went and defeated them. But I did not expect another trap and I fell for it." He explained softly then turned his head and looked back down at the burning feather. He did not have much more time.

"The witch wanted me to take her back with me and make her mine. I refused so she laid this curse on me and the people who lived with me. The villages shunned me and made me out to be the enemy rather than the hero." He stroked the glass jar as he spoke softly.

She frowned as he told her the story. He was wasting time by telling her the story but he did intrigue her as he spoke. She never would have thought of him being the well-loved warrior that kept the villages safe. Why hadn't he done so the past decades? Guilt washed through her as she thought of how he must have felt through all that time and being shunned for trying to save everyone; rumors were terrible and she would make sure that whenever she returned home… the true story would be revealed. "What did the witch tell you?" she asked again.

He turned and faced her fully, his eyes shone a light pink and his lips were pulled back in a little snarl. "What she said does not matter. It is too late. Now GO!" he roared out.

She shook her head and balled up her fists and stood her ground as she glared back at the warlord; even now he was trying to save her life and a little part of her wanted to give up and run away. But she would not be like the people of her village and shun the man who had saved them all! "NO!" she yelled back.

He took an intimidating step towards her then stopped as she flinched and took a timid step back. His lips pulled into a little smirk but his eyes flashed with hurt then anger. "Even now you flinch away from my presence. I have done you wrong and there is no other way of showing you my sincere apology… you must go so for that I would feel a little better." He spoke softly.

Tears came to her eyes and her chin wobbled as she started to feel sadness for him. She wanted to help him and if she confessed her true feelings for him… rather than try to show him like what she did when they made love, perhaps it will break the curse. She took in a shaky breath, "Sesshomaru, I lo-"once again she was interrupted.

Even as he was trying to fight the beastly side of him, he heard a commotion from the outside. He whipped around and looked outside the balcony and saw a large crowd of people, Kagome's people from the village, outside of the castle with fire, pitchforks and all. He growled lowly and turned his head and looked at Kagome who stood there still shaking. "Leave now. Your people are here." He said gently then looked back outside.

"What?" she asked softly and was about to approach but when he shifted, he heard her stop. Of course she would stop… that was his intention. She was uncomfortable around him and that was his entire fault. He did not want the woman whom he loved to never want to be close to him but his true love was scared of him and will be away from him forever. Such a pity.

"Leave with your villagers." He whispered then left the room to outside and climbed along the side of the castle and came to the one of the roofs and watched as they tried to plummet the door down with a large log. He snarled and roared to gain their attention, which worked. Everyone stopped and looked up, they all had wide eyes and mouths agape. Some covered their mouths and gasped as they looked upon his beastly form.

"Kill the beast!" a man yelled out and raised his torch up into the air.

Everyone around him cheered and lifted their hands in the air and once again they tried to break down the front door to get inside the castle. He narrowed his eyes and watched as one male who looked to be strong was still watching Sesshomaru and started to separate away from the crowd and looked around for a way to reach Sesshomaru. How stunning that a human male would separate away from the crowd and try to defeat the warlord. He smirked and turned away from the roof and made his way back into the room and saw that Kagome was gone. Good.
He made his way out of the room and went to his moved chambers and grabbed is armor and his red cape. It was time to battle again and it thrilled him as well as the beast; they had not had a battle in such a long time that it excited them both and want to protect what was theirs… even though they would not be able to keep the woman they loved.

After preparing for having to protect the people that lived in the castle, he made his way through the castle and went to the top of the stairs and watched as some of the habitants of the castle ran through scared and trying to gather their loved ones. Miroku caught his eye as he was about to approach the door that was bending in and about to break.

"Miroku, flee with the others." He said in a booming authoritative voice.

Miroku turned, his lips were sealed and it looked disgusting. That was what Kagome had seen? Pity and regret went through him as he watched his longtime friend and servant having to reap for Sesshomaru's own mistakes.

"Find Kagome, keep her safe and give her to the people of the village... hopefully they should leave once she is with them." They wouldn't leave until he was dead but saying differently to Miroku will give him some peace.

Miroku bowed to show that he understood then he quickly left the lobby area and Sesshomaru to his self as he waited for the door to break open. As soon as it did, cold air whipped into the warm castle and blew his red cape around him. The people started to swarm inside the castle then stop as they saw the warlord standing on the staircase glaring daggers down at them.

"Beast! You shall die on this day!" one yelled and glared right back at him.

Sesshomaru smirked and stared at them waiting for them to take the move. "Do as you must, but this Sesshomaru shall not die. You seek the woman do you not? She is safe."

He would try to negotiate with them, but they held so much hatred for him in their eyes that he knew they would not want to do it the easy way and save their own lives. He watched as they started to move closer and then start to charge and go up the staircase; Sesshomaru easily avoided them and punched a few and knocked them down the staircase.
He was not expecting this, it could be his old age… even though he looked young, or it could be the fact that he hadn't battled in such a long time but a sword came down and hit him in the shoulder of his armor. He growled and turned and saw a man with dark hair in a high pony tail and a snarl on his face. Sesshomaru growled more and grabbed his own sword and flinched away and started to back away.

"You will not keep my woman!" The man yelled out.

His woman? His woman?! Had Kagome been engaged or married before she had come to his castle? She was pure when he had lain with her, so the man had not spoiled her. Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed on the man and the other people tried to attack him but with a simple side punch or elbow they went flying. Weak. They were all weak. But now he had a good opponent and he felt excited. "Kagome was not yours." Sesshomaru snarled out.

"She wasn't yours either. She will be mine. Tell me beast, did you spoil her purity? She will be cleansed when she returns then she shall marry me, Kouga." He declared.

Sesshomaru glared daggers at the male and felt an inner rage swarm through him. He did not wish for his woman to go and marry someone else; she is his only but with him wanting to protect her from himself… she must leave. He snarled with rage and the demon and beast within him started to come out, he attacked first.

Their swords met with a loud clank and they backed off and circled each other on the landing of the stairs. "Where is Kagome?" Kouga yelled out.

"She is safe. I did not wish for her to be attacked by her own people." He answered calmly.

He did not wish to fight, why should he fight? This Kouga seemed like a terrible person and he wished that he be the bringer of death to him, but if Kagome were to be happy he wanted someone for her. His face distorted more from a snarl and he backed away from the male who continued to approach to keep close to him to attack.

"Why do you back away beast? Do you not wish for death?" Kouga smirked and went in with an attack.

Sesshomaru reacted and met his sword with his own blocking the blow. Kouga was strong. Was he a demon as well? Sesshomaru took in a deep breath of air and the stench of the human went through his nostrils. No he was not demon, but he could not be fully human. Sesshomaru's face twitched as Kouga made it seem like Sesshomaru was being a coward and not wanting to fight.

"I am sparing your life, human… or should I say human?" he said softly and watched the man's face carefully.

Kouga did not react the way he wanted him to. In fact he did not even show any signs of acknowledging his question and suspicion.

"I'm not beast. Now die!" Kouga yelled out and ran forward with his sword raised- which was a very amateur move.

Sesshomaru did not wish to leave the battle with his tail between his legs but he did not want to kill anyone. He spared everyone else their lives by knocking them away or knocking them out, he would do the same to this idiot human. He turned and swept up the rest of the stairs and made his way back to his chamber that was destroyed.
Where was Kagome? Was she safe?

Sesshomaru put down his sword against the wall and stared down at the burning feather. He did not have much longer now before the last little piece would burn down on the table and he would be forever a beast. He leaned his head down and grabbed onto the table gently and felt some emotion bubble in his chest. He would not cry, he promised himself long ago that he would not take pity on himself… but rather he felt more pity for Miroku. He would never be able to speak again.

Kagome looked around at all the servants she had not seen as she stayed there flying by her and weeping from the intruders as they tried to break down the door. Kagome made it to her room and changed into some more comfortable clothes and put on some boots. She made her way out of the room and down the hall when she felt someone grab onto her arm. She turned and saw Miroku, his sealed lips made her jump but she then melted and wrapped her arms around Miroku. It seemed things were starting to heat up and he wanted her to follow him.

"Will he be okay?" she asked softly.

She did not want to leave but she had a feeling that she was going to have to go back with her people as Sesshomaru had requested.

Miroku gave her a tight squeeze then pulled away and nodded once and started to walk the opposite direction of where she wanted to head, towards the staircase where a lot of the commotion was coming from. Conflicted with what she should do and if she should find Sesshomaru and break the curse, she instead turned and followed Miroku. She will have to find Sesshomaru at some point, very soon, and break it and he will be free as well as Miroku and the others.
She followed behind Miroku as he weaved around the halls then stopped in front of a large full length picture of Sesshomaru, he pushed a button that was hidden and the picture fell back into the wall and exposed a dark hallway. Kagome's eyes widened and she timidly followed the servant as he silently went into the dark dank hallway; as she entered it was lit by torches in the small hallway and cobwebs could be seen.

"Sango must not come back here to clean huh?" she tried to joke in a situation like this. She needed something funny right now. She felt like her head was spinning and at any given point she would pass out.

She heard a muffling and a chuckle. A smile spread across her lips as she heard his laughter; thank goodness he could at least laugh, even though it came from his nose and it sounded strange. She followed Miroku through the dim-lit secret passageway, occasionally they would turn and keep going and it felt like a long time they walked and went down stairs then up more stairs and so on.
The pair finally made it to a halt and was on the side of the castle and went outside in the freezing cold, the wind whipped and lashed at the both of them as they hauled across the land to the stable where the horses were. Miroku opened the gate then closed it behind Kagome as she stepped in shivering. She turned her head and watched as he started to light a torch and motioned for her to step over and stand by the heat of the fire. She figured he did not want to light a bigger fire just in case of them being found by the light of the fire.

"Are you hiding me away from the villagers?" she asked curiously.

He looked at her a little irritated; he can't talk. She pouted and looked away not wanting to stare at the gruesome look of Miroku's sealed lips. She looked back up and saw him nodding to her question and she let out a little huff then relaxed a little. At least Miroku is on her side with wanting to break the spell… but she had to be by Sesshomaru for him to hear her confession and the words to break the curse.

"I have to go back in there and find him." She mumbled and stared down at her hands and watched as the heated blood turned her hands back to a nice shade of pink rather than the sickly looking pale she had while outside in the cold.

Silence and a shuffle.

She looked up and watched as he sat down on some hay with the torch and he stared into the flame. She followed him and knelt down so she was face to face with him and looked in his deep brown eyes that swirled with mixed emotions. She smiled a little and patted his shoulder.

"I'm sorry that this happened to you. It's my fault."

He looked up at her with sad eyes and shook his head then reached out and patted her arm. She knew it was his silent way of telling her that it wasn't, but they both knew that she had tried to pry it out of him and when he realized she said the words he was about to spill the truth out and in the end got his lips sealed. She huffed and stood up straight and felt more courage fill her by the second.

"I might not stay after I tell him… after all that he had done, I don't think I could forgive him. But to release him and everyone here from the curse will be a parting gift." She said sternly then looked down at Miroku with a gentle smile.

Silently, he watched her with wide eyes and would have smiled if he could. But all he did was nod once and shooed her away with the motions of his hands. She smiled and turned away from him and left the shed and once again was outside in the freezing cold. She tried the door they came out of but it would not open.

"One way door." She mumbled irritated and shivered more that made her teeth chatter.

Just as hastily, she made her way around the castle to the front and went through the broken down doors and saw the left over chaos that had happened. People she knew were lying on the ground unconscious or were just about to wake up. She quickly made her way up the stairs and followed the beaten and torn down objects and scratches along the wall. She had to make it Sesshomaru before it was too late.

Sesshomaru stood in the cold room and stared down at the glass jar and watched as the least little piece of the feather was about to break off. This was it. He was going to forever be the ugly beast that he was and never have a chance of finding someone. He knew that Kagome would never forgive him and she would never want to be around him after this, so he figured he would just live in solitude… even though it hurt him to the core that he would be separated from his true love. He looked up from the class jar and looked outside to the morning sky that tinted the sky with pinks, blues, and even greens. He smiled gently and closed his eyes as he thought of how those colors were Kagome's. Her eyes were deep blue just like the ocean and even the sky; her cheeks rarely were never shaded pink from a blush and the color green always suited her-even though the green was the color of the Northern land and his enemy… he did not care.
It had come to the point where the villages around him were backlashing and wanting his death; he could not leave his castle… he was forever bound to it and could never leave. Not just because of the way he looks but also because of the curse. He had tried to leave the castle before and just ended up hitting a barrier and had to turn around with his tail between his legs. How pitiful it was that the warrior to protect the surrounding villages could not even go out and make sure everything was okay or to defend them when they had been attacked over the time he had been bound.

As soon as he heard the noise, it was too late. He roared with pain as a sword struck in the middle of his back and exited through his chest cavity. Blood spewed to his lips and he looked down at the blood blade as it was stuck there for a few seconds then it retreated. He wobbled but turned and saw Kouga standing there with a smirk on his lips as he watched the beast tremble from the pain and fear of losing his pitiful life.

"I will be the savior of the villages, for I have slain the beast!" he roared excited then kicked his foot out and smashed Sesshomaru against the wooden table, knocking the glass jar down and Sesshomaru tumbled and fell to the ground in pain.

Sesshomaru reached to his chest with a trembling hand and covered the gushing wound and tried to catch his breath. The blade had struck a weak spot in him, his main organs were sliced and there was no time for his healing to save his life as he watched Kouga raise his sword and was about to plunge again when a female scream stopped him.


Kouga did not relax his posture as he turned his head and looked at the woman who had entered the room. Sesshomaru still lie there holding his chest wound and tried to catch a breath but it was all futile. The room around him started to spin and his ears rang. So this is what death felt like. He had killed many people like this and watched them as they suffered before he finished them with the final blow to snuff out their life. How ironic was it that the Lord of the Western lands was going to die like how he killed many of his enemies?

"Don't kill him!" the female screamed; it was muffled but he had a vague idea with whom it was.

"Ka-go-me." He whispered then coughed out more blood and wheezed in a breath then let it out shortly.

"You care for this beast? You have gone mad woman! Leave!" Kouga roared out.

"He had protected me and been kind and forgiving when he didn't have to be." Her voice wobbled as she spoke. Sesshomaru and Kagome both knew that half of what she spoke was a lie. He had not been kind at first. He had not been kind at the end. Only the middle was sweet and too short.

"Leave. Let. Me. Die. In-" Sesshomaru tried to speak and started to spittle out blood and cough from the pain and the blood that filled his lungs. His heart was starting to slow. "Honor." He finished as he caught a breath.

"I will not let you be slain like some beast! I have seen what you are and you are a beautiful man." Kagome yelled out and her soft and clumsy footsteps came towards him but struggled as Kouga grasped onto her and threw her in the opposite direction.

"You will leave and I will take care of you when I get back to the village with this beast's head!"

Sesshomaru opened his eyes halfway and looked at the blurry images of Kouga and Kagome. Kagome was laying on the ground looking at Sesshomaru shocked and Kouga staring down at him with a mad look. Sesshomaru felt a rage inside of him as he thought of Kouga having his way with his Kagome. If he were to die, he would be sure to bring Kouga with him. To hell with letting Kouga having her!
Sesshomaru shot up with the last bit of energy he had and growled out in pain and grabbed onto the sword blade as Kouga gasped and tried to strike him once more. Sesshomaru roared with rage and struck his claws through Kouga's chest and grasped onto his heart and just as quickly pulled it out and watched as the man fell to his knees then on the ground with lifeless eyes and a last breath spilled out of his lungs.

Sesshomaru let go of the bloody heart and fell to his knees and spit up more blood and panted. He looked at Kagome who was still lying on the ground and watching with a shocked face. Sesshomaru smiled gently towards her then looked over at the glass shards and the last bit of the feather as it sparkled and started to burn away.

"It is too late." He whispered as he fell to the ground face first.

Kagome scrambled to her hands and knees and crawled over to Sesshomaru's side and turned him around and saw his eyes closed and blood smeared and stained over his face. He was the beastly creature she had seen when he had abused and raped her. She felt a lump of emotion and fright in her throat as she shook and remembered the things that were done to her. She wanted to save him and to save the people in this castle. Quickly, she looked over at the used to be feather then back at Sesshomaru felt tears in her eyes.
It struck her. If she were to say she loved him, then that must mean that this curse was for the true love and to find each other. So he was her true love and sadly she hated him just a little for him mistreating her and abusing her like the way he did. But it couldn't have been all him. She gathered all her courage and took in a deep shaky breath and let out a sob.

"I love you, Sesshomaru. Please don't die." She whispered and leaned her head down and buried her face in his furry neck and held onto his sides as she held onto him. "If you hadn't been so stubborn in the stupid kitchen then I could have said this a long time ago!" She punched his side in her frustration.

She was frustrated with herself; she had conflicting emotions for this man! At first she hated him and then he started to change and started to act romantically with her then all of a sudden he snapped and treated her worse than he did before. She didn't know if she would ever be able to forgive him for what he had done, but at this moment… with him lying there and most likely dead, she did not want him gone from this world. He had been strong and even to the end he wanted to save her. She hated herself for loving this terrible man. She would never forget what he had done, but she would love the gentle side of him that she had the honor of knowing.
She wept for the loss of what was supposed to be her true love. What would love be like after this? It would have to be dull and never satisfying like he was to her. She didn't think she would ever be able to move on from what had happened from her stay there at the castle with the feared warlord who had opened his heart after so much work on her part. She stroked her fingers through his fur then went up and tangled her fingers in his silky silver locks. More sobs escaped her as his death started to hit her harder. A piece of her already felt missing and it hurt so much that she could barely breathe.

A faint of a sound made her stop her crying altogether. She lifted her head little by little and looked down at the still warlord and looked for any movements or breathing on his part. Nothing. Her chin and lip wobbled from more sobs that built up and wanted to spill out. Could it be that she imagined hearing a sound? She leaned her head back down and wept softly and refused to move from that spot as she tried to gather all her thoughts together. She didn't think she would ever be able to think straight again.
Another faint sound could be heard and she lifted her head and looked down at Sesshomaru then looked around the room then back at Sesshomaru as more tears spilled down her face. A loud gasp escaped her as a light shined around Sesshomaru's body and slowly he levitated into the air and was set up straight but his feet did not touch the ground and the way his head was leaned back and his arms slack, he was not conscious or even looked to be alive.

"Don't take him away from me." She whispered sadly.

Could the magic be ridding his body from her? She at least wanted to give him a proper burial! But the light shined more around Sesshomaru and soon it got so bright that she could not even look at him directly. She groaned and looked down and covered her eyes with her hand and tried to peak a few times only to look away. Shimmering sounds could be heard and soon it grew to almost deafening as it continued and the light blazed brighter than before.
Soon the light faded and she was able to look back and see Sesshomaru standing on his feet and his golden eyes looking down at her. She looked up at him shocked and her mouth open. Could he really be alive? Did magic really bring him back to life or was this his spirit moving on and needed to say something before he moved onto the next world? Hesitantly she stood on her feet before him and waited for him to say something.

"Are you scared?" he whispered.

She couldn't lie! She was scared to death and she had no idea what to say or what to even ask. She nodded her head only and watched as he raised his hand and looked down at one then the other and a little smile played on his lips. He looked so normal… like before, but even more beautiful and so… strong. His skin glowed from the morning light and his eyes were amber and full of life.

"It has been broken…" he whispered then turned and looked at the full length mirror that was close by them.

She watched as he examined himself for a few seconds then looked back at her and stared at her expecting her to say something. She opened her mouth then closed it and tried to moisten her dry mouth, but in the end it did not work. What was going on? He was dead! She thought he was dead! So she had said the words on time then?

"You're…alive?" she whispered shocked.

His eyes softened and a gentle smile played on his lips at her question. "I am. You do not seem shocked from my appearance."

She shook her head and played with her hands when all she wanted to do was play with his hair and see if he really was in front of her and she was not just going crazy and hallucinating things. "I have seen you this way many times." She replied back softly.

He tilted his head questioningly and took a timid step towards her but she stepped back and shook her head. "Do you still fear me?" he asked softly.

She nodded her head and looked away from him for a few seconds to gather her bearings and took a deep breath then looked up at him, "I wanted to save you and the castle. But I did not plan on staying. What you had done to me…" she whispered.

His shoulders sagged and he nodded once and let out a little sigh, "I understand." He whispered and took a step back.

"But what I said… I still mean it. I do love you. But I just can't forgive you right now. I still hurt and the mental wounds you had conflicted… will take a while to heal and scar. I don't know how long it will take… but I need to be away and be with my family. Live my life. Maybe visit as a friend." She explained nervously.

She felt horrible for having to tell him that but it had to be that way. She could not be around him and be reminded of the rape and the beatings he had done, even if he had gone savage and beastly… it was still him and his body. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of the sad parting they will have. What did it mean for him? Will he live in solitude and no longer able to take another? Will she not be able to have her own love life? She couldn't imagine having a love life with someone else; she couldn't even stand the thought of someone even touching her intimately at that moment.

"If that is what you wish, I shall let you go." Sesshomaru said softly, his voice full of emotion.

She looked up at him and smiled half-heartedly and nodded, "It'll hurt won't it?"

He nodded again and frowned just a little and let out a little sigh, "In my culture we mark what is ours. I have not marked you as mine during our intimate times together. What we have is a connection and parted it will hurt and feel… uncomfortable for a while, but we can survive." He whispered sadly.

She nodded and took a step back and tumbled backwards as she hit against Kouga's corpse. Sesshomaru flew forward and grabbed onto her arms and stood her upright on her feet and backed away from her to give her space that she wanted. She smiled up at him and thanked him softly.

"I should go then." She said awkwardly.

"Will you allow me to escort you into your village? I must fix a few things with the villages…" he explained softly.

Kagome stood there nervously and anxiously nibbled on her lower lip as she thought of the outcomes of him going to her village with her. Would the people recognize him? He did say he had to fix a few things. Perhaps it was so that they knew he would not allow to be shunned no longer and would still protect them if they would allow it… even though he would make it happen. In that she believed in him. She smiled up at him and nodded. "Yeah, that would be nice."

The End

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