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Okay, yes I'm working on two other stories of awesomeness, but this idea also flew at me this season. I wasn't planning on posting any of it until I was done, but I read this horrid fanfic these past two nights on Dick (ending sucked and frankly, I would have had Dick deck each of the harassing social workers, plus had Bruce/Batman dig up dirt on the people backing it all) and I'm so mad, I just had to post something to rant and prove yet again that kids are smarter than adults realize and are fully capable of taking charge of their own lives. I believe it's a running theme: Dick would have become Robin whether Batman was involved or not! batman just made certain he survived.

And as I am working on two other series, one directly tied to this one, I won't be updating this one for a while. Gonna focus on 'Slade Plan B' and 'Meeting Robin'. But do know this one is heart wrenching at first, not a real comedy.

Without Me

Ch. 1 - An Intruder?

"Really Bruce," Wonder Woman started, "You're just being paranoid."

"Am I?" Batman gave all of them one of his famous glares before returning the founding members of the League to the real dilemma. "Lex Luthor conducting peace talks in Melasia while Ra's sends one his assassins to take him down, only for Luthor's body guard to take out a few thugs who slipped past Green Arrow and Aquaman. Then Kord Industries starts talking to Lex Corp about armaments."

"Batman's right," Superman interjected. "Looking into Theodore Kord and his company might help make sense of everything."

"But we hardly know anything about Ra's and why he wanted to stop the peace talks," Hal piped in. "I thought he was all about making the world a better place, just using really horrible methods."

"He wants a world wide cleansing," Batman reiterated, his tone reminding them all he thought they were idiots. "To shape the world into his utopia. A constant war in Melasia would bring about millions of deaths, maybe even escalate to another world war."

"And we're looking into Kord… why?" Hal continued. "He doesn't seem like a bad guy, just trying to make a buck. And he's working on the defensive part of war isn't he? Body armor and all that."

"We aren't sure what he's planning," Superman interceded. "Kord may be an innocent, or he could be working for Luthor towards a more diabolical end."

"Luthor's profits are about all he cares about," Batman insisted. "Kord is equally as powerful and dangerous if he puts his mind—"

An ear splitting snap filled the cave, putting every person in it on alert, grapping their weapons and jerking themselves into fighting stances. What they saw though stunned them further. A boy flew backwards across the room away from them as if thrown by an explosive blast. Before he could hit the far wall, the kid turned into a backwards flip, landing into a crouch to stop himself from moving any further.

"NICE GOING KID KLUTZ!" The angry shout from the boy shocked them out of their fighting mind set. They stared at the boy, trying to figure him out. He couldn't be older than fourteen, maybe thirteen. Wiry built and his muscles well toned, they could tell he was an acrobat and a fighter. His hair black and his skin fair, they couldn't see his eyes because of his mask. What he wore floored him. A red tunic and black tights, similar in design to Batman's uniform. A utility belt hugged his waist and black glove and boots covered his ands and feet. His black cape had yellow on the inside, and in different vital locations they could see an extra layer of armor.

He looked like he could be one of them, if he were older.

"I told you not to mess with it! Ah crap!" The boy staggered slightly to his feet, rubbing his eyes and ears. "Blind and deaf! What was that thing? Some alien concussion bomb? Don't you dare touch it again Wally!"

The league continued to gape at the young intruder. He hadn't set off any alarms and had seemingly appeared out of no where. Furthermore, he was making no move to harm them. Rather, he seemed annoyed at something, or someone.

"Wally?" Flash whispered slowly, a twinge of worry coming to his face.

"Oh you better hope this isn't permanent. You're so gonna get it later. Ah, ringing. Good. That should be back to normal soon. Ow." The kid rubbed his ears more than his eyes now, wincing slightly from the twinges of pain in his head.

"Manhunter," Batman barked and the Martian nodded. Quickly their psychic used his powers to raise the kid off the floor so he couldn't run away. Both of them approached the boy with Superman just behind them, more bewildered than angry at the arrival.

The kid groaned. "M'gann, I'm not hurt. I don't need help, just a few minutes. Ringing's nearly gone. Green koolaid, maybe blue." The last part was only audible to Superman, making him blink. Why was he trying to hide anything about koolaid?

"Who are you?" Batman demanded first. The kid obviously couldn't hear him, still wincing from his senses reeling. The Bat's glare told them all he didn't want this inconvenience at all. And how this kid managed to get past all their defenses was troubling.

"Put me down," the kid whined slightly, opening and closing his mouth to alleviate the pressure in his ears. Manhunter didn't make any attempt to listen to the boy, which only made the kid sigh, exasperated. "I'll be good and sit for a bit, 'kay? But just floating in mid air is disconcerting. Either zip me around the room or put me back on the ground."

"Who are you?" The Martian demanded. This time the kid heard the question, and groaned again.

"I didn't hit my head J'onn," a twinge of annoyance in his voice. Everyone blinked, taken back at the casual use of Manhunter's real name. "No concussion, no memory loss. Waaaiiiit… when did you get here?"

The kid gave him a confused look, letting go of his ears at last to work on his eyes. Since they were hiding behind a mask with white lenses, it was quite a bit more difficult than his ears. He must have been blinking and wincing rabidly behind it. "Did I miss something? I thought Batman was going to check out that gizmo first, or Flash and Blue Beetle. Did Meg's call you? Please tell me you didn't sneak in during that blast. It might have damaged the Zeta-tubes.

"Should check it when we get the chance." He rubbed his eyes one last time before looking around the room. It was clear by his expression he still couldn't see everything, but he could see something, mostly the angry Martian and Bat before him. His confusion seemed to grow. "Um… can I come down now?"

"Answer the question punk," Batman snarled.

"Um… what?" Complete confusion covered his face as he looked at Batman. To everyone's surprise the kid wasn't even the slightest bit afraid of Batman and his deathly glares.

"Who are you?" Batman repeated, giving the kid a glare even the Joker wilted at.

The kid just seemed more confused. "I'm not hurt, just a little disorientated. When did you get in? We just made the call."

He peaked around Batman to the rest of the league, then around the room as if looking for someone in particular. "This is weird. Where is everyone? Did they go flying too or something? And why are the founding League members here? I thought the cave was our hang out these days. HEY!"

Batman yanked the kid by his collar to his face, baring down on him with a menacing growl. "Answer the damn question punk."

The kid blinked at him, not scared but really confused. "Robin. Your partner. Why are you interrogating me like this?"

"I don't have a partner."

The kid, Robin, gave him a slightly incredulous glare before leaning to the side to look at Superman. "Okay Clark. How did he lose his memory this time?"

"What?" Superman asked, shock coming to his face. This kid knew both his and Martian Manhunter's identities. No one outside that room save their immediate family members knew who they were.

Furthermore, the Batman didn't scare him.

"You're answering to me brat."

Robin gave a heavy sigh, as if this had happened before and he was tired of it. "What was it? A ray gun? Some psychic? Alien tech? I know, Talia snuck something into your mouth while you were kissing! You really shouldn't trust her Bruce."

At his name, Batman's eyes widened dangerously and horror filled the other League members. Enraged, the dark knight threw the lad to the ground, ready to beat him into giving the answers he wanted. It was only the aliens in the room who saved the boy from the raging bat. Martian Manhunter's telekinetic abilities stopped the kid from making contact with the floor and Superman pulled Batman back before his fists when flying.


"Batman, calm down!" Superman tried his hardest to keep his friend at bay while not hurting him. He feared the kryptonite and stun gun would soon come out. "He's just a kid! There's no reason to hurt him!"

From the corner of his eye, Superman could see the shocked expression on the kid's face. It reminded him of a time a kid was just beaten by his usually kind father. A twinge of worry and fear, along with heartbreak showed clearly on his face. But the kid quickly pulled himself together, mumbling lowly, "Amnesia. So annoying."

"He's not just a kid! He broke in here and knows who we are!" Other members of the league exchanged glances, conflicted with both voices of reason.

The kid pulled himself to his feet, giving a slow exasperated sigh. "Of course I do. You trained me."

"I trained no one!" Batman snarled, his rage bringing him almost to an animal level.

Robin seemed a little pained watching the man trying to claw his way at the boy. He looked at Superman again. "So what did happen? 'Cause we've got a parent-teacher conference coming up, and my English teacher really wants a word with him. Can't say why but he's exta-sistant."

"Extra-sistant?" Wonder Woman murmured to Green Lantern further behind them.

"Parent-teacher conference?" GL countered. Everyone but the aliens and the bat looked at each other flabbergasted. An idea was forming in their minds, an impossible idea.

Superman glared lightly at the boy. "Look kid, nothing's wrong with him."

"Phft, I beg to differ," Robin interjected. A twinge of worry grew on his face. "Bruce never loses his cool like that with me. What's wrong with him? What happened?"

"What happened is," Martian Manhunter started, "you appeared out of no where and started saying you were his partner."

Robin looked at him, a bit confused. "Appeared out of no where? I've been here! You're the ones who suddenly popped up while I was blinded and deafened. Where's KF anyway? And M'gann? And Conner, Artemis, Kaldur? Where is everybody?"

"The real question is," Superman insisted, Batman starting to calm down a bit, "who are you and why do you insist you're Batman's partner?"

"Because I am!" Robin's confusion was growing, along with rage and a panic. "I've been his partner for nearly five years! Batman and Robin! The dark knight and his boy wonder! The first child hero to stay in the game long enough to have my own team! You know me! Clark, you're practically my uncle! Bruce is—"

"I don't know you."

Batman's words were dark and level with a twinge of a bite. Robin's eyes met his glare and for the first time the kid showed fear on his face. Fear and heartbroken panic. Batman left Superman's grip to loom dangerously over the boy, no pity on his face, only dark rage.

"I've never seen you before in my life. I would never have a child partner, a protégé or a sidekick. You are an intruder, plain and simple."

Robin froze, his face paling so rapidly anyone around him would think he was about to faint. Superman could hear the boy's heart stop for a moment, causing him to really watch the kid's face. He could see the beaten child again, but also the one who was abandoned by the person they loved most.

"Batman…" He said weakly, almost pleading. It was enough to break the coldest of hearts.

The dark knight's eyes narrowed before he turned away from the boy, his cape's fluttering sound filled the room.

The kid fell to his knees, staring after the caped crusader desperately. He shook weakly, his earlier energy gone. Superman knelt next to him and could tell the kid was about to cry, but held it back as he gaped at the man he said he knew so well. Martian Manhunter also stood closer to the boy, mentally scanning him to learn the truth from him.

What he heard repeatedly from the boy's mind shook him deeply. The kid's emotions were clearer than his thoughts. A heart wrenching pain, as if all his internal organs were scraped out of his body, welled within him.

He doesn't know me. They don't know me. He doesn't know me. None of them know me. Batman doesn't know me. Bruce doesn't know me. My dad doesn't know me.

A/N: Yes, this is still young justice. This is still our favorite Robin. This is just him going into an alternate universe as it will explain in the next chapter. We'll be going back and forth from Robin's POV to different members of the League, the ones I deem closest to him. The AU isn't that far off from his own. it's just missing him.

Yes it's kinda like it's a wonderful life. You will soon see exactly how much Robin means to his world. References to 'Meeting Robin' and 'Get Back up', plus a few others will be made. Kinda writing how I want the whole next season to play out I guess. ^^;

Oh, and I've already referred to Blue Beetle/Ted Kord in 'Get Back Up' and 'Birdsitting'. If you want to know more about him, look him up. He's a minor hero in some ways, but cool in others. And I've got a story timeline on my Profile if you want to know what order to read these things in.