Edit: Hi, yeah okay warning here that this fanfic is incredibly dark and bloody (and downright bad in my opinion since it was started over a year ago and finished last year and I've since improved, or at least I hope so.) I was planning on taking this down but a lot of people seem to like it and I spent way too much time writing it so whatever it stays up.

Anyways, Link crash lands at Eldin, gets knocked out, whoops Ghirahim finds him. A lot of graphically described torture/interrogation/gore and random/disorganized plot stuff ensues. Also character death in chapter 9 (? I think.)

If you still feel like reading this bs then by all means, go right ahead. If you're squicked by gore/torture and the like then I suggest hitting the back button k thank.

Consciousness was horrible.

Between the dreadful heat of the volcano, pounding headache and utter confusion of where he was, Link would've preferred to stay out cold. But he knew couldn't do that… he had a mission to complete, and an urgent one at that. Zelda was counting on him, everyone was counting on him.

He pushed his eyes open slowly and blinked a few times, where exactly was he? He remembered descending into the Eldin province over the volcano, the moment he'd passed the cloud barrier he'd known something was wrong. The place felt ominous and dark, shortly afterwards a sudden angry wind had blown him off course… then nothing. Could he have smashed into the side of a cliff? That would explain the headache…

The ground being at a ninety degree angle only told him he was laying on his side in what appeared to be in a small room. A few pots and the greyish singed grass that seemed to love growing in this environment were the only things in his field of vision. There was something else… or rather, there lack of. He felt empty almost; it was as if something vital had been taken away. He tried to push himself up off the dirt to further assess the problem but came to the unpleasant realization that he couldn't move his hands; they were bound behind him.

"Ugh…" With some effort he managed to roll onto his back and look around. The only way in an out of the room was an entryway covered with bars. He could see the outside; the dark cloud covered sky was visible along with a bokoblin with its back turned towards him, seemingly guarding the cell.

It was clear then; he'd been captured. Predictably, he felt lighter; all of his weapons and items were gone. He couldn't feel Fi nearby, her presence had completely vanished and he was now alone. He closed his eyes briefly; it would do no good to panic in this situation. Opening his eyes he pulled himself into a sitting position, absentmindedly testing the bonds.

Now, bokoblins were pretty stupid creatures, but they knew their stuff when it came to knots, the rope didn't budge one bit.

Link growled softly, he didn't have time for this! He had to find the dragon of the Eldin province and learn its' part of the Song of the Hero, only then, was he closer to finding the Triforce and awakening Zelda. This was a major setback in plans, and by the looks of it, it didn't seem like he would be getting to the Eldin dragon anytime soon.

He kicked a pot to the side in frustration. It rolled and hit the wall, shattering with a satisfying crash. The bokoblin turned its head to glare at him, just talking notice he was awake. "What are you looking at?" Link hissed, not knowing nor caring if it understood him. The bokoblins seemed to have their own language, communicating with indistinct snarls or yells. Never the less this one let out a shriek and lunged at the bars of the small hut where Link was imprisoned, it grabbed hold of the bars, shaking them and yelling at the young Hero.

Link had killed a lot of their kind before, maybe this one was so worked up about its fallen brethren. It seemed perfectly content to want to rip him to pieces.

But in a mere instant the bokoblins' expression went from rage to fear, its eyes widening before it suddenly dropped to the ground. A second later it disappeared in dark lavender smoke. Link stared at it, confused, "What the-"

"Such annoying creatures…"

Link froze, his eyes widening. If there was any voice in the world that he never wanted to hear again it was that one. A familiar figure stepped into view, a grin played on the person's lips at seeing the surprise on the young hero's face. "I suppose they aren't entirely useless though, if they managed to capture you of all people."

The person sighed and leaned on the bars of the cell, crossing his arms, "It's rather pathetic if you ask me. The girl is the one I'm aiming to capture, and if I'm not mistaken, you're looking for her as well." He glanced at Link over his shoulder, "Are you not?"

Link remained silent, but his eyes were fixed on Ghirahim with an almost livid glare, anger shooting through him at the demon lords' words.

Ghirahim chuckled, "It doesn't matter anyways. This all works out in my favour." He tossed his snowy hair out of his face, "You see… I still am not any closer to finding the whereabouts of the spirit maiden since the last time we met, sad as that is to admit, but I think you can help me out."

"And why would I do that?" Link bit out, clenching his fists.

Ghirahim's smile widened, he turned to Link fully with an almost abashed look on his face, "Oh! I'm sorry. I must have given you the wrong impression Link, you have something I want. No I am not asking for it, I'm demanding it this time."

"And what, goddess knows, would that be?" the young hero growled.

The demon lords' smile vanished, and a few seconds later he did too in a cloud of diamond shapes. He reappeared again on the inside of the cell, his eyes fixed on Link, filled with malice and contempt for the teen. "Information." He stated simply.

Unconsciously, Link shrank away from Ghirahim, being trapped in a relatively small space with the person he probably despised the most in the world right now did not sit well with him. Especially when said person was clearly at the advantage. This wouldn't be like their other encounters. Link couldn't fight; all of his weapons had been taken away, and without Fi's help he was pretty much screwed. He couldn't run; the only exit in the cell was blocked by bars and beyond that, who knew, Ghirahim could have a whole army of bokoblins lying in wait. Worst of all he couldn't even defend himself with his hands tied, he was truly cornered.

His jaw clenched and unclenched, he uselessly tried to struggle against the rope.

Ghirahim watched with dark amusement, he took a step towards Link, smirking when the boy pushed himself backwards in a futile attempt to get away from him. "The last time we fought I asked you to tell me the whereabouts of the second Gate of Time." the demon lord said, "A simple request, was it not? Yet you refused." He continued to advance. Link narrowed his eyes in the best warning glare he could muster up, Ghirahim stopped a few feet away from him. Sighing, he brushed his hair back over his ear, "You know, your defiance was cute at first, boy, but now it really just grates my nerves. I fear I am growing impatient with you, so I'll make this easy, tell me the location of the Gate of Time and I might consider sparing you whole lot of torment."

The demon lord would most likely kill him if he talked or didn't talk, it didn't matter either way. Link's glare never wavered. If anything, Ghirahim's words only gave him more reason to rebel. "You're not going to find Zelda." He spat acidly, "I would rather die than let you get to her!"

Ghirahim expected this, his lip curled, "That can be arranged."

Then a hand closed around the young hero's throat and in the blink of an eye, he found himself slammed against the back wall, air completely knocked out of his lungs. Ghirahim tightened his grip, making sure that Link getting his breath back was all the more difficult for him.

"I wasn't planning on letting you live anyways." The demon lord hissed venomously, his face now mere inches from Link's. "No, I made that mistake once, twice even. I never expected a brat like you to cause me so much trouble." The younger struggled in vain, it was useless. He couldn't breathe. He felt himself growing weaker by the moment.

Ghirahim kept on talking, "Rest assured it won't happen again, I learned my lesson from letting you run free." He then noticed that Link's eyes were closing, he was blacking out from the lack of oxygen. Without a word, he let the teen drop to the floor, coughing and gasping for air, and stepped away.

"This is your last chance, Link. I'll ask you just once more, where is the second Gate of Time?" He said, his voice deadly calm.

A few moments passed. Link was breathing heavily, he leaned against the stone wall, eyes closed. He opened them, bright blue eyes shooting daggers at the demon lord across from him. Yet he refused to say anything, and didn't look like he was going to anytime soon.

Ghirahim regarded him for a moment with one hand on his hip, he then shook his head and began to laugh slowly.


A sickening crunch filled Link's ears, he was jolted from his initial anger to shock in the blink of an eye. It took him a moment to realize what had happened; Ghirahim's foot had come down, hard, on Link's right ankle, the bone had snapped effortlessly.

And then the pain set in, Link let out a screech as the agony shot through him.

The sound was incredible, to Ghirahim it was like music. He grinned devilishly, oh the sky child did not know what he'd got himself into, and this was only the beginning. "You're going to regret the day you ever crossed me." He said, eyes flashing with malicious intent, watching the boy slowly compose himself.

Link bit down on his tongue to keep from making any more of the noise the sadistic bastard seemed to enjoy so much. He took a slow shuddering breath and let it out. It hurt… a lot, but he could handle it. He closed his eyes, teeth gnashing together in frustration and anxiety. How exactly could he get out of this?

"I'm sure I can imagine what's running through your head right now."

The demon lord's voice was uncomfortably close.

He opened his eyes to see Ghirahim's own steel grey ones staring back at him. If Link had the space to jump back in surprise he would have. Ghirahim was kneeling in front of him, one hand was out to the side, middle finger and thumb pressed together in a snapping position. "You're looking for a way out, analyzing every possible angle, like a cornered rat. But, dear boy, there is no way out." He snapped his fingers and his black sabre materialised out of thin air, Link's eyes darted to it warily. "That wretch, Impa won't come to your rescue, that pathetic spirit of your sword… oh, what was her name?" He pondered for a moment, "Fi. That was what you called her. She definitely will not help you… it's almost as pitiful as it is ironic."

He traced Link's jaw line with a single finger as he said, "But believe me, the death I'll grant you will not be a quick one. Oh no, by the time I`m done with you you're going to wish you were dead."