A/N: This is my first M rated story and I have to thank Melinda for all of her support when I was agonzing over writing this. I also want to thank everyone who has read my other "Heaven Help Us" stories and who asked for a story about the character of Williams. As in my previous stories, Williams first name is never mentioned in the movie so he'll be refereed to as Williams in this one. As always, reviews are appreciated!


Williams couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Wearing only a smile, she moved gracefully before him, as the familiar feeling consumed him once more.

She was truly the most perfect human being he'd ever encountered.

Too bad she was only an image on a movie screen.

He sighed as the film reel reached the end and flapped rapidly on the projector, bringing the show to a close.

The applause was scattered, but enthusiastic. When he peered through the glass window that overlooked the tiny theatre, he could see the men chatting amongst themselves about what they'd just seen.

The smiles on their faces told him that they were satisfied and perfectly happy to return home to their wives.

Of course, doing so would mean devising an array of lies as to where they'd really been; a required union workers meeting, drinks with the boys, or the ever popular visit to their ailing mothers.

Most wives would never question their husband's motives, opting instead to kiss them goodbye as they shuffled off to work.

And when the husbands returned late that night, they were only too happy to show their wives how much they missed them; preferably in the bedroom.

Williams smiled in spite of himself. His customers were satisfied and he was satisfied... in more ways than one.

He was living the life of which he'd always dreamed... watching beautiful women who smiled at him as though he was the most desirable man in the world.

Men loved him for what he provided; a reprieve from their wives who insisted on nagging their better halves day in and day out.

No wonder his business was so successful.

When he left St Basil, Williams had no idea what was in store for him. He was never a good student and got into trouble for the smallest incident. But it was the mischievous times that he remembered most.

He'd never become a priest like Dunn, a psychiatrist like Caesar or a screw up like Rooney.

He had only one ambition in life and that was to meet as many women as possible... and sleep with even more.

Few things mattered more to him than the opposite sex. Without women, what other reason was there for living?

A world without the most exquisite of God's creations would be...

Unable to finish the thought in his mind, he shuddered.

"Hey Williams! You gonna sit up there all day? I got people out here waitin' for the next show to start!"

His thoughts interrupted, Williams turned to find Arnold, his ticket taker, glaring at him.

"All right, just keep your shirt on! I'll take care of it!" Williams grumbled.

Damn him! Can't a guy be left along with his thoughts for even a few minutes? Even if they were impure thoughts.

Father Abruzzi was so wrong...

Lust wasn't a sin...

It was a way of life.