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The Real Me

Hi, my name is Rhiannon Grayson, but please call me Rhia, all my friends do.

You probably recognize my name from news headlines or gossip magazines; yeah, I'm that Rhiannon Grayson.

I'm the ward of the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne.

My parents, Mary and John Grayson were murdered by Tony Zucco when I was nine.

I was once a member of the Flying Graysons, an acrobat in Haley's Circus.

But you could find out all that by just googling (AN/ yes, it's a word) my name, what you probably don't know about me is my night life. At night I don a mask and fly through the skies of Gotham as Robin, the Boy Wonder.

I know what you're thinking, Boy Wonder? But you heard me correctly; night after night I dress up like a boy and fight crime.

Why? You might ask. Why does she dress up like a boy to fight crime? I give you one hint; think about flying rodents that use echo-location to see.

Yep you got it. Batman.

Batman thinks it's too dangerous for a little girl to fighting crime in Gotham. So the only way he would let me become Robin, was to impersonate a boy. I really wanted to be a superhero and who was I to argue with THE Batman at age nine, so from that day forward, when I donned the mask, I also donned the wig and the identity of BoyWonder.

You might be thinking, the Bat does have a point, or so what it just hides you secret identity better. And I totally understand all those reasons, but come on Bats, not being able to tell my teammates, my friends, about my true gender?

I'll give you and equation for this one.

Overprotective Bats + Ladies Man Wally West (aka Kid Flash) = Robin is a boy, NOT a girl in disguise

It all started when I was nine and Wally was eleven, one look at the future Ladies Man extraordinaire and Bats was set on Wally West never coming within 100 miles of Rhiannon Grayson.


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