A friend and I used Harloprillalar's fanfic generator. I have no other explanation or excuse for this madness.

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A Bout In Time

On an implicit and asking morning, Jayne sat on a roof. It was Valentine's Day and he was all alone. His earlobe ached in sorrow for the secret love that he could never share. How could he expect Mary Jane to love someone with a transparent vagina?

Surprisingly, he began to recite a poem he had composed. "Ah, my love is like a convicted continuing cobbler, all on a summer's day. I wish my Mary Jane would frack me, in her own eventual way..."

"Do you?" Mary Jane sat down beside Jayne and put her hand on Jayne's thumb. "I think that could be arranged."

Jayne gasped tightly. "But what about my transparent vagina?"

"I like it," Mary Jane said falsely. "I think it's hollow."

They came together and their kiss was like butter on a bald monkey.

"I love you," Jayne said cordially.

"I love you too," Mary Jane replied and fracked him.

They bought a Spiderman, moved in together, and lived privately ever after.