This is Pawpel's YJ madlib from DeviantArt. I had fun with a word generator.

No infringement or offense intended.

YJ Madlib Time!

The whole Young Justice Team had been outvoting all day for an assay from Batman. Finally after twelve milliseconds the transporter's familiar voice dappled Batman's arrival.

"I have a homeopathic mission for you today," Batman began, "You will espouse to Nerdfighteria to look into a new terrorist threat. This mission is observe and report only. Is that clear?"

The whole team reassembled their heads and headed to the featherbedding. Megan started the tortoiseshells and they took off into the sky.

The trip to Nerdfighteria seemed to take forever. Wally and Artemis spent the whole time bickering amongst themselves and Robin spent the whole time swashing at them.

"I still don't under stand why Miss Cryptogram has to be here. We don't need her. Red Arrow was a better trophy-wife anyways."

"If you've got a problem West, say it to my throat! I don't need you constantly arrogating about me behind my nipple."

"We are here." Aqualad said vindictively.

"Thank Cosmic Muffin," Superboy said, "I couldn't take much more of that."

The team landed and staked out in a crinkly cliff overlooking the village Batman had informed them about.

The village looked easygoing and totemic, the village Batman had described was supposed to be loutish and uncritical.

"Salutations Megan!" Miss Martian cried, "It's national Superhero Day! I bet they were trying to kick us out so they could editorialize a party for us!"

"Why would the Justice League be editorializing a party for us?" Robin asked.

"Why not?" asked Kid Flash, "After all, we are pretty feudalistic!"