Wizard (Me!): Welcome, everyone, to a new quiz show- PRANKS AND OTHER AWESOMENESS! I'm your host, Wizard- also known as Alyx, Katy, Kay, and many other less desirable, degrading five to seven letter names that would make this story more unsuitable for young children! :)


Wizard: Oh yeah, maybe I should introduce the guests. We have, from the amazing video game Kingdom Hearts… Axel, The Flurry of Dancing Flames!

*Axel walks out from behind the curtain, the remix of the song Simple and Clean playing, and goes and plants himself on a black couch*

Wizard: Demyx, the Melodious Nocturne!

*Demyx comes out, sitar in hand, and waves at the crowd, then goes over to the couch as well*

Wizard: Zexion, the… emo silence whatever…

*Zexion walks out, goes to the couch, and glares at Wizard*

Zexion: I'm not Emo! And that isn't my name, it's-

Wizard: And finally, Xigbar- the One Eyed Pervert!

*Xigbar walks out and sits*

Xigbar: That's not my name either, it's really-

Wizard: Next, from the amazing cartoon known as Invader Zim, we have Zim!

*Zim marches out as the theme song plays, then goes and sits on one of four black reclining chairs*

Wizard: And of course, GIR as well.

*GIR runs out, eating a Taquito*

Wizard: And we have Dib Membrane!

*Dib walks out and takes a seat on one side of Zim*

Wizard: And finally from this show, we have-

*lights darken as Tak's theme plays, Tak appears suddenly*

Wizard: Um, yeah. Tak.

*Tak sits on the other side of Zim*

Wizard: Now, our next guest is from the book Maximum Ride! It's the sexy bird boy known as Fang!

*Fang flies into the room, circles in the air a few times, then lands in a beanbag chair*

Wizard: And our final guest, who will only be here if pranks are done towards him, is the ADORABLE Dog Demon, InuYasha! :)

*InuYasha walks out, pouting*

InuYasha: Do I really have to do this?

Wizard: Yes, yes you do. *Rubs his puppy ears*

InuYasha: -_-* *sits on the floor*

Wizard: Quick rules on this show. Everyone, pull out the envelopes hidden strategically on you!

Axel: … you mean the ones taped to our foreheads?

Me: SILENCE! Now, read them in order of number.

Axel: Rule one, no excessive swearing. Swearing will always be edited, but I don't want to spend more time hacking the entries to bits than actually writing.

Zexion: Rule two- No inappropriate stuff. We would like to keep the show at Rated T. Kissing dares/ pranks are fine. Making out… Not so much. I think the other things on this matter go without saying.

Demyx: … I can't read…

Wizard: Oh for heavens sakes Dem Dem! *takes the envelope* Who doesn't have something to read?

Fang: *raises his hand and takes it* Rule three, daring and pranks relating to other shows/books, unless told otherwise an episode in advance, are prohibited. So unless Wizard tells us that Harry Potter pranks will be allowed in the next chapter, no dares like: "I dare Zim and Dib to go fill Snape's room with shampoo" or "I dare Demyx to eat an every- flavored bean."

Zim: Rule four, no… *looks at Wizard* Thank you for this rule Wizard. Rule four, NO YAOI OR YURI! AT ALL! Wizard does not find such pairings amusing, and so any entries relating to AkuRoku, ZADR, XigDem, GAZR, RAPR, PALNR, Zemyx, and anything similar.

Xigbar: The exception to the Anti- Yaoi rule is that the Pairings MarVex and MarLar from Kingdom Hearts are undefined… either one could be banned due to the fact no one can really tell what gender Marluxia is. So as far as we know, go ahead and pair Marluxia with either Vexen or Larxene. Wizard won't mind.

Dib: No hate comments or offensive material. So no comments of "U is Anti- Yaoi so u hates gay peoples" or "U is stooopid cuz U hates Justin Beiber and I hates uuuuuuuuuuu cuz u killed him cuz he is mah soul mate 4 life and 4eva!" *tries not to throw up* And this brings it back to swearing- no "You M***** F*****g B**** why u hates Beiber?" or anything of the sort.

Tak: Violence is recommended, but not too much gore. We do want many ages to read this.

GIR: *points at Dib* Whyyyyyyyy is his head so big? Why is his head soooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiig?"

Wizard: *sighs and takes GIR's envelope and hands it to InuYasha* Please tell me you can read.

InuYasha: … um…

Wizard: Oh come on. *takes it back and reads it* Finally, this story will be featured on both and . Due to this fact, please leave a nickname for yourself in your entries(Example- 'Kitten Ears', 'Blez', or 'Carly'). And please submit all ideas via comment or review- depending which website you are veiwing this on. Enjoy! And see you next episode! I can't wait for your reviews!