Chapter 1

Ahh, yes. Another typical day in Jump City. No, wait. Something's Different. There appears to be a massive bank robbery, nothing out of the ordinary there, but it appears the assailants are: Mumbo, Cinderblock and Atlas? That's a strange group. Well, regardless of the circumstances, They were dangerous criminals, which means our heroes should be here any second. Speaking of which, "Titans! Go!" Announced the fearless leader of the group, Robin, Boy wonder. "Welly, well, well, if it isn't the Teenaged Bane on our existences!" Shouted Mumbo, aiming his wand at the heroes. The team separated as the magic energy struck the space between them.

"Leave the cyborg to me! I have a score to settle!" Shouted Atlas, Charging toward his target. Cyborg, though disoriented, reacted quickly enough to meet his Enemies hold, putting them in a stand-off. Starfire and Robin Attacked Mumbo, while Beast Boy and Raven confronted Cinderblock. "Are you two love birds going to fight or jump around all day?" Mocked the magician as he through bolt after bolt of magic at the teens. Starfire responded with her own special brand of fire power. Star bolts flew at mumbo causing him to stagger to avoid them. "Why, you!" she shouted. With a wave of his wand, a giant, spring-loaded jester doll burst from the ground, hitting Starfire, and breathing fire at Robin. Thankfully, is Titanium thread cape was more than enough protection from the flames, and he hurled his explosive discs at Mumbo.

Meanwhile, Cyborg and Atlas were evenly matched. "How long will it take for you to give up, whelp?" asked Atlas. "I can go all day!" Retorted Cyborg. Atlas slammed Cyborg into the ground, who proceeded to ram Atlas into a Building. Finally, the most controversial pair, Raven and Beast boy, were having a relatively easy time battling Cinderblock. Beast boy matched him narrowly in strength with his T-rex Form, while raven kept him staggered and disoriented with magic restraints and telekinetic projectiles. Cinderblock, however, was getting annoyed at this point and came to the conclusion that this needed to end. With all of his might, he slammed Beast boy's massive head into the ground, disorienting him, and causing him to revert to normal. Cinderblock then kicked the shape shifter into a nearby building. "Beast Boy!" Raven shouted as her eyes began to glow. She encased the giant stone figure in magic energy; his body flailed as it was consumed. "You'll pay for that!" She said, "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"