Kingdom of Frost

Le Gasp! A new story, from me! I know, it's a scary thought, but we can get through this. Lol.

The inspiration for the story came from playing Pokemon White(I've logged over 200 hours, btw) and I was intrigued by Kyurem's story. I was fascinated by the snippets of backstory it had, and the potential for it, especially of the theories behind it. Unfortunately, Kyurem seems to get shafted when it comes to being depicted here. I've only found one good story about Kyurem ( called ClicheStorm and it's very amusing). So those two factors, plus some help from the plot tribbles, helped create this story.

The story is a bit of a twisted version of "Beauty and the Beast", and has some romantic hints, but not the pairs you were expecting. :)

So sit back, kick up your feet and stay awhile, because it'll be a fun ride!



He hadn't been born a monster.

Once, he was whole, light and dark, truth and ideals.

He was once the guardian to a mighty king, who had ruled the land with a kind and just hand, his rule spreading to all corners of Unova. He was the King's protector and advisor, embracing both truth and ideal, for without one, you cannot have the other.

But the King-as like all mortals-grew old and he passed away, for his soul to be judged by Giratina. His death left the kingdom in a flux and in a desperate effort to save the kingdom, the nobles decided to have his two sons share the kingdom. Thus, the Kingdom was saved by the two sons of the King, who vowed to rule Unova the same it had before, justly and fair.

He watched it all with indifferent eyes, for mortals and kingdoms came and went like the leaves on an oak, passing from life to death.

He wished he had watched them more carefully though.

The choice to share the kingdom became a poor one, as the two brothers fought and the kingdom was teetering on the edge of war.

And he had been caught in the middle.

The older of the two stood for the truth, for without the truth, there would be chaos and anarchy.

The younger brother stood for ideals, for without ideals, one has nothing to guide them and they become aimless and listless.

Both of the brothers turned to him in hopes for his support, but he could not take sides.

But his soul could.

He soul, embodying both ideals and truth, tore itself in two, each side wishing to help its fellow charges.

Then, by powers unforeseen, he rent himself in two and he found himself no longer one form, but two.

Reshiram, The Vast White Pokemon: The embodiment of truth and siding with the older brother.

And Zekrom, The Deep Black Pokemon: The embodiment of ideals and siding with the younger brother.

He was left with nothing, just a corpse and memories of what had been.

The force of the separation sent the body flying, away from the two brothers, only to land outside a hamlet known as Lacunosa Town, his corpse covered in ice crystals.

Arceus, the All-Father and Creator of the Universe, wept at the death of one of his children, only to be left with two more children, Reshiram and Zekrom. Balance must be kept though, Arceus realized.

So Arceus went to his broken child and went to his corpse. The All-Father said these words to him:

I cannot give you what you once had, for I cannot undo time and save you from this agony. But I can do this for you, I can give you life. It will not be the life you once had though, for I cannot unmake what was broken. I'm sorry for this, but this is the least I can do for you." The All-Father breathed life back into his broken corpse and the frozen carcass was mad anew again. the ice crystals that had formed on his body during his flight downward were now a part of his essence, what had remained, at least. The memories of his past echoed in his mind like raindrops falling in a cave pond, empty and holding the ghosts of what had been.

"I must give you a name," Arceus said on newly reborn ears. "For your old one will not do. I name you-


"You must represent the essence of nothingness, the absence of what you held. You are the balance keeper." The All-Father looked upon him with mournful eyes.

"I am sorry, my child." He departed, leaving him in the crater he fell from.

And for the first time, he wept for what he had lost, He didn't weep when the old King died and he didn't weep when his soul was sheared in two, but he wept now.

The tears that fell though,we not tears of water, but of ice, that fell from his scarred and mutilated visage, and shattered into thousands of pieces when they struck the ground.

Angry and bitter, he retreated into a nearby cave and perfected his control of ice, venturing outside only to eat.

The village of Lacunosa called him a monster and hid away at night, for fear of being devoured by the beast, shivering when a cold north-eastern wind blew, reminding the mortals of his presence.

What he didn't realize though, was that a spark of his true essence hid deep down inside his soul, waiting to be nurtured and set free.

Whether he wished for this to happen remained to be seen.