Okay, okay...yes, this was ANOTHER guilty indulgence of mine :D

I couldn't help myself. I had to do it. I know it doesn't exactly work in some places, and I couldn't help messing up the rhythm...but like I said, I had to do it. :D

A little late for Christmas...but I hope you enjoy it anyway :P

'T was the night before Christmas
and all through The Pit,
the Joes were all stirring
and giving Duke shit.

The First Shirt had already
had such a long day;
unlike some other troops,
Duke had no time to play.

There was a mission to plan,
paperwork to be done.
Duke had no time for games
(or any other such fun!)

He strode through the halls
in his well-worn BDUs.
He had to go out;
he had no time to lose.

The mess hall was decked in
all kinds of Christmassy cheer.
At one of the tables,
Stormy sharpened his gear.

The knives and the sword
on the table all gleamed.
In front of the ninja,
a large turkey steamed.

"Come on, Stormy! Pleeeaaase?"
One Joe - Jeckle - laughed.
"I need it tomorrow,
and food prep's understaffed!"

Storm Shadow looked up
with a glint in his eye.
"These are not kitchen utensils,
they're to make people die."

Duke walked right past;
not even wanting to know.
He heard Jeckle giggling
as Stormy kept saying 'No!'

At one end of the Mess
was a surprising sight.
It was another Joe, Nomad,
entangled with Lowlight.

"Nomad and Lowlight!"
Top was heard to say.
"Keep your hands off each other
or I'll dock two months pay!"

The two separated themselves
from their tight embraces
with great disappointment
on both of their faces.

Duke strode through the mess hall
and headed outside.
But, of course, there he found
another reason to hide.

Snake Eyes and Scarlett
were in one of the VAMPs.
One of Scarlett's feet
turned on the headlamps.

Clearing his throat,
Duke made himself known.
Their faces went red
as their cover was blown.

Well, at least, Scarlett's face;
the black-clad ninja was masked.
But he sucked up his pride
and did as Duke asked:

He took Scarlett inside
as Duke headed on out
to the motor pool gates;
Duke then gave a shout.

For who should he see,
but the rest of the guys
heading through the gates,
hopeful looks in their eyes.

They'd been on a mission
- over Christmas, no less.
But here they were, safe;
no more worries, no stress.

Duke followed them quickly
as the team marched inside.
He sat down with them all,
and looked round with pride.

The Joes all grinned back,
for although Duke was tough,
they all knew he cared
when the missions got rough.

Duke knew, well as they did,
what it could take to survive.
But they'd done as he'd asked.
They'd all come home alive.

And they all gathered together,
for this one special night;
they all looked at Beachhead,
who said, with a sigh,

"Awright, fine, Ah'll say it;
just gimme some space.
Merry Christmas to all…
now get outta mah face!"