This is a Reid/Oc fanfiction. Basic things: Everything that happens in the Covenant happens, this story is set a bit afterwards, during their senior year. There will be no bashing in this story so please no flames. It is rated T for now but will be raised to M for Explicit Sexual Situations (aka Lemons/Smut/Limes). If you aren't comfortable with sex, profanity, and a few tear jerks every now and then, than don't read.


Chapter One

Old Friends: New Enemies

Kingsley watched her brother through the hospital window; his chest rising and falling with the same rhythm of the machine above him. "Kingsley? Sweety, you know you have your first day of school tomorrow! Why are you here this late, sugar?"

Kingsley shrugged, not tearing her eyes away from the form of her brother. "Dad already shipped my stuff, and I can sleep on the train ride." She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked at the older woman standing behind her with a frown.

"You know soon he's going to-"

"I know Miranda, but until dad pulls the plug I'm gonna be here every other weekend." Kingsley looked as determined as was usual when it came to her baby brother. Miranda nodded her head and walked away. Leaving the girl looking at the small boy, regret covering her face.

Kingsley kissed her fingertips and pushed them to the glass as a goodbye before leaving. It was going to be a long first day tomorrow.

"Ms. Adams?" An older gentleman motioned for her to follow him into his office. It was dark , dreary and depressing. And yet at the time the setting seemed to reflect her mood perfectly.

"I've gotten your file and I must say I'm quiet pleased we found a spot for you. When we had initially gotten your letter we were quiet disappointed. You were the first to ever turn down a full scholarship; now that we have a place for you and you feel you are ready, we're glad to have you here. These are the keys to your room and gym locker and a pass for your teachers should you be late to class. It's a large campus as you can see and can be quiet confusing at times. Your things have been put in your room along with your schedule and uniform. Once again we're pleased to have you, I'm sure you'll do great in our school on your way to Harvard." Provost Higgins smiled knowingly.

"Thank you, Provost. I'm happy to be here." Kingsley said her goodbyes and followed the school map to her dorm room. The dorm building was the second largest on the campus. She expected it to be room after room, each cramped and plain.

Uniformed, they would call it.

But she was pleasantly surprised when she opened the large oak doors. When you walked in the entrance, the first floor was a large and luxuriance common room. To the left: the area was compiled by chairs, loveseats and large couches with coffee tables, TVs and gaming systems. To the right: empty tables and a small dinning area used for personal food. Opposite it was a large silver panel, judging by the key hole, numbers and names on them she assumed them to be a type of mailbox. And last, but not least, a large grand marble staircase stood on each side of a single elevator directly in front of her.

She walked into the elevator and presses the third floor. When she finally got to her dorm room she saw the uniform laying on the double bed. A blue plaid skirt with a white button up, tie and jacket. She changed out of her long white skirt and brown tie-died tank. She couldn't help but laugh at the unoriginality of it, but stopped upon realizing the skirt was a little shorter on her then it was meant to be. She just had to inherit her mother's damn long legs! She prayed silently to any higher being out there no one saw her scar.

Kingsley had only managed to get her books from the school's book store over an hour later. After checking out each individually and filling out paperwork for them and the school's computer lab, gym equipment, and dorm room rules and regulations, she was beat. Sadly for her it was almost time for lunch. With no point to going to class for under twenty minutes she put in her ear buds and decided to walk around outside for a while. As she walked through the light rain she started humming to The D4's Come On. Distracted, she tripped over someone lying against a tree.

"Watch it, bitch!" An blonde Asian girl, who was wearing far too much eyeliner and eye shadow said standing up.

Kingsley frowned at the girl."I'm so sorry-" The girl smirked at her

"You should be, do you even know who I am around here!" She flipped her hair back and glared. Kingsley didn't take kindly to the girl brushing her off, almost as if Kingsley didn't deserve to speak to her. If she didn't wanna play nice then she wasn't gonna bother. If this is what she had to look forward to, it was definitely going to be a long and shitty day.

The four sons of Ipswich sat around their table near the back of the cafeteria. The passing fall's rain keeping them inside this dreary day. "So, I heard there's a new girl on campus! And even better she's already had a fight with Megan Joelle!" Kate said, clapping her hands. It appeared as if she had just gotten the pony she's always wanted on Christmas morning.

"Who's Megan Joelle?" Sarah asked her roommate. Pogue gave a large sigh, leaning further back in his chair as the other sons silently laughed at the dark murderous look that crossed Kate's face.

"She's this horrible blonde Asian, totally fake by the way! Who accused me of stealing Pogue from her sophomore year!"

"Did you?" Sarah asked snuggling closer to her boyfriend's warmth. Caleb's arm wrapped around her and rubbed the bare skin of her arm.

"Of course, I mean look at me!" Kate gave a look like it was the most obvious thing in the world with a flip of her hair. Sarah laughed harder than she had in a while at that. Kate Tunney was one of a kind. It was few seconds later that her laughter was cut short seeing the next person walk into the cafeteria.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked him being the first to notice her sudden change. Sarah squinted her eyes trying to get a closer look at the girl. "I think…I know her! Oh my god!" Sarah said finally seeing the girl's face.

"Oh, that's the new girl!" Kate said seeing what Sarah was talking about.

"How do you know her, you two go to school together before you moved?" Tyler asked. The girl had disappeared into the crowd of students before he, Reid and Pogue got a look at her.

"Um, yeah, she transferred to Boston her sophomore year from California. She was my best friend." Sarah looked sad and Reid wondered why.

"What, lovers quarrel?" He popped Tyler's fries in his mouth, earning a glare from the baby of their little family.

"I um, kind of forgot to talk to her with the whole Chase thing going on and by the time I remembered I felt too guilty to try." She said fidgeting.

"So? People move on, she probably got over it Sarah." Reid said, ever the sensitive one. Reid had no filter. Sometimes it came in handy, other times it caused problems.

"I just…She was the reason I'm here…" Sarah said guiltily as she looked at the door Kingsley had disappeared through.

"I thought you got here on a scholarship?" Pouge asked.

"I did but she was the first one offered, she gave it up and recommended me because she knew I might not get another chance before graduation." The bell rang signaling the end of lunch and the friends left to their next classes, Sarah looking at the door where her friend had disappeared through once more.

Reid Garwin sat slumped in his seat, after three minutes of Mr. Jane's lecture he was ready to sleep. Next to him Tyler was taking notes and finishing up assignments. Kate was passing notes with Sarah who was sitting in front of her. And his girlfriend, Mia, was rubbing his thigh on his other side. He cast a glance at Pogue and Caleb sitting at the top row, like usual Caleb was listening and guessing by the quick page flipping and frazzled look on his face Pogue was finishing homework due next hour.

A knock on the door made everyone's attention turn to the girl shyly walking into the room. This must be the new girl. "Who are you and why are you interrupting my class?" Mr. Jane asked the girl. She was pretty with a great rack on her, too. Reid sat up straight and somewhat forward in his seat to get a better look.

"I'm the new student, Kingsley Adams. This is Mr. Jane's Senior Literature, right?" Reid whistled low catching both Mia's and Tyler's attention. Reid gave her a closer look over as she was now in the open in front of him. She was tall even wearing black flats and looked like she was all legs seeing as the uniformed skirt that usually ended a few inches above their knee ended almost mid thigh on her. He praised god for her wearing only her white button up and tie, her jacket tied around her waist. Sadly it was buttoned all the way up. Her face wasn't half bad even though her nose appeared to be a bit larger than most others. He liked what he saw and only stopped leering when Mia smacked his shoulder, pouting at him.

"Take an empty seat in the back." Mr. Jane ordered.

Kingsley walked up the stairs keeping her eyes forward and head high but that didn't stop the fear from showing as everyone stared at her. Instead of a seat next to Caleb or Pogue like most females would jump at the chance for, she chose the seat at the very back corner as far away from everyone as possible. There was no one for three seats on her side and no one sat in the row in front of her.

"We have been discussing why exactly writers choose to write this past month Ms. Adams. Since you've missed the essay from last week I expect for you to not only catch up on the reading but a page by page summary by the end of the week. Is that clear?"

The class turned to look at her everyone turning in their seats to hear. "We're waiting Ms Adams." Mr. Jane said after Kingsley was silent for a minute as she glanced at the page number 236 circled on the blackboard.

"Yes, sir." Kingsley nodded and Reid watched as she pulled out a few notebooks out of her backpack. He was the last to turn around after just watching her stare down at her books for a little bit. He looked out of the corner of his eyes at his girlfriend who sat next to him glaring.

"What the fuck?" She whispered. Reid rolled his eyes and slouched back in his seat again wonder why, of all the girls, he choose her. His blue eyes looked her over quickly. She was pretty, some might say beautiful. Chocolate brown hair, bright green eyes, and a really, really, nice body.

He had wanted to settle down a bit after the whole Chase fiasco. It had put a few things in perspective for him. Having witnessed Pogue and Kate's reunion in the hospital and Sarah and Caleb's near homicidal protection of each other he had felt a vast emptiness he was unaccustomed to. And then he realized what he, one of the four boys who had everything, was missing.

He wanted someone to look out for besides his brothers. He kind of wanted someone to care and worry about him, not his brothers, just someone that would fuss over him after a fight and just someone he could have fun with without having to change the way he was.

But like most first tries this one was a failure.

Mia was a bitch, but she was hot, and at least someone slightly polite to his friends and they did they have mind blowing sex. But the deal sealer had been that Aaron Abbot had his eye on her and getting to her first was a great ego boost. Seeing Aaron seethe when they showed any form of PDA was just icing on the cake. And he liked to show a lot of it. He smirked at the thought, swinging his arm around her and bringing her closer. Like clock work he heard the snap of a pencil a few seats up. Abbot was gonna blow through his inheritance on them alone if he didn't get over it.

Kingsley got out her notebooks and started writing down notes on what Mr. Jane was saying about the first writers and the evolution of written language. She let out a sigh as the bell rang. Just one more class and she could go and spend the entire day moving her stuff into her room.

As she walked down the stairs she accidentally bumped into a girl with glowing brown skin and pretty brown eyes. "Sorry!" She said continuing walking, ignoring her calls for her to come back. She had seen her pass notes with Sarah earlier in the period after her crude introduction to the class and she didn't want anything to do with Sarah Wenham at the moment, or ever, at that.

She walked into her next class and gave her paper work to the old woman. "Take a seat next to Ms. Howards." The woman pointed to a very pretty brunette who looked down her nose at her.

"Hi." Kingsley tried to make conversation with the girl who simply glared at her. Kingsley let out another sigh and got out her books.

Screw this not being a good day, it wasn't going to be a good year...

Kingsley walked quickly to her room, not bothering in making any apologies when she bumped into someone every now and again. When she finally got into her dorm room a few minutes later she locked the door before sliding down against the dark wood surface. She sat on the floor for a few minutes just letting the day be forgotten before opening her eyes to hesitant knocking.

"Kingsley? Are you in there?" She heard Sarah's voice through the door and let her head fall back onto her knees. "I just wanted to say I'm sorry." Sarah whispered before Kingsley heard her shoes clicking against the floor. She opened the door a crack to see Sarah get on the elevator. She was exhausted and it was only Friday. God only knew how she was going to survive her first weekend around here.

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