Drowning In You

Chapter Fifty

Roll Credits

Written By: Brooklyn Knight

Beta-ed By: Kvsgrl

Banners/Artwork By: Brooklyn Knight and Msgemgem

Video By: AlwaysLoveDrunk15


Candice Swanepoel...Kingsley Adams

Toby Hemingway...Reid Garwin

Steven Strait...Caleb Danvers

Laura Ramsey...Sarah Wenham

Taylor Kitsch...Pogue Parry

Chace Crawford...Tyler Simms

Jessica Lucas...Kate Tunney

Megan Fox...Mia Howards

Kyle Schmid...Aaron Abbot

Sarah Smyth...Kira Snider

Wendy Crewson...Evelyn Danvers

Toby Hemingway...Joseph Garwin

Michelle Pfeiffer...Meredith Garwin

Tom Wellings...Glenn Simms

Marcia Cross...Rosalind Simms

Taylor Kitsch...Wayne Parry

Ellen Pompeo...Beatrice Parry


Alex Band

Only One

The D4

Come On

Florence + Machine

Dog Days Are Over

Citizen Cope

Drummer Kick

John Legend


Spice Girl



I Get Around

Joan Jett

I Love Rock and Roll



The Wanted

Glad You Came



Andrew Belle

Sky's Still Blue

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Marnie Wolffe



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January 2014

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