A/N: This is meant to describe the first kiss between Ross and Rachel in the last episode. It's the one where Rachel gets angry and accuses Ross of knowing nothing about her. And just as she's about to leave, he kisses her.

It was quick, lightening-fast, like a reflex. Beyond anything that he had ever had with Carol or Emily. With Carol, it had been loving, at first, but always hesitant. She had never really put all of herself into it. With Emily, it had been like a tornado, breathless and dizzying. Able to suck the life out of you without a thought.

But Rachel…with Rachel it was everything. He hadn't even thought, had just pulled her into his arms. And when their lips met again, without pride or alcohol or anger, he finally felt like he could breathe. Like he had been holding his breath for six damn years and was just now getting it back. Because with Rachel, it wasn't hesitation, breathlessness, or dizziness. It was like a slow heartbeat, even though his heart was pounding into his chest. She was his heartbeat. And for every second she had taken his breath away (basically his whole life), she was giving it back now. She was breath; she was heartbeat; she was soul; she was every damn thing he'd ever wanted, and he was never letting go again.