A/N: I once had a story called "Once Upon a Dream". It was originally written as a big joke, but it went out of hand. Now I am rewriting that story under a different title. Hopefully it's more sensible than the old story.


40 years earlier

"Oracle, it has been more than five hundred years. Is it wise to let this continue?"
"We all know it would be nothing for you to intervene."
The oracle looked at the two druids before her. The druid of darkness looked agitated, almost to the point of madness. The druid of light was not as frantic, but worry was evident in his expression. She sighed. She understood their dilemma, but what could she do? There was only so much she could tell without breaking the rules of the universe – her own rules and she can not break them at all cost.
"Rashnu, Akoman, I'm afraid I cannot do anything," she told them.
"Oracle – " Rashnu began to say, but she held up her hand and stopped him.
"Listen to me carefully now," the oracle said quietly, "This is the most that I could allow myself to say:
Born of the two worlds, protected by the sun
The bearer of the light is the key
The two courts shall have their peace once more
When the two swords are united against darkness

It is not much, I admit, but to reveal more would spell disaster."
"The two swords?" Akoman asked, frowning, "You don't mean...?"
"That is nigh impossible, oracle!" Rashnu exclaimed. "Is there not another way?"
The oracle shook her head. "I only speak of what I have seen. All you can do now is wait for time to tell the truth."
She could tell that neither druid received any consolations from her words, and it saddened her heart. Rules are rules, after all. As she watched the two depart her temple, their minds still troubled, she let out a sigh.
"Prophecies, without action, are just empty words. It is that action that truly determines the course of fate. I can only hope you make the right choices when the time comes."

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