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Italic: Jamie's thoughts.

Summary: By car accident Jamie Clark has been send into the body of Oh Ha Ni in the series of Playful Kiss. Although she knows she that Seung Jo will fall in love with Ha Ni she can't help but change some events, but Jamie learns that you can't always change fate.

Chapter 1:

Jamie's POV:

I couldn't help but stare at Alexander outside the window admiring the new sports car outside while I'm making pizza for the next delivery. I never take off my eyes of Alexander while I slowly said to my friend Amanda, "His here, Alexander, the most popular boy in school."

Amanda just rolls her eyes and said, "You say that every Friday at work, Jamie. Why don't you do something different this time?"

"Like what?" I ask innocently while knowing the answer.

Amanda just said straight forward, "Ask him out, of course."

"He is the most popular boy in school. His not gonna go for me!" I exclaim in a low voice only Amanda can hear.

"I have the answers to your entire problem, Jamie, here take this pizza." I look at her like she was crazy, I don't want a pizza to solve my problem, I need advice how to ask a guy out.

"I'm not hungry." I said stating the obvious.

"It's not for you. It's for Alexander."

"But he hasn't ordered yet."

"Jamie this is what he always orders every Friday after his sports class." Amanda was right how I can forget he always has sports class every day only time he comes to my work place is every Friday's.

I hurriedly walk to the table where he is while I'm nervous that he might order something else. Alexander finally look at me and I just stand there speechless, I have no idea what to do since I was lost in his handsome face, but realize I'm still holding the pizza and put the pizza to his table and finally said one word, "Here….."

I'm so afraid he might disapprove the pizza I gave him. I turn away from him and avoid him.

Suddenly he said, "Are you forgetting something."

I turn around and look at him and reply what he said.

"Yeah. I have the pizza but… where is my drink… the coke." Alexander said while looks at me like he saw me for the first time.

"Coke. Right you need a drink." I said while go and turn my back but he stop me and ask, "Hold on a second. Are you up for the question of the day?"

I am silent now. This is the first time he is talking to me and he just asked that question. It would seem luck is on my side and I just nod.

"Do you see that car over there, do you know the car that owns that car. I remember at school someone said that a girl owed it. Do you know who it belongs to? He asks me all of a sudden.

This is my chance to impress him and I have no option but to say, "It's mine."

"Really." Alexander asks impress I actually owned one.

"Yeah, I drive my sports car every Friday's." I can't believe I actually said that and I even went that far just to impress a guy, I totally take back that luck is not in my side today.

"What do say, Jamie is it a date and if you want we can also go to the school dance."

I just nodded.

I was able to tell Amanda everything and what happened then she just asked, "Seriously, Jamie you told him you owned that car, are you out of your mind? Do you even know whose car that belongs to? Are really going that far, I know I told you to ask him out but I never said to lie just to impress him."

The questions she just asked. She was right. I'm really stupid. How am I going to fix.

However the solution for my problem was there was none since I had to go deliver pizza.

Just as I was driving the weather is not so good and it started raining really hard. Yeah luck is not on my side today.

I had driven to my destination but suddenly I crashed my car and then I tried to dial 911 but no signal.

I got out of my car and to search for signal, but walk outside to see where I was but then lighting suddenly came upon me and darkness was all I remember.

It's so noisy I can barely open my eyes. I keep hearing people talking in a foreign language, but luckily I was able to understand language since it was my father's language that told me to learn Korean. At this situation I can understand and was thankful for him teaching me this language.

I open my eyes and I was able to stand up straight but something was wrong. I know I was in a hospital but every citizen here is all talking in Korean.

One thing's for sure. I'm not in America anymore.

I don't understand what's going on but to start walking to see where I am, but something in my body doesn't feel right. I was right, accidently trip and it made me realize since when did I become so clumsy.

I look at first through my hands and found my nails don't have any nail polish. Now this was getting weirder, because I remember I did have nail polish. Then I touch my head but it was so painful, then I touch my stomach to my breast and it shocked me to know my breast were smaller as if they were only a size "A".

Since when did my breast become smaller, last time I checked mine was a little bigger. Alright Jamie just calm down and look for a mirror. Your mind is just play tricks with you since were in an accident.

This was so strange so I immediately look for a mirror and found a mirror nearby a wall.

No! This is impossible. I can't be looking like this, it's like I'm some immature child. I'm just dreaming and then I will wake up from this dream.

The first thing I saw in the mirror was my face, it was different and looks more a child who hasn't matures yet who I never recognize. I would scream but want answers. Then I pinch myself so hard my body and my head hurts.

Okay. If I'm not dreaming where the hell am I and what am I doing here, and why are everyone speaking Korean. Am I in Korea if I am how the hell did I even get here in the first place, and why am I in a stranger's body. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!

An adult man appears before me and hugged me asked, "Ha Ni. Thank god you're alright."

I pull away but when he said Ha Ni. I start to think it was impossible because that name is only on a drama series. I must be T.V show and there must be a camera somewhere.

I demanded to man before me and demand, "Where is the camera here because if this a joke you got me."

The man looks to me and a doctor came by and said, "Oh Gi Dong, I see your daughter is alright. She just have a head injury." Oh Gi Dong, but that's Oh Ha Ni's father name in "Playful Kiss". "Doctor, please tell what's really wrong with my daughter, it seems she really doesn't even recognize me."

Oh Gi Dong asked looking depress. "It seems Oh Ha Ni has head injury she won't remember too much. She will remember soon enough soon there not too much damage."

This is bad. If Oh Gi Dong is here crying then no reason not believe I'm in the body of Oh Ha Ni then that means I'm in the world of Playful Kiss. Then I should test this theory if I'm correct.

"Dad!" I scream excitedly lying to him, I remember him. I put a happy face the best I can. I remember when I watch the drama Oh Ha Ni always acknowledges her father so what better than be happy. "Ha Ni! My daughter you finally remember me", this time tears with joy of his face. "Yes, father."

Then it's confirm I'm really inside the body of Oh Ha Ni. But this time what time line I'm in in Playful Kiss.

"Father, I have to ask do you know a guy name Baek Seung Jo?" "No. I don't really know him. Why who is he?" "Never mind, let's just go home."

So that means there is a possibility Ha Ni hasn't confess yet and the time line hasn't started yet. Wait so if he doesn't know then we are not yet living with Seung Jo's family yet, but if she hasn't confess yet then that mean I have to be the one to confess and be humiliated in front of the whole school. Great. Just great. Luck is really not in my side.

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