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Chapter 3

Jamie's POV

I hated everything here in this world. I know this was the storyline but this is my story now not Oh Ha Ni's anymore. I don't want to fall for a jerk that has a big ego. I just wanted to go home.

I'm alone in this world and it's stressful.

I even lost my temper when Oh Ha Ni's friends and told them to leave me alone.

I miss everything back home, my friends, my dad and even my mom. I miss just being normal.

I ran from school to the neighborhood of Oh Ha Ni's to go home to get peace and quiet. I really don't care anymore I just can't take it. I can't take being Oh Ha Ni and her content personality and I can't take my dignity being ripped apart by making me cry. I feel weak and hopeless here.

The next day it got worse as I came to school but it wasn't too bad since I apologize to Oh Ha Ni's friends.

However the day was not yet over since their has been whispers of Oh Ha Ni/myself being humiliated and rejected by the genius golden boy.

My pride still hurt and dignity but it still didn't stop me to go to school.

I had though that maybe I shouldn't try too hard to make future events differently. I could just be in peace and live as Oh Ha Ni without any drama.

Moreover, things didn't still go as intended when Oh Ha Ni's friends and Joon Gu came over to my father's place to eat dinner. The trouble is the house collapse. Literally.

I had forgotten the house would collapse. Luckily no one got hurt.

The day is the same and it just got me tired now and I wanted to scream.

I wanted to get this over with even if I had to start living with the Seung Jo's family.

I'm already falling apart being here. I have no question of what to do other than just go along with the timeline. But one thing for sure that will and want to change is to not fall for Seung Jo.

There was nothing for me to do to change fate but changing the fate to love someone is something I could do.