The man walked into his bedroom, only to find another seated by the bay window, waiting for him in the darkness.

"Who are you!" He gasped, finding the emerald green eyes like an alley cat's in the shadows of his room at night. "ANSWER NOW!" He pulled out a shotgun from his pocket, tensed. He tried to sound intimidating, but he was more or less even more scared than a cornered mouse. He heard a snigger.

"You should know better than this, Guy Alferno," The dark clouds outside loomed away from the stage, as the moon cast its soft glow like a spot light into the room, laminating half of HIS face.

Shocked, the man by the name of Alferno dropped his shotgun, his gasp trembling like his body. Petrified, he dropped to the floor. "PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME! I SWEAR! I SWEAR I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! LEAVE ME BE! SPARE ME!" His voice got louder and even more desperate as the man with sharp green eyes and silver hair came closer, drawing out his signature weapon, explosives. "I'm born hitman, I don't spare people,"

And that very night, the sleeping town was abruptly awakened by a loud explosion. Police and townspeople gathered from all four corners of the town as they came to witness the burning building, crackling loudly from the fire, thick smoke billowing far up into the serene night sky.

"Are there any casualties?" One of the policemen asked his comrade. "I'm afraid so, sir," He replied, "The victim is… someone we've been hot on the heels for the past 2 days. Guy Alferno, con man, pickpocket, black magician, kidnapper, smuggler… you name it. This guy's done more bad deeds than the demons themselves."

"No way! So we claimed his death by some coincidental explosive?" The sergeant asked, clearly surprised.

"I don't think this has got to do with coincidence, sir."

"Why not?"

"Because no traces of gunpowder or highly flammable materials are located in the apartment itself. Someone set it up. Paul over there and I came to a suggestion that this may be assassination."

"But who?" the sergeant thought long and hard with his comrades, and the townfolks chattered among themselves. No one noticed a man with bright green eyes and silver hair of a fall-over sitting on the top of the roof of the house opposite, watching attentively. Find the naïve crowd starting to bore him, he called them idiots and fled off into the night for his bounty.

"EXTRA! EXTRA! GET YOUR MORNING PAPERS HERE!" The paperboy called out, dashing across the streets.

Gokudera Hayato picked up a copy and came into his favourite bar at a corner of the building like it was almost invisible from the usual flow of the crowd. It suited Gokudera well, considering that he doesn't have to be around them anyway. One day, anyone of them can be his victims.

"Hey, Hayato!" The bartender behind the counter greeted his usual customer. "Have you read the morning papers?" Gokudera adjusted his belt and his vest, pulling up a chair to sit down. "Not yet," was all he said, pulling out his papers.

"GUY ALFERNO FOUND DEAD IN EXPLOSION. SUSPECTED ASSASSINATION INVOLVED" the headlines screamed. Gokudera smirked like it was perfectly normal for him to come face-to-face with such titles in the papers.

"The explosion took place just a block behind us!" The bartender explained while he prepared his silver-haired customer his favourite beer. "Thank goodness I don't have to come to work in the morning to find my beloved little bar all in ashes!" He exclaimed, setting the clumsy looking beer mug in front of Gokudera. "Em," he nodded, taking a sip. "Quite a prediction,"


"People who do bad are bound to be punished, that Alferno bastard just got what he deserved, a… grotesque end." Gokudera placed the mug down and whipped the white foam off with his long khaki sleeve. The bartender shook his head as he prepared a second mug like how this customer liked it. The next mug was drunk in silence as Gokudera sat quietly at the end of the table, not giving a care to what the bartender or the rest of the people in the bar was doing.

Since young, Gokudera Hayato was being ushered to the world of abandon. His mother was just one of the prim and proper ladies that his father took fancy and flirted. After that, he dumped him at the age of 8, along his mother and went off. Since then, Gokudera had to do EVERYTHING alone, and was constantly rejected by people all around. Sometimes Gokudera could just simple find an isolated corner and cry to himself, think that he has no courage to live on, and also none to end it.

Gokudera dropped the pouch of money on the countertop, got off and left in a hurry.

Soon, he came to a small cottage that was of no significance, stranded behind some pens to keep a small group of farm animals in the back of a few houses. Trudging over the bumpy land and pathways, Gokudera bent down to enter the door. "Mom, I'm home." He lifted his head and carefully tread through the small residence.

"Mom," He greeted as he said beside his mother. Gokudera's mother was once a true example of an angel from heaven. Flowing silver locks, metallic green eyes that shone life and bliss. She was REALLY good with the piano as well with such soft and elegant fingers. She was so beautiful on the outside and the inside; flowers will blossom beneath her feet with every step she takes.

But now, the bond of the family was broken and messed up. THAT was all before. Now, Gokudera's mother is sick and bed-ridden. Her once beautiful soft skin wrinkled and sunk into her face, making her cheeks slack and her eyes always filled with tears. Nutrients were one thing she was insufficient of, and she has lost weight drastically. Now, her son and only child was left alone to take good care of her.

"Mom, mom I'm home." Gokudera said. "Hayato… welcome, home…" She gingerly turned her head and smiled at him.

"… Mom, here's something I've earned," Gokudera gently placed the brown pouch onto the bed infront of her face. Untying it, he opened it up to reveal a whole bag of glittering gold coins. "I got this last night, after I…" he stopped, and winced. He didn't have the heart to tell his mother that all these while he has been working as an restless assassin who has taken lives and spilt countless times of blood under his one hand of dynamites. He never told her that he has invested a large portion of his money on explosives for his career. She herself never knew what terrible things are happening to the world outside the tiny cottage.

"You should rest now… you look troubled, you must be tired" She gave her son a weak smile. Gokudera's heart sank. Her condition… it's worsening, she seemed in so much pain, just trying to smile. She slowly got her hand up like she wanted to touch her beloved son's cheek. Not wanting to waste her little energy, Gokudera held onto her hand in a soft grasp and placed it where she wanted to. "My son… you've so dependable, I'm sorry you have to go out late at night… for me… the doctors…I'm sorry…" Her hand went limp as Gokudera caught it back, this time his grasp was firmer. His face contorted as he looked at his feet, letting his fringe fall over so that he could cry without being noticed. He vowed to his sickly mother to earn enough money to see the doctor and hopefully, find a cure to her illness.

All he needed is money.

And if it's for someone he cared for, and for the only person he knew of who loves him dearly, he would do ANYTHING, by ANY means to get the money.

Even if it means to taint his heart with the stains of guilt, he would do anything.

The silver haired assassin woke up from his chair infront of her resting mother for a start to check on his letter one more time. It read: 7 pm, Kokuyou Forest.

"Here, Uri," Gokudera approached the bird cage that perched precariously on the top shelf. The pigeon with the golden-yellow streak down its back woke up from its nap and started to thrash its wings wildly around the cage. "URI. BE QUIET." Gokudera tried to suppress his shout as he manage to subdue his bad-tempered mail pigeon. Slowly folding its wings, he kept it in a small compartment specially for carrying it.

Gokudera pulled up his tattered cloak. He bent over to his mother and his eyes narrowed in a gentle gaze. "I promise I'll be back soon, take care of yourself," He smiled warmly as he kissed the back of her skinny hand. Pulling his hood up to shadow his eyes, he sped off like a running shadows into the night, towards the forest, towards his next killing.

After cutting cross two large wheat plains from the outskirts of town and over a wide creek, Gokudera jumped off with his cloak descending behind him. He got to his feet and approached the dark forest of Kokuyou. Legend has it that people who enter this forest will be trapped by illusions that will never release them out of the woods ever again. "Like I'll give a damn to that," Gokudera laughed as he pulled out a cigar to light it up. He's trying his best not to waste his precious stock which will take probably another week of working to get a refill. Uri cooed in its pocket.

Just then, Gokudera felt a sharp murderous intent slice him in the back. As practiced till habit, he spun around and whipped out 8 dynamite, 4 in one hand between his fingers each. "Kufufufufu… relax, young hitman, I am on your side," and with that double coloured eyes of red and blue appeared behind the paper birches.

"You must be… Rokudo, Mukuro?" Gokudera got a little tensed, with a bead of cold perspiration cruising down his forehead. Mukuro, magician of the 6 paths, what does he want from Gokudera, hitman and assassin bomber? The man stood out from behind the shrubs, and was dressed like Houdini, top hat, dark indigo tuxedo that matched his hair colour, finished off with a rich man's boots.

"Is there any form of life you wish to take?" Gokudera asked, lowering his weapons. "Kufufufufu… indeed, quite sharp of you, Sir Hayato,"

"Drop the act, if you called for me then it's nothing else but assassination you want me to do, son of a bitch," Gokudera retorted. Mukuro remained relaxed. He took down his top hat off and showed him the picture. Under the weak moonlight, the jade-eyed hitman could discern some figures of his intended victim, short raven-black hair, a well-built figure of a sportsman. Gokudera can see his large eyes that showed kindness and of completely no evil intention. He also found him wearing a gentle and heartwarming smile that somehow reached the hitman despite it was just a photo.

Gokudera couldn't find any part of him that made him look like a man who did wrong, but looks can be deceiving. "This man…" the magician of the 6 paths started off, "took EVERYTHING away from me. I want you to give him a slow, painful death, by 12 tonight."

Gokudera looked up at the magician. His calm smile stayed, but something was burning like hellfire behind his eyes. Gokudera stared at him suspiciously. "Do you think there's any easy way to access his territory?"

"Certainly, I chose today to be the day. The kingdom of Vongola is throwing a massive party to welcome their 10th heir, Sawada Tsunayoshi. This man, will be there, tonight, in the Grand Mansion of the Vongola in the big party."

Gokudera has heard about it, the great party of the inheritance. The Jyuudaime is going to be crowned the new boss of this kingdom, including this town of Namimori. Gokudera nodded in understanding. "So you want me to infiltrate the mansion, and kill this person," He reviewed his given instructions.

"And if you manage to carry out your task well…" Rokudo pulled out a heavy looking pouch. With a wave of his hands, the illusionary string that tied the bag faded into indigo mist, and gold coins came pouring out of the small bag that seemed like it couldn't contain its contents any more. Out they rush like a small river and piled up at Gokudera's feet. He stared at the amazing amount of money and back at the smiling magician. The teen in the photo showed undeniably pure innocence, but he must, he couldn't leave his mother alone.


The trumpets sounded as rich and famous guest from all over the country were found on the steps of the mansion, and all over the door and backyard, chatting among themselves. The mansion seemed like the moon for tonight, lighting up with its glow of chandeliers lights from the interior. Peach trees outside in the massive courtyard was draped with lights of a bright orange-yellow.

Gokudera hid himself down the road as he watched closely, analyzing the flow of people. If infiltration must be done, then he must avoid a lot of contact. Easily, Gokudera chose a path that can lead him secretly into the hall. Looking at the sack in his hand one last time, he got in.

The silver haired bomber slammed his back onto the wall of a quiet hallway, checking his surroundings once more. He usually preferred to kill his victims just one-to-one. But with the crowd outside it's impossible to carry out such a task without being noticed. Another trouble that he found was that his bombs may cause more than just to harm his prey. It may cause a huge pandmonium as well.

After all, he may be an assassin, but he never wished his hands to be stained with blood.

Gokudera realized that he has to lure the victim out, then kill it somewhere else, where there are lesser people around the area.

Then he realized that he has a new problem.

"FUCK THIS!" Gokudera stared back at the bustling crowd. There are at least 800 people out there! "How the hell am I going to find my target!" He banged the back of his head against the wall. Whatever, he's going to have to improvise.

Grabbing his clothing out of the sack, Gokudera went to change.

Tsunayoshi sat on the throne right on the second floor facing the main entrance of the grand hall, clearly uncomfortable. He was just a young teen meddling with full-grown adults. He pulled his collar out with his finger to cool down. The orange, gold-lined coat felt like it was a blanket over the boy.



The ladies squealed at the entrance of Yamamoto Takeshi, Prince of Yakyuu. (I can't find anything else that fits him :P) He was dressed in a white long sleeve shirt with his riding boots. His embroided riding coat made him look rather sharp. However, none of them would pay any attention to him if he never had his wonderfully bright eyes and his merry smile on his face. "Oh, yo!^^" He raised a hand to his fangirls, who only squealed some more at it.

"You arrived, Yamamoto!" Sawada was pleased to find someone he could relate to, the young prince who was the successor of the throne of Yakyuu. Yamamoto chuckled out and grinned at his young friend. "I would never miss such a grand ceremony of yours, Tsuna! ^^" He flashed him a wide grin like he just won another baseball game. Tsuna smiled back in reply at the happy-go-lucky prince.

"So, decided yet?"

"Wha- ITA!" Tsuna shouted as Reborn hit him with a powerful force all with his small feet out of nowhere from the back. "Tsuna!" Yamamoto laughed nervously as he helped the brunette after he fell off his throne onto the floor head first. "That hurt, Reborn!" Tsuna whined. "I can't contemplate with your wimpy attitude if you become the 10th boss of Vongola." Reborn smiled his usual cat smile as he sat beside Yamamoto's shoulders. Yamamoto laughed at the duo, thinking it was so perfectly normal.

"Decide what, kozo?" Yamamoto turned to Reborn. Reborn smirked, "The Vongola-style ballroom party," he stated, pointing towards the whole ballroom down stairs at the first floor, "one of the ladies down there may ask you for a dance. So, have you decided, Tsuna?"

Tsuna blushed as he gave his katekyo an uneasy look, then he looked down at the first floor, only to find a beautiful damsel with sunny brown short hair, laughing at another young lady with dark hair tied into a ponytail by the name of Miura Haru. Reborn smirked again as he stared at Tsuna, clearly staring at his lover. "You have quite a perverted look on your face, Tsuna."

"REBORN!" Tsuna snapped back, feeling his cheeks burn. "Ahaha, Tsuna you're going with Sasagawa, right? ^^ She's a lovely maiden!" Yamamoto slapped Tsuna's back and grinned. Tsuna nearly choked at that friendly but really painful slap. "How about you, Yamamoto?" Tsuna asked. Yamamoto's grin diminished to a small sad smile. He started to think about the gazillion times he received love letters, bouquets and compliments from ladies all over the country, and the gazillions times he rejected them. It's not like he disliked any of them, in fact he appreciated everything. It's just that… well…

"Yamamoto, is there something wrong?" The young successor asked his taller friend. He went over to the column and propped his arm on it, resting his head on his palm. "No, I haven't. I can't find her yet. She'll probably never arrive." He stared glumly at the crowd.

"… Yamamoto…"

"So, I'm going to talk to the other guest!^^ So go and have a great time with Sasagawa!" Yamamoto turned around and grinned brighter than the lights of in the ballroom itself. Tsuna sighed in relief after seeing Yamamoto acting like himself again. "Alright then."

Meanwhile, Gokudera was quite surprised to himself that he had the body to fit into his disguise. "Is my waist REALLY this small!" He groaned at himself. Fixing his hair one last time, he stepped into the crowd. Surprisingly again, no one noticed anything weird when the assassin simply walk past them. Are they really stupid? Or is it just that he really looks like a FAG.

Gokudera was dressed in a scarlet ballroom dress with black frills for embroidery. It went well with his pale skin. Thank goodness the ballroom dress was long enough to cover his flawless legs. He was even wearing female red high-heels that can fit his feet perfectly. Gokudera was starting to ask himself whether if he a homosexual.

The trumpet sounded all of a sudden. And the crowd immediately stopped whatever they are doing and turned towards the throne. Gokudera did the same.

"Ladies and gentlemen… we are now… starting on… the Vongola style Ballroom… dance party," Tsuna stood forward to address his guest as their host. Gokudera recognised him as the Jyuudaime. If they can see Reborn pointing Leon at the back of Tsuna's head, they would have understood why their host's voice was trembling like an earthquake.

A series of thunderous applause responded to that speech. And with that the orchestra at the musical stage started off with the cello, and the violins joined in. Soon melodious music filled the whole hall with a slow, waltzing music. Gokudera was momentarily lost. He really didn't know what to do. Dance? No way, his feet were to function in any other way except for dancing. Hide? Impossible, all the entrances were closed and there are simply people everywhere now. Gokudera was stuck in the sea of important people all over the country in a dress.

God hates me, Gokudera thought.

"Excuse me, mademoiselle,"

Gokudera turned around to find a man with a stubby chin and the same hairstyle as he does, except that it was at least neater and dark brown. "Sir Shamal, they call me. May I have this dance?" He bowed down with his hand seeking the hitman's. Gokudera just stared at him in absolute disregard. What the hell, this guy is Gokudera's katekyo when he was younger. And he was total pervert as well. Gokudera heard about him, and knows his current standing is just a doctor assisting this royal family. And most importantly, SIR Shamal! Gokudera really wanted to puncture the ego out of him.

"Fuck off, you pervert." Gokudera threatened.

"That wasn't really nice, my little kitty cat." He grinned back nervously.

"I said fuck off, damn it." Gokudera smacked the doctor's head with his red lace fan and scuttled off as Yamamoto and Tsuna walked down the stairwell.

"Tsu-kun! ^^" Tsuna's heart started to race after hearing someone call out his name. It was definitely her, no one can say his name just as sweet. "Kyoko-chan!" Tsuna gasped and turned towards his approaching lover. She was dressed a floral white ball gown and a diamond swan brooch pinned beautifully at her chest. She giggled sweetly at her boyfriend as drool was starting to appear by the corner of his mouth. "… oh, OH RIGHT! Ahahaha I was just... erm… heheh… ANYWAY! Ahem. Kyoya Sasagawa… will you… will you…" Tsuna felt like burying his face as the more he looked at her, the more he messes up. Kyoko covered her mouth and giggled, then reaching out to grab hold of his hands. "Of course! Come on, the music may end anytime!^^" She laughed, pulling the confused but definitely happy Tsuna to the dance floor.

"…" Yamamoto smiled sadly and watched in envy silence as the couple started to dance a slow waltz close together, laughing at each other as if there were only two of them in their world.


Turning around, he found his butler with his all time serious attitude in serving his master, always clad in his smart black vest with an inner white long sleeve t shirt and a swallow tail coat. Well known to be the black butler (no he's not Sebastian), Hibari Kyoya.

"Hey, Kyoya," Yamamoto approached him, patting his shoulder as a form of greeting. Hibari stayed still. "Aren't you heading for the dance floor?" He asked, his metal grey eyes thin as always. "Nah, I'm not good at dancing," Yamamoto lied. Hibari knew better than that. Since young Yamamoto was able to master 8 languages, and that he knew how to do things from painting to singing to dancing and to be polite and respectful. But he chose to deny them all, and went all out for baseball instead.

Baseball was his only love, and no other, for now, probably.

"Oh?" Hibari smirked, and lifted up the polished tray filled with china. "Then do you care for some tea?"

"No thanks, Kyoya. I'm not in the mood, maybe… I just need some air." And with that the handsome young prince of blue headed out for the balconies.


"Takeshi~!" A swarm of ladies started to swarm over to the prince of Yakyuu like it was a magnetic reaction. Soon the lovely young maidens crowded around him. "Takeshi~! Dance with me!"

"No way, he's going with me!"

"No, ME!"

Takeshi sighed and winced at the floor. With a hand on his forehead, Yamamoto's head was beginning to spin as he felt rather giddy from the racket. He needed some peace from his depression. Luckily, Hibari came to the rescue. "If you don't stop crowding," He lashed out his tonfas with much bloodlust, "Kamikurosu."

The ladies scattered reluctantly. The prince of blue heaved a sigh of relief and thanked his butler with a cheerful smile, and with that Hibari kept his weapons and went off in the huff, out of the crowded dance floor. Yamamoto stared at the front as he dragged his feet out of the dance floor. Dancing couples surrounded him as dresses swayed and laughter rang all over. It must be really nice to fall in love, if only Takeshi could find her…

Just then, among the crowd, something caught his attention. The sea of boring blue, brown and black eyes stood out a beautiful pair of breathtaking green, and followed it flowed hair of bright shiny silver like the moon at twilight. Yamamoto whipped around as his heart skipped a beat. "…"

"Yamamoto ~!" The girls started to crowd again after making sure that annoying butler doesn't get into their way, snapping the prince out of his lovestruck trance."…Sorry ladies… if you don't mind me, I have to get to somewhere…" Yamamoto tried his best to brush them off politely as he pushed his way out of the crowd of fangirls. He was rather curious, and he wanted to find out by reaching the person who owned such intriguing features.

"Kya~! Yamamoto!"

Oh no. Yamamoto took another few minutes to shrug them off, thanks to the overwhelming crowd. After a long period of escaping, he was finally alone, but he lost track of the person. Weeping to the ceiling behind a pillar, Yamamoto sighed in defeat.

All he wanted was somebody to love.

! Yamamoto stared up with his tear-filled eyes and he found the eyes again, rushing out for the balcony beside him that over looked the peach tree garden. "…" Yamamoto carefully followed behind, and his eyes widened in surprise.

She looked over the garden as her silver hair like moonsilk swayed gently in the wind of the night, and her scarlet red dress matched her white skin like a glass of fine wine. Yamamoto couldn't see her face yet, but he was momentarily spellbound that he nearly fell to his knees.

Gokudera meanwhile, was trying to give himself some time, thinking and thinking over another plan to find his target. "This is impossible…" He sighed to himself, hoping the wonderful scenery in view was enough to calm his troubled mind. Maybe he can't finish his task, but he can't, he wouldn't give up just yet. The thought of his mother filled up his head like an unprepared ambush of a tsunami, causing his head to swirl in a whirl of confusion.

He unconsciously started to cry to himself. How is she doing?

A gentle touch covered his mouth and someone pressed close from the back. "Hey, are you alright?"

Laughing to himself, Gokudera snapped back even when his voice was muffled. "Bastard, get lost, who do you think you are? Not another perverted doctor, I hope."

"I hope not, but I'm concerned, why are crying here alone?" then the person laughed softly. Gokudera was surprised to receive such a polite and calm answer. Gokudera took the hand off his mouth and turned around.