Walking alone in the corridors, Gokudera was barely visible in the dark, only the panels of glass were illuminated from the light outside. It was cold, like every night would, just like their first night they met felt like. Somehow as Gokudera approached closer to him, everything could be related to their first meeting together.

Gokudera continued to venture forward into the seemingly endless dark tunnel, his brows furrowed. But he continued to walk forward, to the presence before him.

It was unmistakable. Those coloured eyes, that number six. Gokudera's actions showed no sign of hesitation or fear as he paced forward a few more steps, stopping a far distance before him.

Cladded in the same suit that always made him look prim and proper, he was smiling, this time a gloved hand over a fancy walking cane, indigo jewels studded its grip. With his true emotions masked behind a calm demeanor, the aura of anger burnt along with the chilly wind of the night against Gokudera's pale skin. The magician wasn't in a good mood.

" Well isn't this unexpected." Gokudera spat, eyesbrows furrowed.

"Indeed, young assassin."

Gokudera shuffled his weight and looked back smugly. "What do you want now? Sorry but I don't have time to play with you. Someone wants to see me."

The magician had a good look at the assassin, raising a brow in question at that miniskirt. "You still owe me something." He went straight to the point.

"… Right." Gokudera scratched the back of his head like he just remembered, almost like something the Prince would do. What Mukuro heard was indeed most unexpected. You could see that hint of surprise in his eyes at Gokudera's words.

"Like I would, bastard."

"…I beg your pardon?"

"I said, like I would, bastard. You're just as deaf and dumb as the prince." He repeated, and with pure resolution he said, "I won't do it." He stressed every word to make things clear. " Now if you excuse me…" Gokudera bravely disregarded the magician's presence and went ahead.

"What's the use? At the very end, he's not yours."

It's not like that question haven't crossed Gokudera's mind once. Gokudera paused in his tracks at it.

"That is none of my concern." Gokudera spoke with a vicious glare in his eyes, telling the magician to mind his own business. "From the beginning, the prince deserves someone far better than me. I'm going to drag him down if I continue to stay by his side." The thought of giving someone who belonged to him away hurt him more than anything, but he was not angry at what the prince did to him. It was never his fucking fault.

Gokudera looked into the magician's eyes, "Rokudo Mukuro, I won't complete the task given. I'm going to go back to how it used to be." Gokudera continued to walk past the magician.

Suddenly the ground below him shook and crumbled. "WHAT THE!" Gokudera wanted to run, but realize, the area of damage circled closely to his foot. Petrified, he had no time to recover and escape, as blinding violent light broke out from below the debris. Stems of lotuses stretched out from the ground at a fierce speed. Before Gokudera realized what was happening, he was locked in a cylinder cage of lotuses, which formed something resembling a netted cage. Its area so small, it totally took away Gokudera's freedom of movement. "OI! M-MUKURO WHAT THE HELL?" Gokudera frantically tried prying the stems apart. No use. They were equivalent to metal bars.

Mukuro took his time to get up close with the caged assassin. Gokudera growled threateningly. Not even killing you had helped. Mukuro thought. "Guess this is the last resort." Mukuro had invested valuable time and resources, and now the assassin think he could easily pull his ass out of everything? Everything could have been a smooth sail to success. The most unexpected thing happened, and that was how LOVE got in the way. He cannot accept just how ignorant the bomber was to the entire situation. But then again, the motive was for now, a secret.

"Don't think too big of yourself. You're matters are none of my concern as well." He addressed to the assassin. "Let me show you what should be your REAL concern…"

Mukuro turned around and drew a circle in the air before him with his cane. It revealed a portal like mirror. Something was slowly surfacing from its misty surface. Behind his imprisonment, Gokudera stared at it initially with suspicion, then it turned into intense disbelief, then letting his breathe go slowly, he was shocked from what his eyes told him was reality. Turbulent gasps wrecked his body. His grip onto the bars grew tighter.


"There's still escape from your heart." The magician rested the end of the cane on Gokudera's heart. Gokudera was buried under too much dismay to respond. " It's caged with grief isn't it? You know very well what you should do, don't you?" Mukuro watched the tears welling up in Hayato's eyes as they poured down his cheeks with no resistance. Gokudera looked down to the floor and winced hard, on the verge of admitting defeat. DAMN YOU…

"So who's it going to be?" Mukuro asked with a smile, like he just saw right through the assassin. It was as if he had already won. Things turned out to be much easier than he thought, and all it took was to force the reality, and to not giving any time to be able to accept it.

Yamamoto stared up from where he hid and waited for her. Through that mere gap between the columns, nothing changed, not a single sight of that striking red. Once again the prince sighed silently to himself and leaned against the wall, a sad, worried look dawning upon his face. The watch in his hand snapped shut with a click. The longer he waited, the more frantic he felt. Where was his princess? What should I do if she… Yamamoto shut his eyes tightly to shake those thoughts out of his head. Calm down… the prince thought of her sweet rare smile of hers and it seemed to dump out all the negative feelings within. Yamamoto didn't find it surprising when he smiled to himself.

Nah, she'll accept me, I'm sure of it! I just need confidence! He closed his eyes to find ease. Their feelings for each other… the prince was well aware of it, and he believed she was too. It had to be fate that they met, to fall in love at first sight. The prince wanted it to be kept that way. He wanted to continue to hold her and love her with no restrictions, to be there for her if she felt like falling. And if was determined to make things this way, it had to be NOW.

And she shall be…


The prince's soothing, collected self collapsed without warning, a gasp escaped from the shock. That pricelessly adorable voice was unmistakable, even if heard just once, especially when she called his name like that. It was something simplest things of her that he cherished deeply. She's finally here! Yamamoto's head merely processed that fact as he swallowed a lump in his throat, roughly fixing his collar. So this was how Tsuna felt like when being called by the name by someone who he truly cared for, and loved him back just as much. He turned around, and Dera was already halfway down the stairs, a hand gently resting on the handrail. She already caught sight of the prince before the prince could. At Gokudera elevation, they were roughly about the same height. Momentarily, awkward silence bounded them and all they could see were each other's speechless, blinking with their dumbfounded cute expressions.

Gokudera frowned as soon as he realized where this would be going, and it was nowhere. "It's fucking in the middle of the night dammit." He complained, and a yawn followed suit.

Yamamoto blinked, and then chuckled at her tired, annoyed face. Cuteness blossomed no matter how she looked. "I'm sorry." He apologized, grinning.

"You better be," Gokudera snapped back, but with a tired smile. He cleared the remaining steps at normal pace. Before Yamamoto could do anything, she quickened her pace without warning and fell into his arms at her own will. The prince blushed at her sudden change in personality. "…W-what's wrong?" The prince worried. Hopefully nothing was troubling her too badly. He patted her head in comfort with both love and caution.

"Idiot. I'll miss you." She mumbled cowardly.

The prince blushed at her words and already felt his own heart beating like crazy. He hoped she couldn't feel that while she's against him. He really didn't know what to say from now on, now that it had come to this point. He had never expected this to happen, not that he was angry or upset or anything. A gentle embrace was what he returned to make sure Dera knew he understood.

See Father? This is how much Dera needs me by her side. What would I do with my life if I can't have her? Spend it all on Mia? I'm sorry, I just can't. I can't describe just how important she is to me. You won't understand why she's different.

The prince quietly retrieved something from the insides of his coat, and placed it on the top of her head. "W-wha?" Gokudera looked up as the prince stood so closely against her, helping to arrange it neatly. His fingers brushed at her soft silver hair so they fit neatly into the red floral wreath. The bold, passionate colour of vermillion fitted into her silvery hair like a dream.

"Ahaha, is this what you wanted? Sorry, I thought you might like me to finish it up for you." Yamamoto couldn't hold back his desire anymore, pushing back her bangs slightly to plant a kiss on the side of her forehead. She winced in embarrassment, and her cheeks were powdered peach red when she opened her eyes back. His princess seemed so small now. The scent of honey from the flowers draped softly around her, and the prince didn't know whether that was the source of the sweetness or his princess herself. "Do you like it? I'll find time one day to teach you okay?" He broke into a bright grin.

"…" Gokudera nearly forgot how to breathe. The prince saw that slight stunned look, and it slowly turned into a blissful one, letting out a small laugh and a smirk. "Idiot how did you…"

"Nah, I guess you're really bad from hiding things from me." The prince joked as Dera took it off her hair and look at it with those beautiful green eyes. It was really beautiful, and Gokudera couldn't lie about that, no matter how hard his pride insisted. The flowers well woven into their places, it was exactly like a replica of the blue floral wreath Yamamoto first gave him. Okay fine. So maybe he wasn't COMPLETELY an idiot. Gripping the ring of bounded flowers by its sides, Gokudera's smile was almost invincible in the dark, but it couldn't escape the prince. Yamamoto was simply glad he found a smile for her to put on, where it fitted more than perfectly. She was really pretty when she smiled.

"Cheer up okay?" He comforted with a sad smile.

"…You heartless bastard." Gokudera reprimanded in disgust. "You're planning to keep me reminded of you? You too, understand the pain about being reminded of someone who can never return to your side, don't you? Damn it!" he let the warmth he oh so loved from the prince seep into him for the last time as the prince continued to hold her.

Oh right. Takeshi was just about to come to that.

Okay…deep breathe, the prince instructed himself. Well if that was really an attempt to calm his panicking self down, he really failed. The air he inhaled was just the scent of Dera's sweet smelling hair as his nose nuzzled there when he held her back comfortingly. Well, it was true that both knew that right there, right then, they feared losing each other the most. And if that was what they were scared of, what she was scared of, the prince would downright find a way to chase that fear away at all costs.

"Dera, will you…" He stared off, pausing all movement. "Run away with me?"

"…" The prince received no response for some time from the princess, feeling her body stiffen at those words. Time seemed to pause for a cruelly long period of time as Yamamoto waited for her reply. "That…That way no one will get into our way ever again… nee?"

"Yamamoto you…" Dera let out sigh like she had been holding her breathe all the time. "You really won't regret it?"

"Why would I?" He kissed her on the hair. " I have you, and that's all I'll need. Dera will be happy when I'm always by her side right?" He laughed. Gokudera didn't hear that, for he was deep in thought.

"How are you sure you'll never leave me alone?" Gokudera ask quietly, almost monotonously. "It's not like its safe out there. Who would you trust?"

"Ahaha Dera don't make it sound like we'll die~" Yamamoto took it like a joke, but Dera wasn't laughing along or anything. The prince picked it up quick and gradually stopped chuckling. She can't be serious… "H…Hey," He finally said, "It's okay, and things will be okay. I promise. Hn? Regardless what happens, I'll be by your side." He rested his chin on her head and smiled ahead.

"… Promise?"

Yamamoto pressed his forehead against hers. "Promise."

"…Okay. Then, I'll leave with you."

"…" His ears weren't playing tricks. Her voice was soft, but Yamamoto SWORN it was there. Yamamoto didn't know how to describe how he's feeling now… Anxious? Surprised? But he knew somewhere the feeling of happiness was reserved in his heart. It took awhile as it swelled up and then forced onto his face into the uncontrollable smile, a genuine bright smile. You know when he's truly happy when the smile he gave was completely different from his default cheerful ones. Hayato could tell, and he felt bliss just by looking at it as well. "Thank you." Yamamoto whispered and leaned down to kiss her in the lips. The joy just couldn't possibly be described by words.

"For what?" Gokudera blushed furiously.

"For giving me a second chance to prove myself just how much I love you off course!" He squeezed her tightly and let her go. He looked sorry for an instant. " I might have screwed up before, but this time I definitely won't let you down! I'll love you more than ever from today on and treat you better than anyone else could!" The prince held her by both shoulders and declared with resolve, the cheerfulness never leaving his eyes. He was too blissful, so… blessed. Gokudera blushed a deep shade of red. Yamamoto heard her sniffle. "Bastard, saying things like that so loudly."

The duo stood together by the grand entrance of the mansion. Yamamoto has checked that they were definitely alone before executing their escape. The prince pulled the doors open, and was greet by a great gust of chilly wind of the night. Yamamoto's coat billowed behind him, and Gokudera had to shied his face with his forearm to stop his bangs from whipping about him fiercely.

"Last chance to turn back." Dera said.

"Nope. I won't break promises, especially those for you." The prince replied without hesitation, the usual big grin plastered on his face. He caught his princess's eyes grew wide, soft blushes dusted upon her cheeks.

"F-fine, then let's go." Gokudera quickly walked started to walk out in great awkward steps.

"Wait." The prince held her hand as they crossed shoulders. "What now idiot?"

"Just want to make sure I don't lose you, that's all." And Yamamoto walked up till he's right by her side. "Cause we're definitely running for tonight. It would be terrible if you get caught. I don't want to regret for a life time how I have left you behind back then."

Gokudera paused, and then gave the prince a cocky smirk. "I see that as a challenge. What makes you think I'll be the burden to slow us down?"

"So it's a race?" Yamamoto smiled like an excited puppy.

"That'll be fun." Gokudera said as his competitive spirit kicked in.

"Just promise you won't let go?" There's a hint of begging in his laugh.


Gokudera and Yamamoto escaped the kingdom that very night, hand-in-hand. For the darkness that drowned the kingdom, the two have travelled considerably quickly. Naturally they stuck close to each other, fear in every step they took, every turn they made. Thank goodness the prince understood the kingdom's layout well enough to navigate both of them smoothly in the dark. Left, right, on bridges, down the alleys, Yamamoto could easily clear this maze of streets, and also to expect minimum contact. The run was a cautious one. "How did you manage to learn this place so well?" The prince grinned proudly, "I mingle with the crowd whenever I come over to Tsuna's. The people here are all hospitable and warm hearted." They feared even the smallest sound that seems to explode around their surroundings. They ran across the sleepy, silent towns, across fields and after what seemed like eternity, into the spooky wilderness of the night. Yamamoto was glad they were fast enough to clear that without being caught by the security, and his celebrated with a smile at the sight of those familiar gates behind him. It protected the kingdom that he could rule as king. But that position no longer exist in this path that he has taken, all sacrificed before his eyes.

"Goodbye dad, goodbye Kyoya. I'll miss you both, take care." He thought with a little sadness in that voice inside his head.

He turned to her, who had been patiently waiting. Did she know how he felt as he gazed at the silhouette of the kingdom behind him? "You… it's really okay if you turn back now." She looked away. Why did she look so guilty? Gokudera's only reply was solid firm grip on her hand.

"Let's go, before anyone finds out." Yamamoto smiled warmly, but he was still bothered.

Yamamoto led the sprint and soon they disappeared behind the shrubs, never looking back at the place that caged their past. They didn't stop their dash were both assured that they were too far from human reach, no matter how fast they were on horseback. As they gained the sense of security gradually, that weight was lifted from their hearts, as they started to take things easy, strolling over the bumpy ground of the dense forest, and no one knew what to say, allowing themselves to be unconsciously guided by their own feet. Silence was the only thing between them, and it went on for a while as they travelled on, further into the depths of the forest. Yamamoto was beginning to realize that if now that they are going to depend heavily on each other for the rest of their lives, at least they should pull their hearts closer. Oh well. A conversation would not hurt.

Yamamoto sighed at the stars as they walked on. "We did it." Yamamoto tried to break the silence, bright eyes directed sideways at her. Maybe that was why they were silent. None of them believed they actually did.


"… We'll find somewhere to take a rest. You must be tired." He suggested, sharply picking out the exhaustion in her voice.


Yamamoto looked down by his side, but couldn't check on her. Those stubborn silver bangs of hers refuse to reveal her face underneath. Yamamoto wanted to touch and part them, but somehow he wasn't convinced to do something like that. She was so strangely quiet, but fatigue didn't seem to be the only reason. Even so close, Dera just gave off a negative aura, and it speaks her need to be left alone.

What if… she was thinking about the same question that she kept asking? What if she was feeling guilty about everything that I'm doing for her?

"… NEE, DERA."

"Wha-AEH!?" Gokudera's arm was forcefully tugged as his body lunged forward. He gathered up to his feet fast enough before he fell into the dirt face first. Yamamoto helped by hoisting her back up, running away like he got stung by a swarm of bees in the bottom. The event sprung out of nowhere and so quickly, Gokudera didn't know how to react. He could only think that suddenly guards or horses were now hot on their heels, and of course the natural instinct was to run. He was thrown into such a big panic, the fright completely drowned out the reality of the Prince's cheerful laughter.

Just then, a whole new level of weight pulled her down. Gokudera's heart skipped a beat when he realized what was happening.

A slope.

A STEEP slope.

Oh crap.

Before Gokudera could even curse about his day, his foot slid down the side, and he was already tumbling, barreling, and bouncing his way down the slope alongside the prince, who was STILL laughing away. THAT IDIOT! WHAT THIS ALL PLANNED? Gokudera's body rolled over curtains and curtains of tall dry weed and grass, and occasionally his face and skin comes in contact with the cold wet mud and dirt beneath. Suddenly he had gained back all his energy back from his lifeless spirit to yell at this big idiot.

"TAKESHI YOU PIECE OF SHIT!" He yelled, dizziness overtaking his vision. This was not funny anymore. Once again, he called the prince's name out loud. This time… Gokudera really hate to admit, but it was because he needed him desperately. Once awhile when things grow too scary, whether physically or deep down, Gokudera naturally seek for the prince. He was the only one who could make him feel safe from all the worries that haunted him. `

So somewhere he saw his hand reached out for him, and naturally, Gokudera gripped it with a death grip, like it was his only salvation. Without any prompt, Gokudera pulled himself close to Takeshi (who still had the guts to laugh over the entire matter) and clung onto him tightly. I'll kill you later! Gokudera shut his eyes tightly and praying for the craziness to get over fast.

But just when he thought things could not get any worse, the both of them flopped down with massive splash. Gokudera's body was let go off as he was embraced by frigid cold water, stunning him momentarily. A massive flock of bubbles erupted before his eyes as found his way back up. A huge splash burst from the water surface as Gokudera managed to sit up, dress completely soaked to the skin, silver hair tangled and dripping. Goosebumps came as her fair wet skin greeted the night air. Gokudera was about to turn back to search around for that big idiot, until he surfaced right beside her.

"AHAHA THAT WAS FUN!" He laughed.

Gokudera felt a vein pop. NOW THERE'S NO WAY HE WAS GOING TO FORGIVE HIM. Staring at the prince, his entire body of rich clothing reduced to soggy cloth, raven hair dripping, with that goofy smile and a merry chuckle, and it was the only thing warm that Gokudera found. He really was an idiot.


Gokudera relaxed and stopped when he realized the words that were about to part from his lips. The thought strangled him. "Now look what you have done." He grumbled, rubbing both the side of his arms to regain body heat through friction.

The water splish-splashed as a small wave nudged against his side. Takeshi pulled her close with an arm around her shoulder. "But that was fun right?" He asked encouragingly.

"No like fuck. What were you even thinking? Putting us through all that?" Gokudera gave him the eye behind the gap of two slippery distinct locks.

"I just wanted more of your cute voice again that's all!" The prince simpered, leaning close. Gokudera reemerged with a red-as-a-beet-root face. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT."

"It's already a day and I haven't touch you. I'm more than deprived." He added with an innocent puppy smile on his face. He really enjoyed teasing her, even if he knew it would definitely infuriated her. That's the fun part. Dera was most interesting when she's embarrassed, not to forget utterly adorable. He lifted her chin as emeralds met amber. "So how about a little reward for my bravery?"

And Dera was already stutteringly like the beginning of an earthquake. "S-SHUT UP!"

"And you were very cute when you cried my name just now. You know, when you really needed me."


Yamamoto mocked Gokudera's voice. "Takeshi!" He laughed at how hilarious he was and rested the side of his cheek on his shoulder. "I swear I'll throw both of us off a mountain just to hear that voice again."

"FUCK YOU!" Gokudera bent down to prepare for a massive wave of water straight at the prince, wishing to wash him sky high so he didn't need to go through all the trouble in facing him at this stage of embarrassment. Things didn't go as he planned, when he realized a wave attacked him face first, drenching him with icy water once again. "It's called the instinct to defend, Dera." Yamamoto educated. You could see Gokudera's shoulders contracted and a brow twitched. Yamamoto's sweat dropped. Oh dear.


"HEY!" Yamamoto complained, but laughed like he deserved and expected it, being rapidly ambushed by the simultaneously attacks of his oh-so-merciless princess. His only defense was his forearm over his face, which unfortunately wasn't very effective. In attempt to run away, he slipped and fell with a yelp, clumsily falling with a loud splash. The noisy splashing subsided. Still laughing and once again dripping wet, Yamamoto lowered his guard and took at peek.

His heart skipped a beat as he allowed bewilderment to overtake. She was GIGGLING, LAUGHING so hard she couldn't even stand properly. Slipping, she fell onto her knees into the waters. The prince caught her by her arms in the nick of time, or she would probably fall face first into the waters, choking on the water. She was thankfully fine, still laughing hard. Happiness. Yamamoto could think of as he looked at her in his grasp. She faced him, carefree and CHUCKLING, completely abandoning the mask of ice she always put on. It was almost as if she was a completely new person.

"Stupid idiot! You're soaked!" She mastered her energy to point at him. The most angelic look covered in droplets that even looked freezing cold under the moonlight. The prince did look really ridiculous, all wet, and staring innocently back at his princess.

Then a genuine, accomplished smile spread across his face. Placing a hand on her cheek, Yamamoto's thumb gently graced below her eye, receiving a smile as she tried to overcome her fit of laughter. "You too Dera!"

They were still giggling softly like drunkards, as Yamamoto piggy-backing her across the vast field. They were still soaked, and could not find any way to towel them dry. Oh well, guess they'll have to deal with it for awhile. It was worth it anyway.

"It's okay. You can put me down." Gokudera said sleepily as he nestled in the crooked of his neck for warmth, his arms wrapped around the prince's neck. One was left hanging, and still griping onto the flower wrath that Takeshi made for her. It was not in its best condition compared to before, but it was still kept fairly in place.

"It's okay. I won't anyway." Yamamoto laughed once again, trudging on.


"Hey. Yamamoto."

"Hm?" Yamamoto looked sideways. She was already feeling drowsy. You could see the fatigue in her jade eyes as her eyelids grew heavy.

"Do you seriously regret nothing? All the honor, the wealth, the brightest future. Gone. For me? Why… why would you do so much for me?" She asked woozily, confused.

"…Never once." Yamamoto replied honestly with a nervous laugh. So she was still thinking about it? How many times had she asked him the same question? He wanted her to forget about it, that was the whole point. He wanted to chase the doubts. "You don't have to worry about it. I won't leave you alone, as promised." Yamamoto was down that his plan failed him.

There was a short sarcastic laugh from his left shoulder.

"You really are an idiot." Gokudera buried his face in his shoulder and got all comfortable for himself. He felt safe like this. "Am I worth that much? I never knew I was made to be important to anyone..."

Yamamoto frowned in disapproval and quickly wanted to clear the misunderstanding. He opened his mouth to make his stand, but there was already soft breathing as she fell asleep, her hair still wet and dripping onto his coat. Yamamoto sighed. Suddenly, a blinding flash in the dull indigo sky, and the booming of thunder ensued. He raised his head, eyes filled with dismay. "Oh bother." It brought back memories of that incident, the time when the couple got stranded in the heavy downpour. Dera fell ill because of that and it alarmed the prince badly. The sudden thought of letting Dera fall sick hastened his pace to find safe, warm shelter fast.

The walk was long and tiring, with him trying to keep his eyes open, and to reserve all the energy he could gather to prevent her from falling out of his grasp. As he took a few more steps, he entered the woods with warm air and sweetly scented with pinecones, the smell of victory.

He decided to stop here for the night.

Gently placing her down, she laid oblivious by his side, after Yamamoto tended to her need for warmth, drying his coat as much as possible and helping her to put it on (It took the prince so much willpower not to suffocate her in a hug, seeing how adorable she was in his oversized clothing). Lying down, the glittering night sky before him was breathtaking, with the silhouette of the looming conifer trees. Yamamoto wanted to wake her up so he can share the sight with her. On second thoughts maybe Dera would much enjoy a beauty sleep.

Peace at last. He thought, closing his eyes for a moment. Now there was no way anyone can find them anymore. Suddenly, something started to trouble him, nudging at his heart that he had to open his eyes to worry. He thought of how he had to gather so much courage to come this far. After all, if he was caught. The chance was there, how he could be brought back to his kingdom. The people would shun him, or at least be disappointed. He thought of the possibility of death, beheaded for betrayal. He was more than aware he would be punished by death. However Yamamoto was desperate enough to choose it. He was positive his princess he ran away with is worth more than life itself. He really regretted nothing.

The prince took it out to examine from an arm's length away facing the sky. For a moment, even if it was in his fingers, its shine was so dazzling that he lost it in the stars. His mouth pouted, unimpressed.

He turned left observed every single flawless detail of her sleeping face, half her cheek hidden behind the big coat's collar. "I wonder what does the future have in store for us?" Yamamoto's fingers entwined with hers as she slept on her side. It was nice to take a good look up close without her inching her way or getting snappy at him. That was the only time when she could let her guard down. She was really beautiful when she's at ease, like nothing was troubling her, like she had nothing to be afraid of, lips moving so lightly at her calm breathing. Yamamoto's brows creased together. He wished he could relax. He made a solemn promise to be extremely cautious, only because he wanted to stay with her forever.

"…Maybe later." He kept it, so he could hug her so tightly like a cherished possession, like he needed one badly, to feed her with as much body warmth as possible. He wished Dera was still awake to hug back, or give him an answer to his troubles. Yamamoto didn't even know where to begin describing how scared he was.

" But you know that's not true, right Dera? I know you noticed it since the beginning."