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Hudson always was a good mercenary, he had the ability to forget he was killing people for almost no reason and was fine with almost any amount of money that he was paid with. The zone was always his sort of place too, dangerous and full of interesting and lovely people to eliminate at his contractors behest; if there was a place he loved more than the zone it was Afghanistan where he fought for years. Though the thing he was loved most for was the fact he simply did not care, he was never afraid and truth be told; why should he? He was in a team of over ten highly armed and trained soldiers, the hardest battle he fought was against a bandit gang. Simply no one could phase him. Though that was until about five minutes ago.

His weapon, a beautiful Remington 870, was laying on the floor somewhere in the damned bunker. A finger on his trigger hand was blown off and blood was trickling down his arm from where the other bullet caught him. He was just happy his legs were still good, and so he ran down the corridors. Andrew's and Vintov were right next to him and it reminded Hudson of racing with his little brothers back home, except back then he did not have a team of homicidal ass holes trying to murder him. Vintov suddenly shouted to them,

"GUYS, I AM GOING TO HOLD THEM OFF, GO LOCK THIS PLACE DOWN HUDSON." Hudson jogged for a moment, looking back at his old friend before he ran back down the hallways. Once they were well down the hall, Hudson patted Andrew on the back and broke off to the left, running down a different hallway that led him deeper into the facility. Echoing in the halls, he heard gun shots and Vintov scream in pain. Ignoring the remorse for his old friend, Hudson huffed out a ragged breath and continued his run towards the engineering room of the bunker.

Whoever hired them wanted the guys dead bad, some sort of PDA one of them had found was supposedly the most important thing on the face of the planet. According to the contractor, whoever stole it had to be some sort of mad genius to get away with it and they had to approach with extreme caution. Apparently, they had poured enough money into Black's wallet that he decided it would be appropriate to wait here for a day or two for them to show up for a scavenging job and make sure their ambush was perfect.

Well Black is a fucking idiot. He thought to himself as he sprinted, the ham headed commander had thought it appropriate to divide the team into small sections to fan out across a deep dark facility, a facility that was well known for never having a stalker seeing the deepest parts and living for long. He had sent a nice chunk of them down to scout and none of them even came back, the only thing they found that interested them from scouting the more shallow parts of the concrete jungle was a map that showed them the lay out. The only thing useful from that was the location of the control room, the engineering room and a second exit.

They had already found the first and the exit was useless as you had to go through the black area, the nickname they gave to the deeper parts of the bunker. Then in yet another flash of brilliance, Black decided to smash enemies with crates rather than shoot them to conserve ammo. Then for the special touch, he never bothered to set their radio's to communicate to the other half of the remaining mercenary company that were on the other side of the massive concrete wall. Effectively cutting off all of their communication.

Hudson was simply patrolling the halls when the lights all shot on, then the group of homicidal maniacs sprinted through a door that mysteriously decided to open and blasted through almost every person they saw. Hendricks tried to surrender only to get the one with the shotgun to blow off his arm and then slit his throat, the transvestite with the scarf proceeded to puke on the floor while the giant with the beard picked up Moscow and slammed him into the wall where his neck was broken nicely. Then the snork on legs decided it would be hilarious to pepper Hudson on full auto when he walked into the room confused which caused the loss of his weapon.

From what he gathered, the insane idiots overpowered Black and his team and then blew through the control room where they proceeded to butcher everyone inside before smashing every button they saw until enough doors opened. The only way to reverse this and lock them off would be to shut all of the doors, but he had no way to get to the control room and had no idea what to do with the controls regardless. He did however had a pack of C4 on his belt and the knowledge of where the machines that controlled every single door, light and toilet in the damned hole he was stuck in and basic American instinct told him that when you combine explosives and sensitive machinery the machinery breaks.

By the time he reached the machinery room, the door having been broken in by Black when he discovered there was no way to open it from the controls, he let out a breath of relief. In his head he only counted three minutes from his run, and it would take a few more to get out and get past the few remaining mercenaries left in the base. Carefully, Hudson pulled the block of white death and set it on a pillar that stood in the middle of the room, the electronics built around it. Taking a deep breath, he unrolled the wire from around it and slowly began to back out of the room, now back in the hallway, he stepped to the left and deeper into the facility. Hudson made sure he was many corridors away when he set down the cord and grabbed the detonator that was connected. He made a quick prayer and then pressed down on it with his good arm.

Nothing happened at first when all of a sudden the entire bunker shook, having misjudged the distance, Hudson stumbled backwards from the crash and tried to cover his ears as the horrible sound cracked down the halls. He had only a moment to consider what the hell he just did when the lights flickered and went out, in the distance he heard doors slam down on their own accord. Taking a deep breath, he turned the flashlight on his hood on and laid on the hard concrete floor, wondering how he would survive to live past thirty.

The team was running as hard as they could, Sinova was eager to find his way far from the bunker and the rest could not help but agree with him. Vasili was winded when the stairwell finally came into view, but he could not have been happier, the room with the broken crates was in front of them, behind the boxes was the room they entered. Moonlight was streaming through and Sinova muttered a curse when he saw it, Sinova, Brewer and Nikolai passed through when all of a sudden the ground shook. The room went black and Vasili tripped and fell on his face. Nova stopped for a moment to grab him when suddenly the door slammed down, blocking off whatever curse Sinova was shouting. Then there was the roar of an explosion from the down the halls.

Groaning, Vasili wiped off the dirt after Nova had helped him stand, the irritable stalker's flashlight was now on and Vasili could feel the pure anger resonating off of him. Nova loaded some shells into his shotgun and sighed, slamming his foot against an old box on the floor which smashed into the wall across from them with a bang. Vasili in the mean time walked to the door and pressed up to it, hoping that anyone on the other side could communicate with him but to no avail.

Nova looked over to him and spoke, the anger dripping from his voice.

"Well at least we have each other." He looked Vasili up and down before finishing "Well guess I am dead than."

"Yeah, yeah thanks a ton Nova. Thank you so much. I am so fucking glad to be in such great company A FUCKING LONE IN SOME HAUNTED BUNKER. THANK YOU SO FUCKING MUCH SHIT HE-" his panic attack was cut short by Nova's gloved hand smacking him clean across the face, causing him to stumble over and back into the door way. Vasili's hand went up to the place where he was struck, it beating red under his scarf as he groped the wounded skin. When he tried to get off the door, Nova shoved him back on it with a loud bang. Vasili simply slid down to the floor and pushed his head into his hands, groaning from the exasperation that slowly slid into him and took hold in his gut. Nova had begun to pace, in the distance he still heard the creaking of metal and the occasional sound of more of the bunker collapsing.

With a sigh, Nova walked over and offered him his hand. Vasili stared at it for a moment, the same hand that smacked him was now helping him up.

Do not look a prize horse in the mouth Vasili. He thought to himself as he grasped it, allowing Nova to pull him up with deceptively strong arms. Vasili coughed inside the scarf and slowly slide the pistol from its holster, it seemed he would actually have to use it now. Taking his mind off things,Vasili wondered when he could get a new scarf. He had used a water bottle to wash the vomit off when dove behind cover, after that one mercenary turned around and ran straight at them, but it still smelt of acid. His thoughts were broken by Nova.

"Well that detonated somewhere behind us. It also shut down everything and I have a feeling they will not be coming back on. So we will have to double back and find another way out. Basically we are going to stumble through this place and pray we find a broken wall. Look at the bright side though, we only gotta fight ghosts, eh?"

Vasili nodded mournfully at his word before looking back down at the small weapon in his hand. If ever there was a time to see if he could survive in the zone. Now was it.