Yawn. She got out of bed and began to do her morning duties. She wore a pair of brown pants, a tight blue tank top. She made her knee-long black hair into a tight braid. She had some bread for breakfast and put on her boots. She walked outside, the bright morning sun hurting her pale blue eyes.

Guess it's a bright new day.

"Good morning, Azhelia!" Azhelia looked and saw that one of the knights that flew around Skyloft was landing in front of her.

"Good morning!" She greeted.

She stretched and ran off the edge of the cliff that she lived on. She than began to fly through the air. Without a Loftwing. How? She had her own set of wings.

She flew through the air, performing twists and turns that someone with a Loftwing would normally not be able to do.

She flew to the plaza in Skyloft, landing softly. She stretched her wings and the rest of her body.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the freak of Skyloft." Azhelia groaned as Groose and his two lackeys surrounded her.

"What do you want, Groose?" Cawlin and Strich grabbed her arms, restraining her from moving.

"To make sure your wings are good for the Wing Ceremony." Groose replied as he began to pull on Azhelia's wings. She began to struggle and kick, but was defenseless as Groose and his two friends continued to harm the screaming girl.

"Stop it, please! That hurts!" By this point she was crying from the pain from her wings nearly being pulled out of her back.

"What is the meaning of this?" Groose stopped pulling on Azhelia's wings and looked behind him. There stood Zelda, the girl he had a crush on.

"Oh, hey Zelda. Just helping her stretch her wings for the Wing Ceremony."

"No you're not. You're hurting her." Zelda fumed.

"No, I'm not."

"Then why was she screaming and crying?" Groose thought and thought, but couldn't think of an excuse.

"Whatever, we're leaving."

"Well, it seems that your wings are okay. You sure you still want to join in the Wing Ceremony? There's always next year you know." Zelda asked her friend as she put her shirt back on.

"Yeah, its fine. Hey, didn't you want Link to be the first to see you in that outfit?"

"He already did, but he's looking for his Loftwing."

"What? What happened?"

"Turns out that he can't "sense" his Loftwing at all. He's asking around town to see if he can find it."

"I'll help!"

"No. YOU rest your wings before the ceremony. I'LL go and help him look for his Loftwing." Zelda retaliated.


"No buts."

"Sheesh. You sound more like a mom than a friend."

"Your attention, please. At last we are ready to begin the Wing Ceremony. I was beginning to worry that we'd have to proceed without Link, but luckily that is no longer a concern." Instructor Owlan said as he stood next to Headmaster Gaepora and a yellow Loftwing.

Cawlin, Link, Azhelia, Groose, and Stritch stood in a line respectively.

"I'm glad you could all make it. Before we start, I'll explain the rules for today's competition. I have attached a small statuette to this bird, who I will then release to the skies. On my signal dash and dive off the ledge. Once you are in the air, mount your Loftwing."

He then looked at Azhelia.

"You shall give them three seconds before following them, seeing as how you have no need to wait for a Loftwing."

He then turned back to everyone.

"Whoever catches the bird and claims the statuette will be this year's champion. Those are the rules. Simple enough, I should think, but do you need to hear them again?" Everyone shook their heads. "Excellent."

He then continued. "As you well know, today's champion will graduate to the next class, bringing him, or her, one step closer to knighthood. He or she will also receive a gift from the young woman chose to play the role of the goddess in this year's ritual. Today is a special day for many reasons, but it is also the 25th anniversary of our fine institution. To celebrate the occasion, today's champion shall also receive his gift high atop the Statue of the Goddess. I hear the young woman performing the role of the goddess this year has crafted the gift herself. And as you all well know, the role of the goddess this year will be performed by…"

He pointed to Zelda.

"The lovely Zelda!"

He turned back to the knights in training.

"Let's see your finest flying out there. Show me just how hard you've been practicing. Also, I want to see good, clean flying. Anyone caught interfering with other flyers will answer to me!"

"THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR YOU GROOSE!" the Headmaster warned. Groose flinched and nearly smacked Azhelia in the face as he leaned back, scared.

Instructor Owlan released the yellow Loftwing into the air.

"All right, gentlemen, line up. At my command, the competition will begin!"

The four boys lined up, ready to run and call their birds.