A/N: This story mainly sticks by the main plot of Skyward Sword, with the exception of it being told in the eyes of an OC (and her added to the plot a bit). Born from my undying love of Groose, it narrates just what was going on in Skyloft while our hero and Goddess were missing, meaning it will involve most characters and hint at various events from the game. That being said, the story will be spoiler heavy. Anyways, per usual, I do not claim to own any rights to Legend of Zelda or Nintendo… although I do have 1 share invested in the company so I guess I'm entitled, right?

It wasn't unusual to be awoken by the sound of the wind. Outside it would whistle against the gaps in the windows and doors and influence the trees to brush against the various buildings. Chimes would sing and more than anything, the faint gawk of a Loftwing could be heard in the distance. Today wasn't any different, and when I opened my eyes to the sun seeping through an open window, I sighed, always calmed by the sight.

I had been living in Skyloft for what I assumed as forever, or at least as long as I had been alive; I was born here and I would die here just like the rest of the citizens. Our race was small, and yet, without knowing any different, I wouldn't have it any other way. The history here was too rich to ever wish of something more; I was happy where I was. That being said, I sometimes felt like I was the only one; not that everybody else was ready to dive off the island and search for the fabled surface, but maybe they took this land for granted more than I did.

Cherishing the new growth of vines outside my house I stepped, glancing in the distance to see more Loftwings in the sky. It was a busy day, and at the moment, I couldn't figure why. The walk to the bazar was a short one, and the moment I entered I could already tell my sister wasn't in a great mood.

"Peatrice?" I beckoned, stepping up to her booth. She continued to dig her cheek into her palm as she sighed. "What's the matter?"

"It's the Wing Ceremony today…" she rolled her eyes, a sight I was all too familiar with. "And I'm stuck here, per usual," her eyes held a longing look then and I already knew what was coming. "What will Linkypoo think when he doesn't see me there, cheering him on?"

"Could you not call him that?" I asked, grimacing as she rambled on. She only looked at me with narrow eyes.

"Oh Penny, you're just jealous you can't fall in love," she laughed at my probable stoic expression and after a few moments I wished I never had a sister. I was going to ask dad later on why he and mother hadn't stopped with me. "Anyways…" she waved her hand and I raised an eyebrow.

"There's more?" I teased, watching her as she glared for a moment before moving her hands to the counter in front of her.

"Would you go tell him good luck for me?" she paused when I refused to change my unimpressed expression. "Please?" she dragged out her syllables and suddenly I felt myself being sucked into a task I was extremely hesitant to complete.

"What do I get out of it?" I asked. I watched Peatrice dart her eyes around the bazar, as if she was frantically searching for something to win me over. She breathed out.

"I'll cover your shift tomorrow!" she finally exclaimed.

"Fine," I finally agreed.

With a small handshake, I turned away from my sister, walking towards the back exit, silently teasing her in my thoughts. It had been like this for a while; Peatrice too shy to say anything to the blonde boy in the Knight Academy, something I didn't quite understand. We were lucky to have a larger group of friends our age, and yet, Peatrice was too meek to talk to any of them, even the girls. Too intimidated to form a relationship, something I knew she wanted. And while I could have simply left my sister to deal with her problems, I didn't and always made sure she was included in any gathering of young adults.

My head was already pounding by the time I reached the academy doors, the sound of Loftwings busy in the sky above told me that the undergraduates were practicing. The moment I entered the building I saw Fledge, who had seemingly perked up before reverting back to his introverted self.

"Uh, hello," I greeted, waving slightly. He offered a nervous chuckle.

"I thought you were your sister the way you're dressed,"

I had to admit that I did look like her today; polka-dot dress and sweater. I had even worked to get my hair into braided pigtails, something I rarely accomplished.

"We could be twins if it wasn't for my brown hair," I joked back. Fledge laughed softly again before tilting his head slightly.

"Tell her hello for me?" he simply asked. I felt my eyebrow perk up before I nodded and suddenly felt flustered. Was I today's messenger girl? Nodding, I looked for a way out. Pointing, I looked down the hallway.

"Has Link left yet?" I stumbled over my words as Fledge shrugged, glancing up.

"There was some commotion this morning with Groose and the guys…" he paused shifting his eyes. "I think… I think they did something to his Loftwing," he finally admitted, his voice low. I widened my eyes a bit before thinking straight.

"Maybe you should tell him?" I stated more than asked. Fledge shook his head a bit.

"They'll probably throw me into the thunderhead if I tell!" he spoke frantically. I sighed, even more annoyed now. Fledge looked even more worried. "You have to tell him! Groose won't hit a girl!" he tried to look as persuasive as possible, but failed. Still, I nodded, reluctantly taking on another task of the day. He tried to offer a supportive smile but I simply turned, walking down the hall before stopping in front of Link's door. I was about to move to knock when the door burst open, a flurry of blonde hair and white buzzing by. I braced myself against the wall and widened my eyes, still startled.

"Where's the fire?" I mumbled to myself before noticing a very yellow man standing next to me.

"What was that all about? He shouldn't really be running in the halls…" Pipit narrowed his eyes a bit before glancing at me. "You shouldn't really be here either," he spoke. I pursed my lips at him.

"Chill out, good guy," I shook my head as he looked offended. "Ah, you know, maybe you can help Fledge with something…" I thought for a moment before continuing. "He saw Groose do something,"

That was enough for the training knight to burst off in his direction, my footing speeding past the two to get back outside. Almost instantly I could see the commotion in the plaza and before I could duck behind a tree, I knew I had been spotted.

"Penny!" I chewed on my lip before showing myself again, even more irritated. "What happened?"

Peatrice asked, her hands clasped together as she made us both gaze to the plaza where an obvious showdown was occurring. Groose and his henchmen, Link and now Zelda was seen bobbing around as if she was about to tackle a bully. I shook my head.

"Why are you out here?" I scolded, finding nothing but a worried expression.

"Go find out what's wrong!" she prodded, pushing me down the steps a bit.

I leaned back against her at first before shaking my head as I saw most of the cavalry heading back towards the academy anyways. Link had dashed off in a separate direction, and judging by the commotion, Fledge was right.

"So uh, what's wrong?" I asked as Zelda approached. She looked worried for a moment before sighing. Before she could even speak Groose was leaning down towards us.

"Who asked you?" he laughed as Strich and Cawlin joined in. I raised an eyebrow.

"You're using that phrase wrong…" I mumbled before watching the confusion appear across his features. In a quick moment he hesitated to walk away, something I was grateful for. Zelda simply offered a smile.

"Thank you…" she looked up towards the sky. "Groose hid Link's Loftwing so he couldn't participate in the Wing Ceremony," she looked back to me. "We're hoping to postpone the ceremony until we find it," she frowned a bit. "You'll have to excuse me," she nodded her head before moving around me, and suddenly I felt myself back to square one.

Had I accomplished anything I had set out to do? I opted to travel back to the bazar where Patrice was already sitting impatiently waiting.

"So?" she quipped. I moved to stand near the counter.

"Link's Loftwing is missing, but I don't think the ceremony is going to start until they find it…" I trailed and could already see my sister wiggling in her seat. As I peered back to her she stood up and clasped her hands together with a desperate look.

"Oh we have to help look for it!" she announced. I gazed at her more.

"We?" I asked. Peatrice sighed before moving out from behind the counter. I eyed her more closely.

"Could you maybe watch the counter?" she asked nervously before pouting some more.

The kitten eyes didn't work, but at the same time, I had no interest in helping. I sighed before moving to sit in her spot, finding my cheek already meeting my hand. Maybe we were more alike than I realized. Still, Peatrice clapped excitedly before vanishing, her giddy laughter fading into the distance.

My mind trailed again as I realized that our job really was as mundane and maybe Peatrice's complaints were justifiable. I gazed over at Piper preparing a new meal and wondered for a moment if this really what life would be like forever. I had always assumed that I was happy and content with the way Skyloft had been treating me, but now, in a slight moment of thought I wondered if there was something more.

I had continued to daydream for the next who knows how long before urgently, Peatrice was back inside and when I snapped my head to gaze at her, I noticed it was growing dark outside. Then I noted the worried look on her face and I stood up quickly, my head going fuzzy momentarily.

"What?" was all I managed out before she grabbed my shoulders, her eyes wide.

"Link won!" she started and for a moment I wondered why her expression was so devastated for what seemed like something joyous. She seemed to notice my confusion before shaking me a bit. "But there was a huge tornado!" she yelped, making my expression almost mirror hers. "Zelda is missing and Link is unconscious!" she explained before running towards the counter in despair. I felt my eyebrows crushing together in more confusion.

"Wait so where's Zelda?" I asked. Peatrice snuffled from her cave; her arms wrapped over her head as she sulked against the counter.

"I don't know," she snapped before looking off in the distance. "Oh Link…" she sighed and I did my best to ignore her. Moving away for a moment I found myself in the doorway of the bazar.

Outside the crowd had already gathered around Gaepora, their loud questions being waved at as he hurried towards the academy. Turning my attention towards the sky I noted the extreme change in atmosphere. Instead of a clear blue sky and gentle wind, there was an impending darkness and a harsh sting to the air.

Everything was about to change.