Ally's POV:

We were in the practice room, playing the Xbox….I know how that sounds but it was only because I couldn't think of anything for our newest song so Austin made me play it to loosen up. Austin went to the refrigerator and pulled something out.

"Want one, Ally?" He opened the pack revealing some sour straws. "… sure why not?" I said, while he shoved one whole into his mouth. I took one and bit it, instantly tasting the sour.

Austin sat down next to me, as I accidentally shot a chicken instead of someone, instantly paying for it by dying. I think what Austin got me to play was called "Modern Warfare 3" or something.

Austin brushed my thigh as he sat down. It felt like it did on the piano bench but he didn't seem to notice. Thankfully, he also didn't notice my face go red. Austin was so warm. He felt like a heater during winter. I looked at him and feeling my stare, he looked back at me with his chocolate brown eyes.

"Um… Ally?" he said. "Uh… Y-yeah Austin?" I said, suddenly feeling butterflies fly around in my stomach. "Can I play?" he asked with his pleading smile. "Oh… Yeah. Sorry," I said, for some reason feeling a little disappointed. I handed him the controller. He stared at me for a second before turning to the screen and immediately going online to battle with other people.

I watched his face for a while, his eyes following what he was doing on the screen. He was so cute when he was focused. Wait, what? No, I don't feel that way about Austin. So I moved to watching his fingers. They worked so fast.

Austin's POV:

I noticed Ally's eyes on me and I paused the game. "Ally…" she quickly moved her eyes to the screen then back to me, as if she'd been watching the screen the whole time. "Yeah?" she answered. "Do you wanna try to work on the song now?" I looked into her eyes getting lost. She stood up, so I'm guessing she said yes. Whoa, wait a minute. I did NOT just get lost in her eyes. I don't like Ally like that… do I?

I stood up and sat down next to her on the bench, brushing her thigh purposely. Her face turned slightly red and she started playing. Her fingers pressed the keys ever so lightly and she started singing a song I couldn't make out with her angelic voice. She kept sneaking side-glances at me. Suddenly she stopped. "What do you think?" she asked. "It was beautiful," I said breathlessly, "GOOD. I meant good." Smooth, Moon, smooth.

"Um great!" she said, her face lighting up. "So… I was wondering if you wanted to catch a movie later?" I said, trying to keep the hope out of my voice. My heart raced, waiting for her answer. "Yeah. Sure," she smiled. "Great, I'll pick you up at 7." I walked out the door, as soon as I was out of her sight, I ran as fast as I could home to get ready. I had to look good for Ally. Wait what? No. I just want to look good. That's all.

When I got home, I raced to my room and got dressed. I tried on about 10 outfits and then I casually messed up my hair. Okay fine. I admit it. I AM trying to look good for Ally. I-I think I might… I think I might have feelings for her. But I can't tell her. I just know she doesn't feel the same way. I sat down on my bed, waiting for 7:00 to come. This was the longest wait of my life. Even though I only left at 6 and had to wait an hour.

Ally's POV:

I rushed to my room. AUSTIN ASKED ME OUT! Oh wait a minute. There I go again. I do NOT like Austin. But I still got dressed and did my hair all nice. I had to look good for him. Oh screw it. I DO have feelings for Austin. I was ready. I went down to the practice room and waited. This was the LONGEST hour in my whole entire life!

I practiced my song until the hour was up. Trish walked in. Uh oh. I hadn't told her about my date with Austin. "Ooh why are you all dressed up?" she asked me. "Um…" I decided not to lie. "I'm going on a date with Austin tonight." Trish's eyes lit up in excitement. "NO WAY! Ally I can't believe that you plucked up enough courage to tell him that you're in love with him. I have to start planning your wedding. What are you thinking? Classical or something completely-"I cut off Trish, mid-planning.

"Trish we aren't getting married. And I didn't tell him I loved him. And-" "So you DO love him?"Trish interrupted me. I sighed. "Yes. Okay I admit it. But he can NOT know about this. He doesn't like me back. I just know it. I think he just asked me out to spare my feelings." "Ally do you hear yourself? Austin asked you out because he likes you back!" I rolled this over in my mind for a minute. Then I just went downstairs to wait for Austin.

"TRISH it's 7:02! Do you really think he's coming?" I asked my best friend who was casually reading a magazine. She looked up, "he better or he's getting a visit from Trish for standing you up." She looked up, probably thinking of a good scheme for revenge against him already. I worried and Trish could see it. "Ally, calm down. Its two minutes. Not two hours." Austin ran through the door so fast that he tripped and fell at my feet. Did he run here?

"Ally I am soooo sorry that I'm late." He said as I helped him up. "My mom kept asking me where I was going and I told her so she asked who I was going with and I said with Ally and she got all… never mind." He said in one big breath. "You ready to go?" I couldn't move. Austin's cologne was so intoxicating. My eyes slid shut in the wonderful smell. I felt a warm hand on my shoulder and was snapped back to reality.

"Huh? Did you say something?" I asked. "Yeah. I asked if you were ready to go?" he asked. "Oh. Yeah. Just let me get my purse." I ran up to the practice room, grabbed my songbook and slid it into my purse. What? Maybe I'll think of some good lyrics on the date. I ran downstairs and saw that Trish was gone and Austin was twiddling with his fingers. "Where'd she go?" Austin was frightened at my voice. "Oh she said something about her shift ending an hour ago. I couldn't help but smile, knowing Trish was gonna get fired soon. We walked to the movies after this without another word being said.

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