Baby Names

Ferb snapped the book of baby names shut. "This is a completely useless book. Why did we buy it, anyway?"

Vanessa sighed, rubbing her swollen belly. "We didn't buy it, Ferb. Candace gave it to us." She sat up on the small sofa. "Besides, I think we decided we liked Benjamin for a boy."

"Yes, definitely Benjamin," Ferb replied, looking up at the small clock over the mantle. Three a.m. We really shouldn't have to waste this much time on this, he thought, annoyed at himself.

"But for a girl...Ferb, I just don't know. I mean, there really aren't any names I like a lot. Not any that I'd be willing to call my child." Ferb noticed her look over at the picture on the end table of her with her father. "My dad picked my name. Maybe he's got some ideas. I doubt he's awake, though."

Then, Ferb was hit with a sudden inspiration. "What if we chose a name reflecting your Druselstinian heritage?"

Vanessa snorted. "I don't think we'll find any Druselstinian names in a baby book."

Ferb was persistent. "Do you know of any names?"

"Well...not really. I mean, there's Queen Baldegunde, and then my grandmother's name was Ruxandra..."

"Ruxandra. Ruxandra Fletcher," Ferb said. "It doesn't sound half bad."

"Ruxandra? Seriously, Ferb? I don't want our daughter to be teased into next year with a name like that."

Ferb realized that she did have a point there. He sat back in his chair, and massaged his temples. There had to be a solution. "We could always nickname it," he offered.

"How do you nickname Ruxandra? Just make it Andra?" Vanessa said sarcastically.

"No...we could shorten it to Roxie."

The name was so simple and perfect Ferb could hardly believe it had taken them so long to reach this conclusion.

"Roxie. I like it," Vanessa stated.

"She'd be kind of like me," Ferb continued. "Roxie isn't necessarily that well-known, and it shortens a name that is one of the rarest names ever."

"Ferbouche. That's gotta be a name from 13th century France or something," Vanessa said. "It's yet another one of the unique things I love about you."

"Why not give that same uniqueness to our daughter? Besides...isn't there that song about Roxie?"

Ferb hummed the first few bars. Vanessa joined in with him.

"The name on everybody's lips is gonna be...Roxie!"

Vanessa smiled. "Okay, Roxie is great. And maybe for a middle name we can use your grandmother."

"Ruxandra Winifred Fletcher," Ferb said stoically. "A name like no other."

Vanessa laid back down on her side. "But...we don't even know if it's a girl."

"It had better be, after all the work we've just put in."

"Ferb!" Vanessa cried, throwing a pillow at her husband. He threw it back. Before long, a full-scale pillow fight had broken out.

After they'd calmed down a bit, Ferb joined Vanessa on the sofa.

"Regardless of whether it's going to be Ben or Roxie, this baby is certainly in for a wild ride."