"I want you to seduce Emma Swan." Mr. Gold told her. "Please."

Mayor Regina Mills blanched at the word, but Mr. Gold continued without pause to explain the details of what he expected her to accomplish. Then he left her shaking with outrage and loathing in the dark parking lot behind the supermarket where they had met.

"He is out of his fucking mind." Regina cursed to herself. But there was no way out. Even she could not break a promise once made.

Mayor Regina Mills glared at the blonde seated at the other end of the restaurant. Emma was positioned in such a way that she could not see Regina staring at her. The damned woman just wouldn't leave! And now Regina was bound by promise to seduce her, to deliberately pull the irritating woman closer to herself. Regina had no problem fucking people she hated, sometimes it was actually quite fun, but if this plan worked Emma would never want to leave again. She would be hooked on Regina.

Regina stirred her tea that had gone cold long ago and continued to ponder the back of Miss Swan's perfectly annoying blonde head. Could she bend Emma to her will? If she couldn't be run out of town, perhaps gaining some control over her would fix things. But Regina was still highly skeptical. Controlling her or not, she didn't want the other woman anywhere near Henry. But that would easily become unavoidable if Regina started being nice to Emma. Regina wasn't interested in sharing her son with anyone no matter what the cost.

Regina sighed in annoyance and formulated her first move in her head: create some kind connection with the other woman.

She got up and marched boldly over to Emma's table and sat down. Emma choked on her iced tea when she saw Madam Mayor sit down across from her. "Miss Swan, I've reconsidered." Regina stated without preamble. "I've decided to allow you to be sheriff for the time being. I have found a severe lack in qualifications in all of the other applicants for the job."

Emma gaped for a moment in surprise, then seemed to pull herself together and smirked. "In other words, no one else applied for the job?"

Emma watched irritation flash across Regina's face for the briefest moment. Emma had begun to read Regina better than ever recently. The Mayor's mask wasn't as flawless as many people thought it was. If you paid very close attention, her emotions and intentions were written in her face and body language. "If you do not do a good job Miss Swan, I will be forced to replace you with someone incompetent anyway." Regina sneered at her. "Graham used to debrief me on the day's crime report and work plan every morning at my office. I expect the same from you."

Then Regina swept out the restaurant without so much as a backward glance, confident she would be obeyed. Emma stared after her, confused and a little on edge, trying to figure out what game the madam mayor was playing.

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