I sat in the corner of my room with a pillow in my arms crying my eyes out. I'd been doing this since I was little. I felt bad for all the things I've done to the DWMA.

"Crona please stop crying," Maka said from behind the heavy metal door.

I didn't listen. At the moment I was upset about the fact no one knew me gender. I can't see why no one can tell I'm a boy. Sure I'm scrawny and wear a dress and have pink hair, but me a girl? It didn't make sense! I started crying even harder and louder.

My door opened and in walked the young reaper boy, Death the Kid. He knelt down beside me, led me over to my plain bed, and removed the pillow from my arms. He rapped his arms around me and held me close like how I saw Soul do with Maka. 'Oh great he probably thinks I'm a girl, too.'

"Crona," Kid said in his beautiful flowing voice that made me shutter in delight when he spoke, "I know you're a boy and not a girl."

I was shocked. "Y-you do?"

"Yes of I do isn't it obvious?"

Before I could answer, Kid knelt in and kissed me softly on the lips. I hadn't ever thought about liking boys or girls but the way this felt, it felt well perfect. I parted my lips and he took that opportunity to slip his toung in my mouth. It ventured around every inch of my mouth. I felt him reach his hand up and start undoing the zipper of black dress. He slipped it off to the point where my entire upper body was showing.

Kid started to sucking and nibbling on my neck, slowly moving his way down. He slipped my dress entirely off along with my boxers, showing my erection. Kid smiled deviously at this. He took my hardened member in his hand and started pumping it in a steady motion. I moaned aloud in pleasure so he pumped faster. He moved his mouth down to my crotch and took my dick in his mouth and started sucking. This made me moan even louder. But I felt it coming. I was going to cum. Before I could warn Kid, I came right in his mouth. He swallowed and sucked me dry.

Kid stopped sucking and moved back up to my lips and he French kissed me. He undressed himself and set me in a strange position. Then it hit me what he was going to do. Kid put the tip of his dick in my opening and with a hard thrust his dick was entirely inside me. I whimpered in pain.

He lightly kissed the back of my neck and whispering in my ear, "I promise you'll enjoy this my beloved Crona." I nodded and braced myself for what was coming next.

He started to thrust his dick in and out of my ass until he hit my prostate causing me to yell out in pleasure. He smirked and took a hold of my dick again and started pumping it in time with his thrusts, hitting that spot every time.

After awhile we reached our limit. Kid came inside me and I came in his hand. He removed his dick from my ass slowly and we both collapsed from exhaustion on the bed. I curled up in his arms and passionately kissed him.

"I-I love you K-Kid."

"I love you to Crona."

We both fell asleep right there in each others arms knowing we were loved. I'm just glad Ragnarok didn't come out at any point in the middle of all that!

A/N Yea so uploaded from my deviantart. I wrote this a while ago… Like almost a year ago… My yaoi skills have improved since then xD Anyway, I think Crona is a BOY. They say he's a boy in the Anime so I'm going with that.