dude I brushed my lips against hers. She seemed shocked at first but then she started kissing back. Her soft lips were pressed against mine. I held her in my arms, still kissing her. I stopped and rested my forehead atop hers. "I love you..." I whispered. "I love you too..." she whispered back at me. For the first time... I smiled. She smiled back. Tears were brimming in her eyes. She was happy. The tears fell as she wrapped her arms around me. "Squall... I love you so much... I'm so..happy." I hugged her. "I love you more than anything in the world... I love you, Rinoa." She stopped and looked at me, tears falling. I put both my hands on her cheeks and wiped away the tears with my thumbs. "Don't cry..." I said to her. "I'm sorry..." she laughed. I smiled again.
I kissed her again. "I was soo scared when I saw you just laying there... I thought I'd lost you...without telling you how much I loved you..." She whispered to me. "I thought that I'd lost you. I thought that I had failed in protecting you...I love you so much..." I quietly replied. "Never leave me, again..." She told me. "Don't worry, I won't let it happen agian. I promise..."
She stopped and looked at me. "Whatever..." she laughed a bit. "You shouldn't steal my line like that..." I laughed a bit too.
I held her hand as we walked together. And I held her close that night...for I would never let anything happen to her again.
I watched her sleep peacefully. I sighed. I loved her....she affected my life so much. She opened me up to the world that I was once isolated to. She saved me. She saved me from being trapped in a dark world forever. I smiled at her. She was so beautiful as she slept. All that was said earlier...every word that came out of his mouth...was true. He would never leave her. He loved her. And she loved him. They would never be apart. And they weren't...

The End

So!!!! How do you like my ending??!! Probably the same as the real ending... I'm only on disk 2...
It's weird... I didn't play ff8 and I knew a lot about it. And I'm on disk 2 and I kinda know the jest of the ending already... There's 4 disks!!! Dang!! I usually end up having spoilers.. That's a bad thing about me... I ususally reffer to a walkthrough for info when I'm playing a game... Only ususally!! When I'm stumped or something... I know TOO much about ff8 to know about the ending.... Man... Ya think there's something wrong with me?? If this isn't the way the ending is... (Which it probably isn't.) then I apologize for false facts... Okay...bye!!