Hello there :) it's me again...sooner than expected.

Following story is based on a dream I've actually had a couple of nights ago. It was sooo funny, I couldn't believe the crap my subconciousness made up! But I seriously loved it.

Read for yourself.

Since it's a dream, there are some things I don't really get myself. The body, for example, was nowhere to be seen, I just knew it was there...you know, when you just have that knowledge in dreams? And also the characters are OOC. It's a dream!

Yeah, so that's all perfectly crazy.

Also this will be a two-shot, since I just couldn't pack everything into one chapter. And I wrote this without auto-correct, so if you find any mistakes - they're all yours ;)

Disclaimer: The storyline's mine...the characters aren't. Hey, it's a start, right? ;D

NCIS HQ, Thursday 12:50 p.m.

It was a normal day at the office for the members of team Gibbs. Nothing out of the ordinary had happened and so they were just typing away on their computers and/or working cold cases. Even though that wasn't unusual for a day without a murder, there was something strange about the silence that filled the squad room. The only sound was the soft clicking of keys. There was no sipping of coffee, no klingon swear words and no teasing between two very secial agents. It wasn't unpleasant, just unusual.

The silence was broken when the cell phone on Special agent Leroy J. Gibbs' desk rang. He immediately answered it, not bothering to look at a caller-ID or whatsoever. He was Gibbs after all, he always just knew what was going to happen next. Sometimes his agents wondered why he even bothered to pick up his phone. The three of them were already waiting for the official order when their fearless leader hung up his phone again.

"Dead Marine at Norfolk, grab your gear!" their boss huffed in typical Gibbs-fashion. He threw the Sedan's keys at his Senior Field Agent, who caught it with ease, smirking at his former-Israeli-now-American partner. She was glaring at him, and he was sure that he'd just given her the keys a few years ago, but now this look she gave him just didn't scare him any more. At least not officially.

"Gibbs, why does he get to drive the car?" Ziva asked with slight annoyance in her voice while the team got in the elevator.

"Order from the Director. NCIS just can't afford another crashed vehicle and since your statistic of those is unusually high, Agent David, DiNozzo's gonna drive. Got a problem with that?"

Ziva shook her head and got quiet for a moment while Tony and McGee had hard time to keep themselves from laughing. "Good." Gibbs said and they all got into two seperate cars. He and McGee took Gibbs' car while Ziva and Tony drove off in the Sedan, Ziva sulking on the passenger side.

Crime Scene, 13:34

Something about the crimescene bothered Ziva a lot. It was the same as with the squad room earlier. Everything just seemed...off, but she couldn't put a finger on what it was exactly.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Gibbs. "David - bag and tag, DiNozzo - pictures, McGee - you're with me!" he ordered and walked off, followed by the Probie-no-more, into the direction of the nearest house, where a figure could be seen at the window. That was the next thing that was more than odd. The streets were completely empty except for the agents' cars. There were no people around to watch the crime scene, not even the neighbours seemed to have noticed...but then they didn't seem to be home.

"So, got any plans for the weekend, Zee-vah?" Tony asked and took a picture of his partner's butt while she was taking finger prints off the gun, which supposedly was the murder weapon.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I do have plans." she answered, continuing with her work while she knew it was driving Tony berries (or was it nuts?) that he didn't know what those plans were. She watched him from the corner of her eye, grinning inside with the satisfaction of bothering Tony DiNozzo by keeping him out of her private life.

"Do these plans include a bubble bath and a book?" her partner asked. Damn, why did he have to know her so well?

"No." she lied, glad that she was a trained Mossad agent after all and that he - judging by the disappointed frown on his face - believed her.

"Do you have a date?" he tried again, obviously trying to hide the jealousy in his voice, which was always present when he asked her about guys. She almost felt bad for lying to him. Almost.

"Maybe...but if I did, it would be none of your business, Tony." she said and left the room.

"Of course it's my business. I'm your partner, I gotta protect you from creepy stalkers and guys like that." he defended himself and took the first useful picture of the body.

"Well you could start with yourself." she said and re-entered.

"Ouch, Ziva, that hurt!" Tony said...and he actually sounded a bit hurt there. It almost made Ziva regret her teasing words, but she figured that it was okay, since she wasn't really going on a date.

Just then Ducky entered the house, Palmer right behind him. "Hello my dear friends...whom have we got here?" the scottsman asked, while he got the liver probe out of his bag.

"Until now it's a John Doe. McGee hasn't yet used his fancy fingerprint-machine." Tony informed their M.E. "Cause of death is probably that gunshot in his chest."

"Why do you even need me?" Ducky asked in amusement. "Time of death is aproximately five to seven hours ago. As for the cause...the seemingly obvious is not always the right, I'll need him on my table to say more."

All of a sudden Ziva's phone started buzzing and she tried to get it out of her pocket, only succeeding when it had stopped ringing. She let out a frustrated sigh.

"Growing tired of those cargo pants of yours?" Tony asked with a cheeky grin, only annoying her further. "Because I sure am." he winked at her suggestively. She walked over and punched him on the shoulder. Hard.

"Shut up, DiNozzo!" Ziva exclaimed and walked over to stand by the window.

"C'mon, Ziva. It was a joke!" Tony said, trying to calm her again, but he was interrupted by his own phone buzzing. Unlike his partner he had it out in a second, grinning at her in triumph. She snorted with annoyance in return.

"DiNozzo?" he said.

"Why isn't Ziver answering her phone?" Gibbs huffed on the other end.

"She couldn't get it out fast enough. And why'd you call her first? I mean I'm the Senior Field Agent."

"Oh, so you speak Norwegian too, now?"

"Uh, no boss, I don't..."

"Thought so. Now get Ziva on the line!" Gibbs ordered louder than necessary. Tony did as he was told. Ziva took the phone from his hands and started talking hushedly, leaving the room when she felt Tony's and Palmer's gaze on her. Tony helped Ducky and Palmer with the body. When he returned, his partner was still on the phone, and since no one was there to stop him, he just leaned against the door frame and listened to what she was saying, although it didn't make much sense to him.

"Are you sure that's what she said?" Ziva asked in confusion. "No, I believe you, McGee, it is just...odd. But then, maybe she said something different alltogether, I mean I have only been learning Norwegian for a couple of months now...Yeah, I'll wait." She was silent for a moment before the conversation continued. "...I am not sure, but I think I have heard that before...maybe it's a coinci-" she was cut off "...no such thing as coincidence, I know." It was silent again as she listened to the person on the other end, which was most likely Gibbs. "Yes, we'll be right over." she finally said and hung up.

When she stepped out of the room, Tony pretended to not have listened to a word, but wasn't really successful, as Ziva raised an eyebrow at him. "You were eaves-dripping, weren't you." It wasn't a question.

"It's eaves-dropping, and no I wasn't." he defended himself, only causing her to roll her eyes at him and walking out the front door.

"Now, you coming or what? Gibbs wants us over there." she called over her shoulder when Tony didn't follow her straight away. He snapped out of his thoughts and jogged after her to join the team in the house accross the street.

House across the street, 14:07

When the partners entered the cottage-like building they were greeted by a strange smell. Neither Tony, nor Ziva could keep themselves from crinkling their noses in slight disgust. The air was filled with a stench that appeared to be a mix of fish, withered flowers and Tony's old tennis socks. It immediately caused Ziva to slap him on the shoulder.

"When was the last time you washed your socks?" she hissed, covering her mouth and nose with her left hand amd moving the right to her Sig.

"As much as I hate to disappoint you, Ziva, that smell is definitely not coming from me." Tony answered, mirroring her gestures before coughing twice.

"How could Gibbs and McGee have lived through half an hour in here? That stench is killing me!" Ziva complained.

"What stench?" a voice came from behind the pair, where a narrow hallway led to an even narrower bedroom chamber.

"You gotta be kidding me, boss. Are you seriously not smelling anything?" Tony exclaimed in frustrated wonder, throwing his arms in the air. He quickly re-covered his mouth when the stench got even more excrutiating by the minute.

"Nope. Follow me, some translating needs to be done." said Gibbs and led the way to the living room.

"What about McGoogleTranslate over there?" Tony asked with slight amusement as they walked through the door. McGee looked up at the use of a new McNickname and rolled his eyes.

"No electronic devices would work in here...except our cell phones. I got no idea why." He took a closer look at his co-workers and a frown appeared on his face. "Why are you covering your mouths?" he asked.

"Because the stench in here is almost unbearable!" Ziva spoke up in anger. The smell was making her dizzy and she had a hard time keeping everything around her in focus.

"Stench?" McGee raised an eyebrow. "Do you smell anything?" he asked Ducky and Palmer, who were sitting on a white hollywood swing in the left corner of the room.

"No, I actually find the smell in here quite appealing, Timothy. It reminds me of my time in Canada when I spent my time in a wooden cottage in the woods with a couple of lumberjacks..." Ducky said and sighed happily as he remembered the good ol' times and took a sip from the cup of tea he was currently holding.

"I don't smell anything bad either. It smells a bit like one of Breena's herb baths, but it's nice. What's your problem?" Palmer spoke up and snuggled into the light pink cushions, mirroring Duckys actions.

"You done with that little chat?" Gibbs asked. When everyone nodded he turned to Ziva. "Go talk to her yourself..." he pointed at the window, where a dark figure was sitting and watching the team with interest. Neither Ziva nor Tony had noticed her before.

The Israeli approached the eldery looking woman cautiously. It wasn't that she was scared...it was just that feeling again, that something was extremely wrong. And the fact that her head was spinning from the biting stench sourrounding her didn't help.

"Hello. My name is Ziva David." she introduced herself in Norwegian. "This is my team. We're from NCIS."

"What does it stand for?" the woman asked.

"Naval Criminal Investigative Service, we investigate crimes involving the Navy. A lieutenant has been murdered across the street. Have you witnessed anything suspicious?" Ziva was glad she had gotten the Norwegian dictionary along with her course, otherwise she would've had a hard time on explaining this to the woman.

"No. Haven't seen anything, haven't heard anything." the woman said and looked over Ziva's shoulder. "Your boyfriend is wondering when you learned to speak Norwegian so well." she added with a smile. "He's rather fond of your skills."

"He is not my boyfriend. We are work partners." Ziva said a bit harsher than necessary.

"Are you sure he feels the same way?"

"Definitely." Ziva felt her stomach drop at her own words...was it disappointment?



"You are disappointed."

"I do not know how you do that, but I'm asking you to stop. Who are you, anyway?" Ziva was really getting creeped out by that strange woman in front of her.

"They call me by the name of Hedda Hakonsen. I am a witch."

"Of course you are..." Ziva stared at Hedda in disbelief. The woman needed a psychiatrist. She turned back to the team, meeting Tony's intrigued gaze. "Gibbs, we can't take her seriously. She just told me that she's a witch."

Tony could barely stop himself from grinning. "A witch? How long have you been learning Norwegian for again?"

"He's got a point David. Are you sure that's what she said?" Gibbs threw in. He, too, was now sitting on the hollywood swing, right between Ducky and Jimmy.

"What are they saying?" Hedda asked, causing Ziva to turn back to her again.

"They do not believe what I tell them. And neither do I, actually." she was a bit annyoed by the lack of trust her team members had in her. After all she spoke nine languages, Norwegian being her tenth, and was fluent in most of them. But then again...a witch? Seriously?

"The human mind sometimes finds it hard to believe in the supernatural, Ziva. But I promise you, you will believe. And soon." Hedda smiled a mischievous smile and her face darkened slightly. It was enough to make Ziva shiver slightly in something that almost felt like fear. And suddenly it was all too much. The stench, the strange woman in front of her, the odd behaviour of her team members. Ziva felt her legs give in beneath her and she readied herself for a hard impact on the floor, but it never occured. Instead a pair of strong arms caught her, before everything went black.

Living room, 14:34

"Boss, she's been out for almost six minutes now. You sure she's okay?" Tony asked with concern in his voice. He wasn't used to a lifeless Ziva in his arms. Although the 'lifeless' part was the only thing bothering him. Holding Ziva in his arms was definitely something he could do regularly.

"Sure she is, DiNozzo. I didn't give her permission to pass out, she's got some explaining to do when she wakes up!" Gibbs said and took a sip from his bright pink tea cup.

"Stay cool, Tony. It's Ziva after all. She'll be fine in no time. Now take a seat, Hedda will surely give you some tea as well!" McGee said with a goofy smile and held out his own cup to the older agent.

"I don't want tea! I want her to be awake and you to stop acting like crazy people!" Tony yelled. He had no idea what was going on, but it creeped him out. "I'm going to take her outside...this stench is really killing me. And I'm sure her too. Have a nice tea break!" with that the Senior Field Agent swooped Ziva up into his arms and left the small house in a hurry. Outside he unlocked the Sedan and opened the back door, so he could lay his partner down on the back seat. Her head ended up in his lap, as he didn't find anything soft for her to lie on. He ran his fingers through her straightened hair and sighed. This was getting far out of control. Gibbs having a tea break? Maybe Ziva had understood Hedda after all and she really was a wit-

He didn't finish this thought, because Ziva was starting to stir in his lap and slowly opened her eyes. "What happened?" she asked in confusion, getting up as fast as she could when she realized where she was lying.

"You passed out in there." Tony motioned to the house across the street "And then all of them started having a nice little tea party."

"That is...odd." Ziva mumbled.

"It's more than that! It's got creepy written all over it!" Tony exclaimed, his voice an octave higher than usual.

"Yes, you are right. Maybe we should just...get the others out of there and drive back to the Navy Yard."

"And what about Hedda? We can't take her into custody..."

"We'll have to leave her here then. But please, let's just try to get out of...whatever this is." Ziva almost begged her partner. Her voice sounded so...scared. It was something Tony had never heard from her before. He wanted to reach over and hug her so badly, it caused him pain to hold back. But he knew that she wouldn't want that, so he just remained on his side of the car.

"Okay, come on, my little ninja. Let's play party crasher!" Tony said and got out of the Sedan. Ziva did the same thing, but she hesitated for a second before she walked around her side to stand next to him. He let his hand touch the small of her back to give her the comfort she desperately needed and when she relaxed the tiniest bit and leaned into his touch, he knew that he'd done something right.

"Thank you." Ziva whispered so low, Tony wasn't even sure he heard her right.

"That's what partners are for, sweet cheeks." he said and smiled at her. She nodded and started walking towards the small house again.

Just then an explosion shook the world all aorund the partners and in the next second Ziva was on the ground with Tony on top of her, protecting her from the blast. When she looked up again the house was burning in bright purple flames and then, for the second time that day, Ziva's world went black.

I had to end it there, because that's when I woke up. But it was one of those dreams, that continue once you get back to sleep. It was just awesome!

Also, I got no idea where Norwegian came from...that was just...weird. And the 'witch' in my dream didn't have a name, I just added one for the story's sake.

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