A few weeks had gone by, Gunther and Cece having their nightly fun. It was sore for her to walk, and lunch was just intresting. Cece sat on Gunthers lap, his arms around her waste, one har around his neck and other playing with his hair, and their tongues conjoined.

"Aww so cute!" Rocky said.

"Vhatever, Zhats all zhey do, it's annoying." Tinka said.

"Has she and Gunther?" Deuce mid-asked.

"No idea."

Cece pulled apart."Why are we being stared at, and your sister looks pissed at me. Maybe you should go talk to her."

Gunther sucked her neck. "She's fine."

Cece began to feel sick."Uh..omg." She bolted to the bathroom. Leaving Gunther confused.

Cece began throwing up everything in her stomach, and blood.

"Cece are you ok?"



"I don't feel so good.." Cece laid on the bathroom floor by the toilet she was pale.

"Ce!" Gunther ran into the girls bathroom, seeing Rocky trying to lift Cece off the ground. She was dead weight. So Gunther picked her up and carried her out.

"I feel so sick." Buring her head in Gunthers shirt.

They took her to the nurse.


Cece was sent home for bed rest, Gunther joined her and cuddled up to her.

There was a knock on the window. Gunther got up and unlocked it, "Tinka?"

"Here I know she is, and uou better be ready for zhis." Tinka said and left. He closed the window and handed the box to Cece.

"A pregnancy Test! But."

"Please Cece."

Tears fell down her eyes, as she went into the bathroom.

She then lay on the bed waiting for the results. There were two lines. "Looks like you have a little Hesseneffer in there."

"My chances of dancing are ruined." She laid her head on Gunthers chest and just criend he held her. He was only 16, and how he was gonna be a father. He wanted to marry Cece, but not now, but now it was the only right thing to do. His beloved was in pain she cried, she couldn't dance in a few months.

She had to tell her mom somehow, but what would happen, she was still laying on Gunther, when her mom walked in her room.

"Ce...Cece whats wrong?"

Cece threw the test at her mom, and laid back on Gunther.

Mrs. Jones was stunned.

"Oh my baby girl is going to be a mother...Gunther I assume is the father." she glared at him.

"I love her, I was gonna ask her if she'd marry me vhen ve graduated, but now vould be good."

"Babies are a big deal, and your better not abonden my daughter."

"Never!." Gunther hugged Cece tighter.

"It's just a dream, right?"

"I'm afraid not, my love."


mouse i was already gonna make her pregnant but next chapter soon.