Full Summary: After the battle between Akainu and Aokiji, and the latter's subsequent leaving of the marines, Marine lieutenant Coby faces a difficult decisions, and questions his own justice. Full of conflict, he returns to his old boss with an interesting propasition, and hopes he can fulfil his own goal via his own methods.

I've always loved this show since I first saw it, but oddly enough this isn't focused on my favourite villain of all time: Blackbeard. No, instead it focuses on someone I thought I wouldn't be able to enjoy looking at/writing about but... a certain blog has shown me how great she can be, if written correctly.

One more note, make sure to note in your comments whether or not I'm turning this series into a Twilight ripoff. Twilight is an abomination and to call it literature is akin to calling a rock poetry. There might be Romance, but it won't be soppy gothic romance. For all the Coby fans, I will not make Coby into an emo goth. I like Coby. As for Alvida, I won't make her a sex demon either, but... you'll see. So, here it starts: Slippery Slope.

What was justice?

So thought Marine Leutenant Coby, sitting on top of Garp's ship. Hands behind his head, he tried to ignore Helmeppo's snoring: a major feat. Still, it rooted the young marine into the moment, here and now, anchoring him safely to the present. He had looked up to the Marines, Admirals and all. Aokiji was so cool and understanding, if a bit lazy, and Kizaru was feared by every pirate. And then... there was Akainu.

It was a few days after he had been named as Fleet Admiral, beating out Aokiji for the position. It had been an epic battle, one which many marines had watched with apprehension. Ice fought fire in a titantic battle that almost dwarfed the War of the Best, and Coby had heard tales that Admiral Kizaru, known as Borsalino, had skipped the battle, not seeming to care about the momentous change this battle's decision would cause.

Garp just didn't say a word through it all, looking on feircely. Helmeppo kept cowering whenever a particularly large explosion sounded.

Akainu's justice was not the right justice. It was justice, for sure, and a reason that pirates feared him, but he would have killed Coby. Coby had been saved at the last moment by a pirate, of all things, and if it hadn't been for Emperor Shanks... with the discovery of his Haki, so followed Coby's study of a powerful art. He could now bypass the immunities of Devil Fruit users, but logia were still beyond him. His strength was improved, but he was still scrawny, and vowed to continue training. He hoped to be a bastion for new marines just like Garp had been. Someone everyone could look up to.

Of course, Garp and Sengoku had left after the war, and while the training continued, Coby didn't feel the same excitement he had usually felt while getting stronger. Like other young marines, the Admirals presented a strong backbone and force to rally behind. Everything changed in the battle, and Coby's idol and benchmark, Aokiji, known as Kuzan, had left the Marines. With the new discovery of his Haki, the changing times, the attack by Akainu, Coby had slowly begun to descend back to the crybaby he once was. Only his promise to Luffy, and Garp's belief in him, stopped him from running. But at a cost.

Lost within loyalties and feelings, Coby had asked Garp where Aokiji was, and had gone to meet him.


"Arara... I told Garp not to tell anyone about my hiding place" replied the lazy toned voice, cutting through Coby's shivers. A winter island, hail 24/7, Aokiji had chosen a place fitting him precisely. Only two towns, both with roaring furnaces that fought off the hail, and a series of tunnels that ran between buildings to keep the heat in. Once Kaido's territory, Aokiji had made it so all pirates arriving were killed in the ice, and so brought his peace and stay on the island (Kaido usually sent disgraced subordinates to be frozen for that very purpose, the failures sent somewhere they could not be incompetent).

"I need to... brr... ask a question, Kuzan-sensei" asked Coby rough chattering teeth, and wondered if he could... A moment later, haki surrounded his body and fought off the Chile Chile fruit's influence. "..." replied Aokiji, letting the marine speak. "Akainu wanted to kill me, and let all those marines die. Do you think that was Justice? Were you going to let him?"

"It is not my place to question other people's Justice. I disapproved of his actions, but there was a war on" replied the Ex-Admiral, and looked up. Above him was a frozen waterfall that fallen on him. The water had frozen instantly once Coby had appeared, and the cave itself was covered in ice sculptures... or rather, dead pirates. Coby realised his question hadn't been answered, but decided it was something each person had to decide. "All I wanted was to be a Marine. It's been my lifelong dream, but... What now?"

"I'm tired now, arara... I joined the marines for a reason... ah... and I can still accomplish my goal without being a Marine" explained Aokiji with a slow finality, and cracks appeared in the waterfall above his head. Water trickled through, the beautiful spectacle shattering slowly until the sheets of water poured once more. Coby felt a fresh spray of cold water, and lost concentration on his Haki. He ran out from a shattering internal blizzard, and into the vicious hail.


Amongst all this, Helmeppo seemed to belief in Akainu's new stance. Perhaps it was because he was raised by something like Captain Morgan, although he too had thought about running during the battle. "What is the different between working for Akainu and being evil? He kills innocent people and criminals alike! I may as well have remained under Iron Ma-" Coby had ranted, pausing mid sentence. "Her, eh? You can't compare the Fleet Admiral with her!" exclaimed the Marnie officer. Coby hadn't heard, and was instead thinking about what he had just said. It wasn't just the ruthlessness, though.

Using brute force for your own ends, being selfish in the pursuit of your own beliefs, and even beating up your own subordinates at a moment's notice, among others. He was strongly reminded of the first, and worst, pirate he had ever encountered: purely by misfortune. The woman who had terrified him for many years.

Iron Mace Alvida.