Some of the pirates were from Impel Down, and wearing new variations of lethal clown outfits they ran forwards, shouting war cries: it had been a while since they had an all out fifty on one. Coby panicked for a few seconds, then instinctively avoided the bullets fired at him, the kami skill of Rokushiki proving him difficult to hit. The swords that came missed him, but with others he used tekkai to solidify his fist: they broke against the steel.

"What the Hell?" asked some of the lesser experienced pirates, but the Impel Down escapees knew better. Rokushiki, the six-forms style. This guy apparently knew them, against all his appearances. Coby remained on the defensive, unable to do much while he used soru and kami to avoid attacks. They attacked fast, and he decided to go on the offensive, just like Sarin-san had said. "Shigan" he said simply, and stuck his finger into several pirates' legs, causing them to collapse. He didn't like using it, but Lucci-san had insisted on it. His reasoning was you either mastered all six-forms or you choose another style.

"Stop!" announced Buggy, and the pirates let up. "Cabaji, sort out our friend. Show them how to do it" boasted Buggy, turning to his First Mate. There was just a Cabaji shaped cloud of smoke remaining. Buggy stared open mouthed, and Alvida stepped forwards, pushing a hand through her hair. "I'll take on these young kid. Its about time I had a good fight with a strong man" she said, tossing an insulting and playful grin to Buggy.

"…why…" whispered Buggy, on his hands and knees as if he was hit by a negative ghost. Alvida swung up her mace and slammed it into the ground, holding a delicate hand open to Coby. "Come on then, Marine scum. If you can land a hit on me, I will forfeit. If you can hold on to me for five seconds, I'll be your ally" announced Alvida, twirling her mace without effort.

Could this boy do what Straw Hat did? She couldn't wait to find out. Coby kept his face neutral, but inside he rejoiced. It had turned out better than expected. However, he'd have to be strategic. He ran forwards and aimed a kick at Alvida. 'She'll feint with her mace, but aim to kick me' foresaw Coby, and ducked under her mace at the last minute. He caught a quick grin from her, foot a few inches from his face now, and he used kami at the last moment, body becoming s paper. He snapped back to solidity to push her backwards. However, his hands slid over her skin and he fell against her, sliding off a few seconds later.

Alvida raised an eyebrow, holding her mace with anticipation. He intrigued her, with his quick reflexes, but like all men he couldn't hold on to her. "A devil fruit...?" asked Coby, using soru to separate the distance between them. "The sube sube no mi. My skin is the slipperiest thing around, and all attacks slide off it. I am practically immortal. Problem is, it took away my beautiful freckles" explained Alvida, laughing. "It also removed all that fat from you" commented Coby, then clapped a hand to his mouth, and everybody there, except Alvida, breathed in deeply. Everyone knew, even Coby, that calling her fat was the worst insult possible.

Her eye twitched, and a snarl separated her lips. "WHO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN ALL THE SEAS?" shouted Alvida angrily, and every male there replied "YOU, LADY ALVIDA!" "YOU'RE THE NUMBER ONE-" began Buggy, and Coby finished it for him. "-Ugly stinking old bag!" yelled Coby, and was hit by a flash of nostalgia.

Alvida's face had begun at puce, and had gone to pink with anger, finally setting on fiery red. "You... You... Wait, no. What?" she said, interrupting herself before the anger returned. Her mace slammed the ground violently, hurling up earth, and she violently attacked, hitting Coby several times backwards. Blood trailed from his nose into his mouth, but he responded by jumping at her and grabbing the mace's handle. The marine's fist came at her again, and slid off, but her mace smacked into his head. Tekkai stopped the blow, and Coby began to attack furiously, grabbing any part he could and kicking. It was impossible, and the pirates had now scattered back, afraid of angry Alvida.

She moved quickly, the air not slowing her down at all, and used feet and fists to hit him, along with her mace. He was purely on defensive now, against his will, and could hear her talking between hits. "Only one... Bastard... Has ever called me that before" breathed Alvida, letting her Devil Fruit take care of the marine. "A little kid, fat and plump." Coby's kick this time knocked her mace from her grip, but she continued attacking, snarling.

"And what happened to him?" asked Coby, although he knew all to well. Hs nose had begun to heal, and he took stock of the battle now, looking at his opponent. He'd need to use Haki sooner or later. "He was crushed to death by my mace" she lied in response, and her laugh was cut short by Coby grabbing hold of her left wrist, getting a good hold, his haki keeping him anchored to her skin. "Liar" he said, and everyone gasped in shock, Alvida trying to pull away from the marine, but her slip slip powers weren't working. He was... holding her. This was impossible! "Let me...go" she grunted, fruitlessly trying to pull away. "He became a marine! THIS marine!" announced Coby, and felt glee as her eyes widened in surprise. "COBY!" exclaimed the most beautiful woman in the world, and her former navigator ploughed his fist into her stomach, all of his frustration and bad memories of being in her crew fuelling the punch.

She flew back, sliding across the floor, and smacking into the drinks table, upsetting kegs and glasses, all the while thinking, 'impossible...'. She stood up, her slip slip powers saving her from most damage, but she put a hand to her stomach. "Flashy bastard! Everyone, attack!" shouted Buggy, enraged. "I hit her, and held on to Iron Mace Alvida. By her own words, I am her ally!" yelled Coby, holding his ground. "Gyahahaha, we're pirates you flashy idiot! We don't give a damn!" shouted back Buggy, and all his pirates laughed.

The mace swung up and hit Buggy's head, separating it from his body. "Not again..." sighed Buggy, his body running to fetch it back. Alvida had regained her mace, and rested it on her shoulder. "Don't attack him. In fact, leave him alone" she called out, walking over. That was twice now someone had ever hit her. She could see a bit of Luffy in the determined eyes and strong body. Her chubby former navigator had become a strong marine, and she liked it.

"Ironic, the first one of my old crew to abandon me is the first to come back" chuckled Alvida, bouncing the mace gently on her shoulder. "I wanted to talk with you, Alvida" explained Coby, wary of any tricks. She raised an eyebrow, and then nodded. "And so you shall. Mr. marine, care to join us in partying?" she offered, still feeling his touch on her skin, the area warmed. As he walked to the drinking, she rubbed the warm part, enjoying the memory of his touch.

What would her former crew-mate do to her next