WARNINGS: Mentions of porn, language, sexual themes, ideologically sensitive material including but not limited to homosexuality and incest.

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s—t—a—r—t—f—i—c—t—i —o—n—

Yukio trudged up the stairs in the deserted dorm he shared with his brother and a couple familiars, briefcase in hand and usual stoic expression slightly downturned, resulting in an exasperated frown. He may have been done with the paid workday, but he still had much to do; grade papers for his cram school students, do some research on a couple things he'd been putting off and of course assignments for his regular school classes. On top of that, on the mission he'd just returned from, he'd been paired up with Shura Kirigakure, quite possibly the least work ethical person in the entire True Cross organization. She always managed to piss him off one way or another, and this time had been no exception.

Thus, one rather moody Yukio Okumura walked into his dorm room, registering his twin brother's presence as the shorter teen lay sprawled on his bed on the left of the room, reading something intently. He marched past him and set his briefcase on his desk, beginning to unbutton his heavy overcoat because he wanted to at least be comfortable before beginning the second phase of his daily work schedule. But he froze on the third button down, having just realized something.

Slowly he turned back towards Rin, who hadn't moved since Yukio's entry. In his hands he held a magazine which boasted scantily-clad women in very unorthodox poses on its cover. Rin himself seemed almost detached, regarding the thing with polite interest as he flipped through the pages. Yukio closed his eyes, willing himself to calm down.



"Is that porn?"


The way he answered was so nonchalant, Yukio couldn't help the twitch of his eyebrows. "And you're reading it."


"And you've been here for how long?"

"Eh...like half an hour."

Yukio opened his blue-green eyes once more, pushing his glasses up his nose as he continued to remove his coat. "So what you're saying is you're reading porn while you could be studying for the test you have tomorrow or doing the homework I assigned you in class today."

Rin flipped the page. "Pretty much."

Yukio blinked, sliding the jacket off his shoulders and folding it over his arm. "I see."

The younger twin walked innocently over to Rin's side and, not at all interested in the magazine's nude contents, snatched it right out of Rin's lax hold, causing the older boy to jump. Yukio was able to keep it just out of the boy's reach as he sprang up after it, reaching around his brother as far as he could.

"Hey!" Rin snapped, eyebrows furrowing. "Dude, I don't care how bad you wanna see, we take turns with the porn!"

Yukio's face up until that point had been straight as ever, but now it twisted itself into something between irritation and exasperation. "I have no idea what you're talking about, but I refuse to allow you to slack off so long as I can help it—especially with something like this," he shook the offending material as he said it. "Where did you even get it?"

"From my personal collection," Rin replied flatly, having ceased his struggle. He now stood face to face with his younger brother, staring up at him with half-lidded eyes and arms crossed. "From Shima, where else? I'm almost done with it. I'll start studying or whatever as soon as I finish. C'mon."

Yukio frowned. "No."

Rin frowned. "Why not?"

"I'm your teacher."

"You're my brother."

"That doesn't make the situation any better!" Yukio snapped, voice louder than what was normal. "Really. You didn't even try to hide it!"

"Why would I have? I'm fifteen years old, Yukio, of course I'm going to have porn," Rin reasoned, crossing his arms.

Yukio looked his older brother in the eye. "What makes you think I want to see it?"

"Oh come on. Any normal teenager would be completely fine with a little boobage. ...unless..." Rin trailed off, eyes widening a fraction. He gasped. "You're gay, aren't you?"

Oh, how his brother came to the weirdest conclusions. Yukio, however, stepped back a bit. "H-huh? The hell are you talking about?" he defended, left hand clenching around the magazine it held. "Just because I don't waste my time drooling over some naked woman with fake breasts in a magazine doesn't mean I'm homosexual."

Rin just grinned, knowing he'd hit something good; Yukio didn't usually curse unless he got uptight about something...to try and avoid the point. "Oh really? So you wouldn't even consider the idea of kissing or dating or having sex with another guy?"

Yukio shut his eyes, and if he'd had a free hand to pinch his eyebrows together with, he would have. "No need to be vulgar." But after a few moments his eyes reopened, rather solemnly. "I don't place priority on either gender; it doesn't matter much to me, because there is, or should be, more to a relationship than just sex."

The solemn expression was quickly lost to an exasperated deadpan when Rin just stared up at him like he was having an epiphany. "...what?"

After a moment the older of the two just shook his head, smiling. "Ah, nothin'. But that was a great answer." To Yukio's surprise, Rin actually walked over to his desk, tail flicking around all the while, and sat down, beginning to dig around in a drawer for a pencil to, dare he think it, do his homework. "Oh, and you can throw that away. I don't want it anymore."

Yukio wondered very briefly where this sudden change in behavior had come from, but quickly decided to just take his blessings and not ask questions. "I thought you said it was Shima's?"

"It is."

Yukio sighed to himself before tossing the magazine back to Rin, turning on his heel to go hang his coat somewhere. "Just give it back to him or something."

When Yukio returned from somewhere, aka his side of their closet, decked out in his casual green v-neck sweater and black pants, he noted (incredulously) that Rin really was attempting to do his homework assignment, with his hair held back by the trusty clip and all. For the first time that day, Yukio smiled. Pulling his rolling chair out from his desk, he paused to give him a final glance before tucking into his own work. "Rin, if you need any help, just ask."

"Gotcha," he replied, not looking up from his notebook. "Thanks."


It was nearly four hours later, when Yukio was done with cram school grading and planning and mostly done with his regular school assignments that it happened. The younger twin was stretching back against his chair, multiple pops resounding across the room, when Rin walked back into the room, having showered and gotten ready for bed. "I think I'm gonna hit the hay now."

Yukio sat back up to face him. "Alright then, good night. Good job on your homework today, too." He turned to face one of the last assignments that required his attention on his desk.

No sooner had he picked up his mechanical pencil to write than did he feel hands on his shoulders and lips on his left cheek. Yukio flinched at the hot breath on his skin. "Good night," Rin muttered (Yukio could hear the grin in his voice) before he strode away just as quickly as he'd come.

His mind was blank for a moment before he twisted his head to look back at Rin, who was readying his bed like nothing had even happened. He returned his gaze to his desk, rubbing the spot where his twin had kissed him tentatively. That certainly was odd, as Rin hadn't ever done anything of the sort before, at least not since they were nine or so.

But Yukio knew wasting time wondering why was pointless when he still had work to do. Without a word, he resumed his diligent working, oblivious as to a set of brilliant blue eyes watching him from the bed on the left of their room.

That was the beginning of a Rin Okumura's epic quest.

An epic quest to capture his brother's heart.


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And the porn idea came to me whilst reading volume 3 of the manga, hehe.

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