Author's Note: Apologies for the horribly late update. I had meant to be doing one chapter a day but things got on top of me. So even though it's a bit late, Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2012 brings you all that you desire.


I lay upon the skins of my closest friend and my most feared enemy. He gave them to me. It is almost as if it is some kind of sick worship. It's been over a month now, or is it two? Is anyone reading my letters? Is anyone there at all? It has been days since I last slept and I am having trouble figuring out what is real and what is just my imagination. He sleeps during the day, so I spend those hours trying to escape. He always managed to catch me. He is awake all night, and so I daren't sleep.

Despite being trapped here, he has yet to hurt me. Sometimes I wish he would. I wish he would lash out in anger or for his own amusement. That would make more sense. It would make more sense than those gentle caresses and worshipful eyes. He looks at me like I am a Goddess. I don't understand. He has not even tried to force himself on me. I would have thought that was his reason for keeping me here.

My name is Kira Vanning. I fear I am the only one left. Please, save me.