A/N: The characters aren't mine. They belong to the BBC. Now, I found a list of annoying things to do in an elevator (lift is the British version) and I could see 11 doing a few of them to Amy, Rory and River.

After a long day of walking around a shopping centre, River and Amy, followed by a walking mound of bags, decided it was time to go home or back to prison in River's case. The two women wisely chose to go into an empty lift due to the sheer amount of shopping they'd done courtesy of the Doctor,

"Rory," one pile of bags spoke, "remind me to never let those two near my psychic credit card again."

"It won't work Doctor, this is Amy and River we're talking about. If they want your card, they'll get your card." The other pile seemed to sag slightly to match the resigned tone of voice.

"Well, now that we're on our way back, let's do something fun!" the Doctor popped up from River's pile of bags clutching a box. Ignoring River's glare, he shoved the bags to one corner, clearing a space in the middle of the lift. "Twister, nothing like a good game to pass the time."

"Sweetie, we're in a lift."

"Yes, perfect place don't you think?" he smiled at his three companions as he laid out the mat. "So, anyone want to play?" he asked, grinning and holding up the spinner.