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Chapter 4:

Enemies Revealed

The next day, the three male signers walked into their history class and all three of them noticed throughout the day that Aki wasn't in any of their classes that they had shared with her. Out of the three of them, Yusei was most worried; he was hoping that nothing bad had happen to her. The worst thing that could have happen was that she was captured by the dark signers.

'Maybe I shouldn't be thinking of the worse'. Thought Yusei. You couldn't blame the young signer for worrying about the magenta-haired goddess. After that last dream he had, he is starting to remember all of his feelings for her and all he wants to id to be with her and protect her. He wasn't going to let anyone or anything harm his Black Rose.

'Maybe I should go visit her dorm after school today'. Yusei slowly drifted away from reality when he heard the bell rang. Everyone scattered into the hallways, chatting among each other. Jack and Yusei met up with Crow at his locker.

"So birdbrain do you have another 'brilliant' plan to figure out if Aki is the last signer" Jack asked sarcastically. Crow glared at Jack until a thought crossed his mind and he smirked.

"So Jack, where's Carly?" Crow witnessed his blond-headed friend blush slightly. With that the two broke into an argument as Yusei simply sighed and walked away. He made his way out of the building and headed for their usual spot. Once he reached their spot, he found Divine flirting with a girl. The girl was leaning against the tree and Divine had one arm over her should holding onto the tree. From the look on her face Yusei could tell that she wasn't enjoying the attention that she was getting from Divine.

"Divine, like I said for the hundredth time, I'm not interested" the girl's eyes narrowed as she tried to walk away but Divine grabbed her and pushed her body back against the tree. Divine gave a stern look; his patience was running low.

"Please, do you know how many girls would kill to go on a date with me, so I'm picking you up tomorrow at 7pm and make sure you wear something nice." Divine gave her a death glare as he grabbed her and started dragging her into the building. Unable to watch anymore of this Yusei ran up to them and slapped Divine's hands off the girl. Yusei stood in front of the girl as Divine and Yusei glared at each other.

"What the hell do you think you are doing Fudo"? Yusei turned around and told the girl to leave, she thank the signer and headed towards the school. Yusei and turned his attention back to Divine and glared at him.

"It's obvious that she isn't interested" Divine leaned against the tree.

"Hehe I always enjoyed our 'little' talks" spoke Divine, "Besides Yusei, you must understand my temptation to have the woman of your dreams in your grasp". Yusei choose not to respond at Divine's statement. He turned around and made his way back to the school building. Divine smirked; knowing what would catch the signer's attention.

"You know who I would really love to have my hands around...the new girl Aki Izayoi" Divine smirked as he saw Yusei froze in his spot, Yusei turned around and faced him.

"I mean who wouldn't want to have their hands around her, she's everything a guy could ask" Yusei started to clench his fist in frustration and anger. If he ever saw Divine lay a finger on his Black Rose he would make sure he would regret it. He fully knew that Aki wasn't his girlfriend but he was determine to have her. To Yusei, Aki is a delicate flower that needs to be taken care of and nurtured. He knew that someone as strong as her would try to hind her true feelings; he didn't want that, he wanted both of them to be honest with each other and trust each other. he wanted to protect her from any harm.

Out of nowhere, Divine was slammed against the tree; he found himself being pinned to the trunk of the tree by Yusei, who had a look of complete and utter anger. Divine noticed Yusei's expression and a huge grin appeared on his face. 'So that's your weak spot'.

"Don't you ever talk about Aki that way" Yusei's voice was cold and from the way he was glaring at Divine, he was ready to kick his ass. Divine manage to escape from Yusei's grip and made his way towards the school. Yusei had finally relaxed as he laid against the tree and sighed.

Instead of heading towards the school, Divine made his way deep into the forest until he reached a little house that was covered in veins. He entered the little house and inside he found his fellow comrades; Sherry, Kiryu, Misty, and Bruno. The inside of the house looked bigger than it did on the outside, the inside had an evil aura lingering around, it actually looked like a cave that had been abandon for over a 100 years. There was dust and comb webs everywhere. Leaning against the wall was a large bookshelves filled with many different books. On the other side stood a huge a monitor; it is said that this machine knows everything about anything. Bruno was making some modification to the monitor so it could work faster along with Sherry's help. Misty was cleaning her sword while Kiryu was reading a book. Misty lifted her head up and saw Divine at the door and smirked,

"Well if it isn't 'Mr. Flirt with every girl in the school'" everyone stopped what they were doing and looked up at Misty and Divine. Divine gave Misty a sly look and spoke,

"What? You want me too"? Misty snorted at Divine's remark. "You wish". Misty went and sat on Kiryu's lap and he ran his hand up and down Misty's back.

"Where's the little bitch" yelled the silver-haired young man. His patients was running low, he wanted the female signer in his grasp so he can make her pay for what she had done to him. Misty looked at her lover with a worried look, she knew that he wanted to make the signer pay for what she had done to him. She only wished that he would calm down, she loved him so much and she would do anything to make Kiryu happy even if it meant she would have to kill the signer herself. Kiryu noticed Misty's worried expression and gave her a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry about me, Misty" Kiryu kissed her cheek, "I'm fine" Misty looked at him and nodded. Divine looked at the couple in annoyance as he cleared his throat.

"By 'little bitch', you mean Aki, and I was on my way to pay a visit to her but I ran into Yusei" said Divine. Before anybody could have said anything, Rex entered the small house as everyone went down on one knee and bowed their head down in respect of their master. Rex stood in front of his servants with a strong frame.

"Why is that I come here to see the five of you not doing anything" Rex raised his voice. his voice was strong and stern which brought fear to people.

"Well you see sir we.." Divine got cut off.

"I didn't ask for your excuses, as dark signers we must fight and destroy every signer and retrieve their weapons so we may get our hands on the crimson dragon" Rex spoke strong and proud.

"So we may change the world as you, Rex as our superior" Sherry spoke and Rex nodded in agreement. Rex casted his glance at the sliver-haired dark signer and smirked.

"I here you want you want revenge on Aki Izayoi" spoke Rex. Kiryu eyes grew dark as everyone could sense his aura grow stronger. Rex smiled at what he was witnessing, this was the type of anger and determination he was looking for. Having that type of determination was what he wanted. Having this energy made them more stronger and more determine to grant Rex's wish.

"This is good Kiryu hold onto the anger and use it to get your revenge" Kiryu looked up at his master and gave an evil smile.

"It would give me a chance to see if your worth living" Kiryu widen his eyes in shock and looked down.

"Yes, sir" muttered Kiryu. Rex sent Kiryu on his way to his target. Rex turned his attention back to his servants. "As for the rest of you; as Dark signers you must defeat the signers, obtain their weapons and bring me the crimson dragon. Don't you ever forget" yelled Rex. Misty, Bruno, Sherry and Divine got up from their position and gave Rex them a hard glare.

"Yes , sir" they said in unison. Rex dismissed them, as he watch them walk away.

'Soon the world will be mine, everyone will bow before me as their ruler.' thought Rex.

Yusei woke up finding himself still sitting against the tree.

'Uh, I guess I dozed off' thought Yusei. Yusei cast his shining blue cobalt eyes at the school and noticed that the sky was beautiful and the sun was shining bright.

'Eh, Oh yeah, I should probably go check on Aki' Yusei got up as he made his way to the girls dorm on the other side of the school. As he made his way to the dorms he heard moaning coming from up head, he first thought it was all in his head as he continued walking. Suddenly he saw something fall on the ground. Yusei ran up to whatever fell on the ground, as he got closer he noticed that it was a girl who fell and not just any girl, it was Aki. Yusei's adrenaline went into over drive as he quickly ran to her side. He picked her up as he cradle her in his arms. He looked at her face and noticed that her face was red and...from the looks of it she may have been crying too. Yusei placed his hand on her cheek and quickly pulled his hand away; her face was extremely hot.

Yusei heard Aki moan as soon as he removed his hand away from her cheek. Yusei watched as Aki slowly open her eyes, meeting Yusei's cobalt eyes. Aki pulled her head up as she slightly smiled. Yusei smiled back at her and said,

"Aki, what in the world are you doing out here" Aki simply blinked slowly at the young male signer. Aki began to breath heavily and Yusei watched her chest heave. Yusei knew that it was against his morals to do anything inappropriate with Aki or with any other girl. Aki rolled over so that she was on her knees, in front of Yusei with her hands on his shoulder. Aki raised her head as tears ran down her delicate face. Yusei looked at the female signer with a worried look. Yusei brought his hands up to Aki's cheek as he wiped her tears away. Aki looked at Yusei and slightly smiled, seeing Aki's smile warmed his heart.

"Aki, how come you're crying out here" asked Yusei. Yusei got up from the ground and stock his hand out so that he could help Aki up. Aki looked at Yusei's hand and slightly blushed and smiled as she grabbed his hand and got up.

"Can I trust you?" questioned Aki, as she looked at Yusei with a serious face.

Yusei nodded, "Yeah, you can" Aki smiled. The two signers started walking towards to Aki's dorm room.

Jack and Crow meet up with Rua and Ruka after they had finish up there 'little fight' and got a week of detention. Now, the four signers were in the gymnasium hoping to find their black-haired friend. All that was in the gymnasium was the equipments used for gym class. As they continued to search for Yusei, Jack's patience ran low.

"Where the bloody hell is Yusei!" yelled jack. Crow thought that Yusei might have stepped out of campus, he was known for doing this. Rua and Ruka began to worry about their brotherly-figure, they knew it wasn't like him to go off somewhere without letting one of them know where he is. Yusei never liked making his friends worry about him.

"Well, that's the tenth time I called him and still no answer" sigh Crow as he turned off his phone. At this point it was obvious that their friend was busy. Just when the signers were about to leave, a boulder was flung towards them. Crow quickly sensed this and flung another boulder to crash the other.

"I see you ruin the surprise, Hogan" all the signers move their graze to where the voice was coming from. On the ceiling rail, sat Divine, with a smirk on his face. Divine jumped from the ceiling rail and gracefully landed on the ground.

"What the hell do you want Divine?" yelled Crow. Divine stuffed his hands in his pockets and laughed.

"I don't have any business with any of you, I'm here to find and retrieve Aki." all of the signers widen their eyes in shock.

'What does Divine want with Aki?' Crow thought questionably.

"What do you want with her?" questioned Jack with curiosity.

"Sadly, I have no business with her I'm only her to get her and bring her to Kiryu" Divine grew a big smile on his face.

Aki sat down on her bed in her dorm room while Yusei sat down at Aki's desk and put his phone on the desk. Aki had her eyes glued to the floor and Yusei patiently waited for Aki to talk. Aki slowly casted her eyes to Yusei and noticed that he was staring back at her. She slightly blushed and glued her eyes back on the ground. After a few more moments of silence, Aki took a deep breath and looked at Yusei with a sad expression on her face.

"You see my-my..." Aki railed off. Yusei got up and sat down next to the young female and put his arm over her shoulder.

"It's okay, take your time, there's no rush." spoke Yusei quietly. Aki simply nodded and proceeded.

"Apparently, my father has gone missing" Aki said plainly, as she looked at the ground. Yusei looked at her and felt sorry for her. Yusei knew exactly how Aki felt, he lost both of his parents

were both killed in the Zero Reverse. Yusei noticed that Aki's bang was covering her eyes as she had a smile on her face.


"Heh, I don't even know why I'm crying" tears were falling down her face. "He never did care for me all he did was-" her voice began to become softly as she muttered the last few words. Even though Yusei didn't catch what Aki's last few words was, he decided to let it go. suddenly Yusei's phone went off both Yusei and Aki stared at the phone. Aki nodded her head signal that she was ok and that he should check his phone. Yusei got up and walked to Aki's desk and picked up his phone and noticed he had ten missed calls and one new text; it was from Crow.

Hey Yusei, Where are you? Jack is going crazy. We're at the gymnasium.

Yusei sighed heavily as he looked back at Aki.

"I'm sorry Aki, I have to my friends are worried about me" Aki slightly smiled and nodded as she got up from her bed.

"It's okay, I understand. Thanks for listening" Yusei nodded his head and walked out of Aki's room. As soon as Yusei closed the door behind him, both Yusei's and Aki's signers mark started to glow bright red, which caused both of them pain. Yusei placed his hand on his arm clenching it.

'Looks like those guys are in trouble, I better hurry' Yusei ran as he made his way to the gymnasium. In Aki's room, Aki squint he eyes in pain.

'Urgh, those guys are in trouble' Aki looked outside her window with a worried look as she looked back down at her arm.

"It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped." ~ Tony Robbins

Chapter 5: Enemies Attack

"Aki I need to talk to you"

"What is it Crow?"

"I...I love you"