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Chapter 5:

Enemies Attack

Rua and Ruka were knocked down onto the ground with bruises all over their bodies. Jack and Crow were both trying to catch their breath; they were both confused on why they couldn't defeat Divine. It was four against one and yet he manages to defeat both Rua and Ruka without even break a sweat.

'This guy is more powerful than he looks' Jack glared at Divine angrily and threw another fire ball at him. Divine simply dodge the attack and slammed Jack's entire body to the concrete wall.

"Urgh" Jack grunt loudly on pain. Divine simply laughed in satisfaction.

"Huh is this all you got?" said Divine. Out of nowhere a bubble appeared around Jack, Rua and Ruka; the bubble was a light grey color that had lightning crashing down on their body.

"Urgh" yelled Jack, Rua and Ruka. Their signer marks began to grow bright. Crow tried to break the bubble by throwing boulders continuously at the bubble but no matter what the bubble wouldn't break. Crow desperately looked at his friends as he averted his gaze back at Divine.

"What the hell is that?" questioned Crow.

"If you must know, your friends are incased in a energy bubble" Divine smirked as he sat on Thought Ruler Archfiend shoulder. "It drains away a person's energy until there's nothing left" Divine smiled evilly and watched the signers suffer. Jack, Rua and Ruka's began to grow dark as they collapsed to the ground. Out of nowhere, a gust of powerful wind appeared and broke the energy bubbles around Jack, Rua and Ruka. Crow watched as Divine's monster shattered into a million pieces and Divine fell to the ground.

"What..What was that?" questioned Rua weakly as he tried to get up. Divine grunted as he got up and disappeared out of nowhere. Crow ran to where Divine was and looked around in disbelief.

"Where'd he go?" questioned Crow. Suddenly Yusei's voice echoed in the gym,

"Crow, Jack! You here?" yelled Yusei.

"In here, hurry Rua, Ruka, Jack are hurt" yelled Crow. Crow and Yusei ran up to their injured friends and helped them up.

"Are you guys ok?" asked Yusei worried.

"I...I feel so weak" replied Ruka. Suddenly purple shinning dust rained all over the gym and the bruises round the three signer's bodies disappeared and they regained all their strength back.

"What was that?" asked Yusei as he watched the purple dust disappeared.

"Well whatever that was, I love it! I feel so much better know!" yelled Rua in excitement.

"We can worry about that later, we should get out of here, while you guys catch me up on what happen" said Yusei. The signers agreed and made their way to Yusei, Crow and Jack's dorm room. In the back of the gym stood Aki in a dark cloak with Black Rose Dragon right next to her.

"Great job Black Rose Dragon. We just made it" Aki exhaled in relief. Black Rose Dragon nodded her head and disappeared while Aki headed back to her dorm.

"Why is Kiryu looking for Aki?" asked Yusei.

"We have no idea" replied Rua. "For all we know it looks like Aki is in trouble and it looks like we know who the dark signers are" Yusei looked at the young boy in disbelief.

"How can you be so sure Rua?"

"Yusei, it's pretty obvious...the battle we had with Divine, it was so intense and powerful it couldn't have been just a regular battle" Crow answered.

"Plus I saw a mark on Divine's arm..it was glowing purple and it had to be a dark signer mark" said Jack. All of the signers gone quiet as they absorbed what Jack and Crow said. They realized that what both Jack and Crow were saying has to be true.

"So, what do we do now since we know Divine is a dark signer?" asked Ruka.

"Well since Divine is a dark signer, it has to mean that his friends are one too!" said Rua.

"You may be right Rua" said Jack.

"Well it looks like we need to keep close on them" answered Yusei.

"More importantly, we have to guard Aki. It looks like the dark signers want her for some reason" said Crow with a determine face. The singers nodded in agreement. After talking for a couple of hours, Yusei got up and walked Rua and Ruka back to the Tops, leaving Crow and Jack in the room by themselves. Crow was lying on is bed and Jack was sitting on the couch smirking at his bird-haired friend. Crow turned his head and glared at Jack

"What?" questioned Crow.

"You like Aki don't you?" asked Jack with a smirk on his face. He watched as Crow's face turned Crimson red.

"No I don't" exclaimed Crow, trying to hold back his blush. Jack laughed and walked over to his bed.

"Don't worry bird-brain I won't spill your little secret" with that Jack and Crow went to bed.

Divine made his way back to the abandon shed until he heard a branch snap deep in the forest. Divine stopped and scanned the area until he saw a black silhouette of a person appear before him.

"It was nice of you to pay me a visit…" the black silhouette walked out of its hiding place,

"Misty" Misty was dressed in a black cloak with an angry expression on her face.

"Why I am not surprised that you manage to fail orders." Spoke Misty coldly. Divine narrowed his eyes.

"Maybe next time you could do your boyfriend's work for him" With that Divine continued to walk to the shed, leaving Misty by herself in the forest. Misty glared at Divine until his body was no longer visible. She clenched her fist in anger and frustration.

"Maybe I will" Misty said quietly to herself. With that Misty disappeared in the shadows of the forest.

In the school's cafeteria stood Crow as he stared at Aki who happen to be walking up to him. Crow couldn't help but notice how beautiful she was, 'she's perfect'. Aki had a smile on her face as she grabbed Crow's hand and lead him to her dorm room. Before they entered her room Crow pulled his hand out of Aki's hold. Aki looked at Crow surprised and placed her hands behind her back.

"Crow why do you want to protect me so much?" Aki spoke softly. Crow looked at Aki before he answered,

"I don't want to see to you get hurt by the dark signers."Crow had a determined look on his face and grabbed her shoulders and shook it lightly. Aki slightly smiled and walked closer to the male signer.

"Is that the only reason why you want to protect me so much?" Aki said in a flirtatious tone. Crow looked at Aki for a couple of seconds before he knew what he needed to say,

"Aki I need to you about something serious" said Crow. Crow let go of his grip on Aki's shoulder and walked closer to the young girl.

"What is it Crow?" asked Aki. Crow took a deep breath and said three special words,

"I love you" Aki smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. Both signers leaned into each other and before their lips met the sound of an alarm went off and Crow felt a pillow meet his face.

"Crow you idiot get up before we are late for class" yelled Jack. Crow groaned in disappointment and covered his head with his sheets.

During class, Crow couldn't keep his eyes off of Aki. The dream he has was really getting to him, obviously he found Aki attractive but maybe he was coming to the realization that he had feelings for her. When the bell rang, everyone scattered into the hallway getting ready for lunch. Crow walked out of the classroom to see Aki at her locker. Crow took a deep breath and approached the magenta haired teen.

"Hey Aki" said Crow with a goofy smile, Aki turned around and smiled as she saw Crow walk up to her.

"Hey Crow what's up?" asked Aki.

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with me and my friends?" asked Crow. Aki stared at him for a couple of seconds and smiled.

"Sure, sounds great!" exclaimed Aki. The magenta haired teen shut her locker and followed Crow to his friends usually spot outside to eat lunch. By the time they had arrived Rua was stuffing his face with food while Ruka was scaling him, Yusei noticed Crow and Aki and smiled.

"Hey Crow hey Aki" said Yusei. Aki waved 'hi' as she sat down next to Ruka.

"Crow invited me to sit with you guys, if you guys don't mind: she spoke quietly.

"We don't mind" smiled Yusei and Aki smiled back. Awkward silence washed over the group until Aki broke the silence.

"So..Yusei, thanks again for your help yesterday" replied Aki. "Oh, no problem" spoke Yusei. Crow turned and looked at Yusei.

"Yusei, you were with Aki yesterday?" asked Crow with curiosity. Jack looked at Crow's expression and smirked.

"Oh yeah Yusei helped me out with something" Aki replied quietly. "Oh but what happen to you yesterday, you got a text and you left in a hurry." Crow, Jack, Rua, Ruka and Yusei widen their eyes in shock and Aki pretended that she didn't see the look on their faces.

"I texted him yesterday, we needed to finish a project" answered Crow.

'Project..huh' thought Aki.

"Aki do you know Kiryu?" asked Jack changing the subject. Crow, Yusei and Rua looked at Jack surprised as Ruka gave him a worried look. Aki expression on her face didn't change.

"Kiryu…the names sound familiar, is he one of Divine's friends?" asked Aki innocently.

"Yeah we ran into him yesterday saying that he wants to talk to you about, why is that if you never meet him before?" Jack questioned with a stern look on his face.

'Jack is really attacking Aki hard questions' though Ruka with a worried look. Aki knew what Jack was trying to do and she assumed that Kiryu would be after her after what happen at their last battle.

"I have no idea maybe he is like every other guy who just wants to flirt with me" Aki had her eyes closed with a smile on her face. Jack noticed her face and grew angry. Just when he was about to hammer Aki with another questioned, Aki stood up from her seat,

"Well, I better go but thanks for the heads up Jack" Aki winked and Jack grew furious. With that Aki walked away towards her dorm waving good bye. As soon as she left the signers stared at Jack in disbelief.

"Jack what do you think you were doing asking Aki about Kiryu?" yelled Crow. Jack's face grew red as he replied,

"We need to know if she is a signer right, so I took matters into my own hands" Jack clenched his fist up. "She's lying she knew who I was talking about, he expression says it all she's hiding something" Jack answered demanding. Ruka looked at Jack surprised and looked down.

"Aki can't be lying to us, she's so nice" replied Ruka quietly.

"Yeah, Aki is awesome; you probably have it all wrong." Rua answered. Rua turned and looked at his older brother figure for support.

"What do you think Yusei?" questioned the young male signer.

"Jack may have a point, Aki could be hiding something from us" replied Yusei with a stern expression.

"How could you say that Yus. Aki wouldn't hide anything from us. You said yourself that she is a signer like the rest of us" yelled Crow with a determined look on her face.

"Maybe she isn't a signer, she could be a dark signer for all we know" replied Jack. Crow and Yusei became mad at Jack's remark.

"Jack, Aki isn't a dark signer" spoke Yusei. Crow, Rua, and Ruka nodded in agreement with the leader of the signers. Jack grew angry and huffed to himself.

"You all believe what you want, I, Jack Atlas think that she is a dark signer and will prove it to all of you" with that Jack stood up as he made his way back to the school. The rest of the signers sighed as they too got up and made their way to the school building.

At the dark signer's hideout, Sherry and Misty were talking while Bruno was on the computer. Sherry noticed how quiet Misty was and smirked,

"So this Aki girl is really getting to you, uh?" questioned Sherry. Misty faced Sherry and her eyes grew black.

"That signer needs to pay for what she did to Kiryu" yelled Misty in anger. Bruno looked at Misty and Sherry as he shook his head as he went back to what he was doing.

"If you want revenge, than I suggest you get the girl by herself, but you will need backup" replied Sherry. Just when Misty was going about to argue back Bruno stepped in.

"Sherry is right, if it was against the other signers than yeah do this on your won, but since it is Aki that were are talking about you will need help. She has the most experience than all the others as well as her having signer weapon and her rare psychic abilities" answered Bruno. Sherry smiled at Bruno as she got up and kissed him softly.

"This is why I love you so much" replied Sherry. Misty simply rolled her eyes in annoyance. Even though she didn't want to admit it, Bruno did have a point; If Misty had any chance of defeating Aki than she will need back-up.

"Fine, Sherry I am going to need your help" spoke Misty. Sherry smiled evilly as she walked towards Misty.

"Finally, I was starting to get bored not doing anything" spoke Sherry. Misty and Sherry got up and walked out of the secret hideout in search of the magenta haired signer.

"This is going to be interesting" replied Bruno quietly to himself.

The bell rang signaling that school was over for the day. As everyone made their way to their dorms, Aki stopped by her locker to put her things away. Once she opened her locker she noticed a note, as soon as she touched the note her signer mark began to throb as Aki clenched her arm in pain.

'Urgh, this isn't any ordinary note' thought Aki. She managed to open the note,

'Meet me at the gym at 8 pm

Come alone if you know

What's good for you'

Aki smirked to herself as she closed her locker.

'Looks like Kiryu is looking for revenge, this will be fun' replied Aki to herself as she went to her dorm to get ready for tonight. When Aki finally reached her dorm she opened her door to find Jack lying on her bed. Aki glared at jack as she slammed the door.

"What the hell do you think you are doing in here" said Aki. Jack got up from the bed and was standing face to face with Aki.

"You know you're not much of a liar Izayoi" replied Jack. Aki widen her eyes and quickly smirked as she walked past the king as sat down on her bed with her leg crossed on top of the other.

"What makes you say that?" questioned Aki innocently.

"Save the bullshit, Izayoi. I know who you really are" replied Jack with a smile hoping to get a reaction from the young female but to his disappointment Aki remained the same.

"Who am I really than if you are so confident that you know who I am" replied Aki.

"You're a dark signer" questioned Jack with his eyes narrowed. Aki looked at the blonde signer and starting laughing, Jack's face grew red in anger.

"Why would I be a dark signer. Obviously you don't pay attention in Mr. Placibo class do you? Dark signers has been extinct for over a thousand years"

"I don't care what Mr. Placibo or what you say, I know you're a dark signer.." Jack walked to Aki so that he was eye leveled to her.

"If you do anything to hurt my friends" Jack lifted his hand up to her face as a ball of fire formed in his hand. Aki looked at the ball of fire that was in front of her face that Jack created.

"I will make you pay for it with you life" Jack extinguished the fire in his hand as he made his way to the door and slammed it. Aki continued to sit on her bed until Black Rose Dragon appeared before her.

"How dare he think that he can talk to you like that" yelled the mighty dragon. Aki got p from the bed and started petting her dragon.

"Don't worry about it Black Rose, he is simply looking out for his friends. I have to say though I didn't think his fire abilities were so strong" said Aki. "In time Jack and the others will know who we really are" Black Rose nodded her head and stared at the window and noticed it was dark.

"Should we head to the gym Aki?" questioned Black Rose. Aki nodded as she picked up her cloak.

"Yeah, please Black Rose lend me your strength" Black Rose Dragon nodded and disappeared. Aki sighed as she made her way to the gym. As soon as she made it to the gym, she removed her cloak and looked around but there was no one around.

'That's weird' thought Aki. Out of nowhere a vein wipe came towards Aki until Black Rose came out of nowhere and blocked her master from the attack.

"Black Rose Dragon are you alright" yelled Aki with a worried an expression. The dragon nodded her head. Sherry and Misty came out of the shadows and stood in front of Aki and Black Rose. Aki glared at the two girls.

"What do you two want?" asked Aki angrily now understanding that it was them who had left that note in her locker.

"Revenge for what you did to Kiryu" yelled Misty in pure anger. Misty eyes grew dark as her dark signer mark grew purple causing Aki and Sherry's marks to react as well. Aki winked at the amount of energy that Misty gave off.

'This doesn't look good' thought Aki.

"Revenge can turn even the most beautiful creatures into an ugly beast"

Chapter 6: Secrets Revealed

"Look Jack was right I am hiding something"

"So you are a dark signer?"

"Aki tell us the truth, who are you?"