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Chapter one: Anything

"Huh…" trailed off Roy, staring down at the makeshift poker table in disbelief, his mind momentarily blank as he surveyed the scene before him: splayed across the table in front of him were five cards, an Ace of hearts, an Ace of spades, a King of spades, a five of diamonds, a nine of hearts. A Pair. A tragic hand full of disappointment and betrayal. Across the table from him, in front of his best friend, lay an Ace of diamonds, a King of diamonds, a Queen of diamonds, a Jack of diamonds, a ten of diamonds. A Royal Flush. The best hand possible.

"What's the matter Roy?" purred Maes, who, quite amazingly, had managed to reign his expression of triumph to a smug glint in his eye and a ghost of a smile upon his lips. "Cat got your tongue?"

Roy grit his teeth, a half scowl, half grimace marring his features as his mind came into focus, forcing back the desire to punch his friend in the jaw. He cooled his head, letting his face relax and his eyes harden, the famous Mustang control taking over the situation. There had been a prize wagered on this game, the game that he had just lost. The prize being the gift of anything. A single word created to encompass the world and every single one of its many wonders. And as the loser of this game, Maes could ask absolutely anything from him, and he would have no choice but to, as a man of his word, comply. And of course, at such a golden opportunity that is often never seen even once in a lifetime, Maes would not even consider letting him off easy, Roy knew he certainly wouldn't have.

Roy leaned forward, resting his chin upon interlaced fingers, bracing his weight on the table, his eyes hard and steady, ready for the inevitable.

"Let's hear it" he commanded the Lieutenant Colonel. Maes' silence had begun to frighten him in ways he wasn't comfortable in admitting.

Slowly Maes' smile stretched across his face, showing teeth, his eyes literally sparkling with glee. He'd never expected to win, he and Roy were generally evenly matched in Poker, and the outcome of this game could not possibly have been predetermined by anything more than a blatant guess, but to think he had won by that much! It was enough to make him giddy! Of course the real source of his delight came from the "anything" and all of its fabulous options. Well, whatever its options, he already knew what he wanted. He always had.


Roy wasn't sure how to react, his expressions of shock and disbelief flitted beneath the surface of his impressive poker face. His face remained hard, his eyes steady and analysing as he digested this information. Maes was gay. More importantly than that, he was hot for Havoc. Even more importantly than that, he was married with a daughter who he obsessed about constantly. … Oh God. Even more importantly than that was the meaning of "anything", this "anything" being Havoc. How could he possibly hand over his subordinate like that, a man who trusted him with his life? But then, how could he refuse if he never broke promises?

"And what of your family?" Roy stalled, hoping it wasn't too obvious, knowing it was. Perhaps if he somehow managed to guilt the older man into reconsidering his reward for the sake of his wife and daughter, "surely you have more respect for Gracia than to betray her trust like that. And little Elicia, growing up with the kind of man who would trade her in for a hot night under the sheets, how would she feel do you think?"

Maes' grin had diminished slowly throughout this speech into a small smirk, but he never lost that glint in his eye. Damnit Hughes, just what is your angle?

"Try sister and niece." Roy's poker face faltered at this revelation.

"SISTER AND NIECE!?" he yelled, annoyed that he had left out of this secret, but mostly frustrated at the loss of his only bargaining chips. "Explain."

The taller man sighed, rubbing a hand over his scraggly beard, "nothing to explain, Roy. Gracia was having some troubles with her Ex-Husband, Elicia's dad, and decided it would be time to move, she came to stay with me for a few days, and well… when she was born, Elicia was just too adorable! How could I not keep them with me!?"

"So you went to the extent as to pretend you were married!? And Elicia will grow up thinking you're her father, what were you going to do when she found out!? No, don't answer that! What were you thinking!? Don't answer that either! DAMNIT! MAES!" he slumped back in his chair with an exasperated sigh, the fight seemingly drained from him, his face pale in the fluorescent lighting.

"You shouldn't take it out on the cards, they didn't do anything wrong." Maes commented, eyeing the torn pieces of cardboard, relieved he had taken the Flame Alchemist's gloves from him when he entered the house as a precaution. The Alchemist glanced at the table, apparently surprised to find the torn pieces of his losing hand, and gave another sigh, softer this time, but deeper, showing the extent of his turmoil.

"I can't give you something that isn't mine to give Maes, promise or not."

"How are you going to become Fuhrer if you can't even keep one promise to a friend, Roy?" the younger man's eyes widened at this, a small gush of air falling from his lips. Alright, he'd admit it, that one was below the belt, but he had sworn to himself he would let nothing get in the way of love. If it was for Havoc, he would hit Roy, his best friend, where it hurt the most.

"How long have you been keeping THAT one up your sleeve Maes? That's plain dirty"

"About as long as you were keeping my families opinions up yours" ah, he had him there, "and it wasn't dirty Roy, I'm just using my advantage. Knowledge is power, you know." As dirty as Maes was playing, he had hit home with the Fuhrer comment. How could he face the country as Fuhrer and in the middle of his speech say 'and I've only ever broken a promise once!' what's there keeping him from breaking it one more time? Two isn't a large number either is it! God, once he crossed that line there was no return.

"… I understand. How about a compromise?" he suggested, watching the elder's face tighten in suspicion, "I'll call him down… I suppose my place would have to be…" he trailed of, muttering and calculating the situation.

"And?" interrupted Maes impatiently. This was finally going somewhere, and he wasn't about to give Roy time to change his mind.

A sigh "and you can speak to him about, oh I don't know, something… anyway, he'll get the warning and the choice, and if he says no, he leaves and you abandon this course of action- at least through me- and you can have another choice of "anything", provided it is the kind of "anything" I am in a position to give. How does that sound to you?"

Hmm, well it wasn't the best deal Maes had heard in a while, Havoc still had the option of saying no before he knew he wanted it, but it was certainly better than where he was a minute ago, and he had a feeling this was as far as Roy could be pushed before loyalty won out and the entire plan was called off before it began.

"Deal" he reached out, grasping Roy's hand hastily to seal the deal.


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