Author's Note: Hello all! This is going to be my first multi-chapter fic. I've had the idea in my mind for a while so i'm going to give it a go.

It is based off the original Spiderman movie so if you're familiar with that it will make a lot of sense. If not, you should still enjoy it.

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Rachel Berry was your typical high school student. Captain of the Glee Club, honors student since middle school, above normal IQ, one close friend.

Actually, come to think of it, Rachel Berry was not your typical student. She was a nerd and everyone in the school knew it.

A short, skinny, tan skinned girl with coca-cola glasses and dark flowing hair that was always kept in a tight librarian bun on top of her head. Not to mention her wardrobe that consisted of argailse mini skirts, obnoxious animal sweaters and shoes that should only be worn on a 88 year old grandmother

Yup, she was an odd ball, and she had been like this for years.

Her two fathers, Hiram and Leroy Berry were the greatest parents a girl could ask for. Sure it was hard growing up with two fathers, but Rachel couldn't ask for better parents or role models.

Hiram was a doctor at the local hospital and Leroy was a Jr. Highschool gym teacher.

Rachel had been teased and tormented from the fact that she had two gay dads raise her. Whether or not this is the main cause of the bullying, she will never know. That part wasn't important.

From an early age, Rachel was brought up on show-tunes and broadway musicals. It was her main goal in life to become the next Barbra and be on the big stage. Singing her heart out to the world and making her parents proud.

Perhaps landing the role as Fannie Brice in the return-to-broadway production of Funny Girl that was coming up next season would be her big break into show-business. Bur for the time being, she was focussing on finishing high school and practicing her singing and performing.

Yes, that was her main goal in life. However, Rachel longed for another aspect that she still believed to be somewhat unachievable.

Rachel had a secret that only her best friend, Kurt Hummel, has known since middle school.

She was in love. And not just with anyone. Rachel was in love with the most popular, beautiful, caring girl in the entire school.

Quinn Fabray.

Quinn was the captain of the Cheerios squad, dated the quarterback of the football team, had hypnotizing hazel eyes and flowing blonde hair, a laugh that could make anyone, even Santana Lopez, smile with adoration, and, of course, a social life.

She was perfect. She was everything Rachel wasn't and everything Rachel could never have.

However that couldn't stop the brunette from loving the girl.

In fact, they were next-door neighbors since they were children.

Actually, they have been classmates every year since grade six. Unfortunately, Rachel seems to go unnoticed and unrecognized year after year.

Being the shy, nerdy girl, Quinn always seems to hang around with the jocks and the cheerleaders, therefor is never around the quiet girl.

Although this breaks the singers heart, she can't be bothered to dwell on the past, or stay down in the present. She has to remain focussed on school and her singing in order to become big in the world and prove to everyone that she is someone.

Which is hard to do when you're chasing the school bus down the street from your house..

"HEY! PLEASE STOP THE BUS! HEEEEEEYYY!" she screams through her pants as the bus maintains a steady speed down the street. Just enough to taunt the sprinting girl.

She can hear the laughter from her peers inside the bus. She's been running for a little over a minute and is slowly losing patience and energy.

"HEY! COME ON LET ME ON!" she tries with one last plea. Banging her hand against the side of the bus.

Suddenly, the bus comes to a halt and Rachel nearly falls due to the abrupt stop

She quickly hops on the bus, only to see the gorgeous blonde cheerleader giver her a small smile as she walks back to her seat and her boyfriend.

Rachel's eyes follow her all the way down the aisle, until she pops down next to her annoying boyfriend.

He gives her a small peck on the cheek and the blondes eyes meet the nerdy girls once more briefly before moving away again.

Almost forgetting how to speak, Rachel thanks the bus driver for stopping and she moves down the row to try and join a seat


"No way nerd!"

"Don't even think about it"

The excuses go on an on as she makes her way through the rows. She finally comes to the seat occupied by Quinn and her oaf of a boyfriend Finn Hudson.

Making brief eye contact again with the blonde, Rachel's heart begins to flutter as if she might say something to the tiny girl.

But then there is only pain in her right knee. Oh god was she having a stroke from the running?

No. Not for a second.

She's crashing face first onto the disgusting bus floor as the pompous football player, Azimio tripped her.

"Watch your step, lezbo!"

Laughter abrupts from the entire bus and Rachel decides it best to just sit on the floor for the remainder of the ride.

Today was field trip day to a local university. After brushing the dirt off her skirt and taking the gum out of her hair, Rachel exited the bus only to see her best friend Kurt waiting outside the bus.

"I had my dad drop me off today. I'm sick of public transportation"

Rachel rolled her eyes. "It's a school bus, Kurt. It's really not that horrible

Kurt gave her a once over from head to toe and reached forward to pick something out of her hair with a disturbed look on his face afterwards.

"Yes.. so it seems" as he reaches in his bag to sanitize his hands, not once, but twice. Not after squirting some in the tiny singer's as well.

As they make their way towards the rest of the group, Rachel sees Quinn supported by her two cheerleading friends, Santana and Brittany, giggling and flirting with Finn who, no doubt, made a stupid, low IQ attempt at a joke.

Disgusting he was. Loud, obnoxious, rude, abnormally tall for a high school boy. Rachel despised the boy with all her might.

"Why are we here today anyway? I didn't think we were allowed on another field trip after Puckerman hit on the last tour guide." Kurt questioned while fixing his tie.

"It's a tour of the biology center and the new arachnid exhibit" Rachel explained, eyes still focussed on the blonde and her pep squad.

"Arachnid? Like spiders? Oh how wonderful" Kurt replies sarcastically.

"There are over 32 thousand known species of spider in the world, the majority -"

The tour guide goes on about the different attributes of each species. Rachel, widely interested in the facts begins jotting notes in her bedazzled note pad. Ignoring the directed laughter from her classmates behind her.

Her book is forcefully knocked from her hands by Finn who looks down at her and says unapologetically "Woops!"

"Leave her alone, Shrek." Kurt says in a monotone voice while staring directly into his eyes.

"Or what, Hummel? You'll spray me with some of your lady perfume?" the jock chuckles at his lame joke. Receiving high fives from the other football jerks.

"It might do you some good you disgusting, sweaty man baby." Kurt replies nonchalantly.

The football boys huff and continue walking towards the next exhibit.

"In this box, there are 15 genetically enhanced 'Super Spiders' that contain a number of genetics from the 5 main species in the world. Speed, strength, agility, jumping altitude and even heightened senses."

"There's 14" a quiet voice speaks up. Quinn, who was actually interested in the tour observed.

Rachel smiled to herself. Impressed that the popular girl was actually taking interest in this.

"I beg your pardon?" replies the guide.

"There's only 14 in this box, not 15" the blonde says back in a curious tone with a concerned expression on her face. The students begin to chatter silently to themselves.

The guide inspects the box and confirms that the cheerleader was right, one spider missing.

"They must be conducting tests on one of them right now. Moving on"

The students follow the guide, all except Quinn who still seems fascinated with the exhibit.

Rachel remains behind her. Awe-struck at her beauty. She decides to take a bold step.

"Excuse me. Can I get a p-picture with you and the exhibit? You know, for the, ugh, school paper?" Rachel stutters as she pulls out her tiny camera.

"Sure! Just right here?" the taller girl moves to the side

"Yes, that's perfect, just like that" Rachel pats herself mentally on the back for not stuttering that time.

"Don't make me look ugly" the blonde tells the tiny girl.

"That's impossible" Rachel replies without hesitation. She's sure she see's the cheerleader blush but, nah, that wouldn't happen.

They're standing there for almost a minute. Rachel slowly moving closer and closer with each shot.

"I didn't know you were a photographer. Rachel, right?" the girl speaks up after a few moments silence.

Rachel is caught off guard and just nods in response. Unable to speak due to the closeness of the two.

Quinn giggles and poses for a few more shots.

"Can I see some of them?" She asks as she steps closer to the excited girl.

"Ya of course!" Rachel turns her body so she can show the girl the photos.

While the taller girl is flicking through the pictures, laughing at some of her foolish expressions, Rachel inhales deeply. The cheerleader smells life vanilla ice cream and Rachel has never smelt anything more beautiful.

Quinn turns to Rachel with a smile. Moving her gaze from her dark brown eyes, to her lips and back again.

"Fabray! Let's get a move on these spiders are spookin Britt!" her latino friend breaks their heated gaze.

"The pictures look great. See you around" Quinn says as she walks away with a wave.

"Uh, than- thanks!" Rachel calls to her, unsure if the girl even heard her.

Did that just happen? I haven't spoken to her in years! Was she blushing? Oh my god. Did she catch me smelling her hair?"

Suddenly, Rachel feels a sharp pain on her hand that was holding the camera. She looks down and sees a small black, blue and red spider jumping off and scurrying away.

"Son of a bitch that hurt!" Rachel curses, inspecting the bite wound that is already beginning to swell.

"BERRY! LET'S GET A MOVE ON!" her teacher calls from across the room.

Dizzy with pain, she packs her camera back in her bag and follows the group.

AN: So there's the first chapter. Just had to get the basics down first. Trust me, more Faberry and interesting stuff will come along.

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