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Quinn's POV

"I love you too,"

I begin to stir back to consciousness as I feel a warm wind tickling my neck. I smirk and try to move my body away from the sensation. Whether it was the thirty pound, invisible elephant on my head or I was in some sort of straight jacket, I couldn't move from my position.

I slowly crack open an eyelid, trying my best not to become blinded by the sun streaming in through my curtains. My vision adapts to the painfully bright hues and I regain focus on what is in front of me.


As I slowly regained my eyesight, I was presented with the most beautiful, dark features I've ever seen. Snoring silently and blowing soft puffs of air onto my collarbone was a dead-to-the-world Rachel Berry. I can't help but smile broadly to myself as I visually trace every point, curve, and shape of her facial features.

I notice her mascara is smudging just below her right eye and I move my finger slowly to wipe the residue away. Before I can reach it, the brunette moves slightly and rolls onto her back, effectively freeing my entire body from her firm grasp.

I begin to giggle at her sleepy ways but I'm stopped abruptly when I gaze down at her body. The blanket which encompassed us has fallen just above her naval and I am presented with firm tan skin. I would love to be focussing on her sculpted abdomen, but I cannot tare my gaze away from the black sheer bra that is falling off of the very things it is meant to conceal.

Her left bra strap is falling off of her shoulder and the cup is also loosing it's place. I feel so horrible gawking at her half naked breasts as she sleeps so innocently but I can feel my body begin to heat as I continue to gaze. I can faintly make out the hue of her darkened nipple which is peaking out behind the fabric and I inch my head closer to peer around it.

"Enjoying the show, Fabray?"

My sight seers upwards to the beautiful brown orbs that are peering back into mine. I'm about to jolt back and begin murmuring apologies but I don't get a chance because I am being tossed onto my back by the tiny brunette that is now pinning me to my bed.

"No One. Has Ever. Looked at me so intensely." She breathes out as she leans in to capture my lips hungrily. I feel myself begin to moan audibly into her mouth as I writhe beneath her.

"Shh. Quinn we don't want to wake the girls," she whispers out quickly before reattaching her lips to my neck.

My arms remain motionless at my sides as I grab and pull at the blankets beneath me. I'm gasping for air as I feel the soft, moist lips venture further down my chest. I lift my head slightly to try and steal a glance at what the brunette is doing to me.

I see her stick out her tongue lightly and run it slowly across the fabric of my blue bra. I can feel the heat perturbing from her mouth through the material and I find myself arching into the sensation, emitting a long, loud moan from my throat.

"Feel good, baby?" I just nod because I feel that if I look at her I may pass out.

"Look at me, Quinn. I want to give you what you were looking for earlier," she whispers out as I can feel her breath tickle my chest with each word.

I force my eyes open one by one and stare shyly at the girl above me. I watch her as she reaches behind her back and undoes her bra strap. She doesn't let it fall as she cups her boobs above the material and stares longingly at me.

"You ready, baby?" she slurs out seductively as I watch her hands slowly slip away from the material. I feel my lids begin to fall back as I anticipate what is coming next.

"Quinn sweetie, open your eyes!" I hear her whisper above me.

"They are open, Rach," I reply back, although now I can definitely tell my eyes are closed because all I can see is black.

I hear her giggle innocently above me, "No baby, they're not open."

Before I know it, I lose all perception of what is happening and everything goes dark.

Rachel's POV.

If I thought waking up still drunk next to Quinn Fabray was one of the best things to cross off my to do list, I was wrong. Waking up next to a still drunk, half naked, in the middle of a sex dream Quinn Fabray was ten times better.

I stir awake due to a enjoyable sensation on my chest. I crack open my eyes to see a still asleep blonde wearing a concentrated look on her sleepy face. I giggle at the sight and look down to where her hand is groping my left, bra covered breast in her hand. I roll my eyes at the humor of this but am cut off when her hand gives it a firm squeeze and I gasp out at the feeling.

"Mmm," I look back to her face as I see the blonde now nodding slowly in her sleep and beginning to breath heavily through her mouth.

As enjoyable as this is, I can't let Quinn wake up with her hand practically in my bra and see me staring at her enjoying every sleepy second she is giving me. I move away from her grasp as I notice her pout at the loss of contact. I too find myself mildly disappointed at the loss but keep moving until I'm gently above her, brushing the hair out of her face.

"Quinn?" I hush out but receive no reply. "Quinn, sweetir, open your eyes!" I try again.

"They are open, Rach" she slurs out quickly and arches her back as she repeats my name once again. I find myself becoming extremely turned on by all of this and yell at myself internally that now is definitely not the time.

"No baby, they're not open." I giggle out as she shakes her head slightly. I can see that she is coming back to consciousness so I decide to give her one last push. I lean forward and kiss both of her eyelids and watch as they slowly peel open, illuminating the room with her darkened hazel eyes which are now searching for anything familiar in the room.

"Good morning sleeping beauty," I hush out as I lean my chin upon her chest and watch her come back to reality.

Her looks of confusion amuse me as I remember how intense her dream must have been getting due to her writhing and breathing moments ago.

"R-rach?" she stutters out and focusses her gaze upon mine. I smile back but she seems to be confused still, "Y-you're not topless?"

I bellow out my laughter and burry my face into the blankets covering her chest. I feel her body beneath me begin to shake and I know that she is laughing now too.

"Oh my god! I just said that," I barely make out her sentence because her face is now buried into her hands as I clearly hear her laughter more than her words.

I take my hands and pry them away from her now reddened face, "Yes you did drunky. But it was a wonderful, yet odd, way to say good morning."

I see her close her eyes and shake her head slightly, "Sorry, I guess I kind of had a dream wher-" she stops talking and I can see her instantly regretting what she said. I smile back innocently and begin to pry with questions.

"A dream where..." I hold the last word and cock an eyebrow at her expression. Her eyes go big and she removes her hands from her face. "I-I don't remember it anymore." she stutters out quickly.

I laugh and take her hands in mine, "Hmm, well I could tell you what you were murmuring in your sleep moments ago, but they might be a little racy for this early in the morning." I giggle out and kiss her hands to make sure she knows I'm only teasing.

Her eyes bulge even further out of her sockets and her jaw drops instantly. I bite my lip to contain my laughter as she plops her head back onto the pillow and groans out my loudly, "RACH!"

"Yup, something like that," I tease further and move my body further up hers and peck her lips gently. Her eyes remain clenched shut as she groans annoyingly again. "I'm so embarrassed!"

I'm about to reply to her obvious statement but am cut off by pounding from the wall beside us. I assume from Santana telling us as nicely as possible to keep it down.

I turn back to her startled face and brush the few strands of hair from her cheeks, "Nothing to be embarrassed about, baby. It happens to all of us." I assure her as I kiss her lips tenderly and keep them there until I feel her relax beneath me.

I feel her begin to kiss me back and I instantly feel more awake than before. Her soft lingering kisses back at my lips are beginning to make me swoon.

"I'm sorry about last night," I hear her whisper onto my lips. I open my eyes to peer into her own as I detect a sincere tone to her voice.

"We were both too drunk to go through with anything. I was 100% fine with snuggling up to you and falling asleep right here." I assure her with a soft smile.

No, we didn't end up sleeping together last night. By the time we were spooning suggestively into each other and Quinn had returned the much anticipated 'I love you too', we were both breathing deeply and falling into dream land.

"And I'm sorry for being, umm," she hesitates as I see her search for the words, "vocal when I.. dream." I see her cheeks begin to redden slightly but I kiss the color away before she can feel further embarrassed.

"It was a wonderful way to wake up." I smile seductively at her.

"W-what do you mean?" she asks curiously.

"Well," I begin as I roll her and myself back to our sides like we were previously this morning, "You were cuddled into me like so," I pry open her legs with my own and close the contact even further. "And your head was resting on the pillow, and your lips were breathing onto my collarbone right here," I take her hand and tap with her index finger where her breath had been hitting this morning. I look into her eyes as I see her tracing the outline with her gaze.

"And then," I continue as I begin to move her hand slowly towards my chest, "Your hand was right here." I place her hand gently on my bra covered breast. I'm taken aback when I feel her hand relax beneath my own and a top of my chest.

I hear her sigh a breath out and watch as her gaze instantly darkens, "W-what was I doing?" I can tell she is becoming just as nervous as I am so I go with it because i am getting a little to warm to end things here.

"Y-you were, umm, moving your hand. A lot. And it-" my words are cut off by her hand squeezing gently under my own. We both let out a soft breath as she continues to squeeze it again and again.

I can feel my cheeks darken and my core begin to heat even more. "What else did I do Rach?" she whispers out, her gaze still on my bra.

I can tell by her tone she wants to continue this just as much as I do, so I twist the truth a little. "You didn't do anything else, but you were, saying things in your sleep, that you wanted to do."

I feel her hand give me one long grasp to my breast and I crane my neck back momentarily to hold back a groan. I return my sight to her own as she is now watching my features. "Things like this?" she asks hotly and begins to rub her palm around in circular motions. I can feel my nipple harden instantly and I know she can too because she is closing her fingers around the nub forming on the material above.

"Can you take this off?" I ask quickly, becoming less and less embarrassed or concerned about what we both know is happening. She doesn't even respond as she reaches to the front clasp of my bra and quickly un-clicks it. I feel a sigh of relief escape my mouth as both of my breasts become free of the bra.

"God Rachel you're so.." she doesn't finish her sentence as she moves in and attaches her lips to my own. We both groan as she also re-attaches her hand to my now naked chest. She begins rolling my nipple between her fingers and I'm gasping for air into her mouth.

I feel the need to touch something other than blankets so I move my had to her lower half and grab her rear, pulling it towards me tighter. Our legs are becoming warmer and warmer as they move slightly back and fourth between one another.

I feel her thin lace boy shorts that barely cover her lower half and I trace my fingers along the hem. I feel her body react to the feeling so I place my palm underneath the top of them so that I am feeling only skin beneath my hand.

"That feels so good, baby." she whispers out and arches her lower half into my own. I find myself groaning once more into her mouth. I pull her even tighter to me so that now she is lying on top of my body, straddling my core.

I look up into her eyes as she continues to grope my chest, "Keep touching me Rach," she gasps out as she now places both hands onto both of my naked breasts. I squeak out a high noise as she pinches both of my nipples between her fingers. I arch my back into her touch and find myself becoming even wetter as I feel her grind down into my core. I force my one hand down onto her rear and the other hand is guiding her hips to repeat the motion.

She too groans at the contact and continues to grind into me. She lowers her head to my chest and I can feel her rapid breathing on my breasts. I nearly jolt off the bed as she attaches her lips to one of my nipples and swirls her tongue around it quickly.

"Jesus Quinn!" I all but scream as I am not cupping her ass with both of my hands beneath her lacy cut boy shorts, grinding and pushing her entire body into my own. I can feel my lower half begin to clench tighter and tighter with each pass. I can tell she is getting close too because her teeth are now biting occasionally at my nipple.

"I'm close, Rach! Baby just a few more!" she is really loud now. I take her words into extreme consideration and move my hands even lower as I am now controlling how hard and fast she thrusts into me. It only takes four more pushes until she is arching her back into the air and gasping loudly for air as she hushes out my name between breaths.

I stare at her face and find myself overwhelmed by the sight as I begin to writhe beneath her as my orgasm follows me as well. We are both spent, gasping for breaths as the room is filled with silence.

I feel myself returning to earth as I look up into her eyes she is smiling sleepily back at me and collapses to my chest, leading soft kisses from my chest to my neck to my awaiting lips.

"That was amazing," I gasp out finally as she kisses my lips soundly.

"I concur fully," she smiles sweetly and rests her head upon my chest, "I love you Rach."

My heart actually hurts from her words and I kiss her forehead, "I love you too."

She smiles into my chest further and sighs audibly, "Can we take another nap before getting breakfast? I'm tired again."

I laugh as I nod my head and kiss her lips once more. I pull the blankets further up our bodies and cover us fully. I find myself drifting off once more with the beautiful blonde photographer in my arms.