If there was one thing the comedy star loved more than anything in the world it was an accident.

Not the deadly ones though, the simple accidents that seemed to occur daily like spilling milk or falling down the stairs. These situations were usually comedic if nobody was hurt and everything good in Terrance's life had come from an accident.

He himself was an accidental baby, but his parents always told him he was a happy accident, not that it made Terrance feel anymore loved. They never really appreciated their son no matter how happy and loving they tried to be on camera a few years later and he always felt as if they were disappointed in him.

He always thought he'd make a good poster child for the posters that say "Use Condoms." and sometimes he wished he'd been put up for adoption.

After that accident there was the accidental spilling of paint all over his soon to be best friend. It had started in the Canadian School for Gifted Babies which he'd actually worked hard to get into, no accidents there.

It had been arts and crafts and Terrance being a loner of the class had been sitting at a table by himself dipping his finger into paint and making pretty squiggles on the table, something he knew he'd get in trouble for later. He'd been so into his thoughts he hadn't noticed a blonde haired kid that had sat right next to him and was staring at Terrance's work with fascination.

"Hello." When the blonde had decided to make himself known Terrance had flinched from the voice and the result was knocking over the bright green paint he'd been working with, the watery mixture making a huge line for the blonde and he heard a surprised squeak from next to him.

He turned to see the blonde staring at a bright green shirt which had once been baby blue, and then the blonde's eyes had met his and the next thing Terrance knew bright purple paint was spattered onto his shirt. The other boy was looking at him with a smile on his face and in the next few seconds the two boys were laughing hysterically as if this had all been planned.

From there the two had refused to do anything separate and in time had become quite the hit in Canada. The next accident however would be the ones that changed their lives forever. The boys had always loved comedy and secretly the both loved hearing the other laugh so it was always important to find new material to earn the sweet giggles. The boy's favorite jokes were fart jokes, classic comedy that to them never honestly got old no matter how many times you used the joke over and over again.

It had been debut night on some American show and the two boys were trying their hardest to make the audience do something other than scream about how the boy's heads were flapping and how creepy their eyes looked. To Terrance it was annoying, but what he hated to see was how Phillip's face was growing bright red with anger who was annoyed that the people weren't taking the two seriously.

That's when Phillip let a little accident slip out.

Terrance knew the sound was embarrassing enough, but the smell was enough to make Terrance want to gag, the audience was lucky they weren't close enough to smell it.

That's when the laughter began, it wasn't mocking laughter it was the laughter both boys loved hearing come from one another. They shared a glance and then Terrance let one loose which earned even more laughter and the two boys smiled at one another.

That accident brought them so many things, money, a TV show, a hit movie, and one another. Even the accident of sleeping with Celine Deon proved beneficial to the two since afterwards Phillip had decided to show Terrance how he was better than some idiot who would whore herself out to Ugly Bob. Needless to say Terrance hadn't been able to walk for a week and the two had honestly never been closer.

When Sally was born it was another accident, yet on the days she spent with her father Phillip was caring and loving to her as if she was his own child and Terrance couldn't have been happier. He felt it was so obvious to the world that the two were together and he knew that was no accident.

Sadly however there had been an accident just that night which was why Terrance was sitting in a dimly lit waiting area alone as the love of his life was fighting for his life. it had been hours ago when Terrance had been leaving a meeting about the next show when he got the phone call. At first he suspected nothing out of the ordinary about Phillip's absence, Phillip was a little lazy and besides it was always fun to read him the new script just to hear him laughing.

His cell phone had begun ringing and he had blushed nervously as he realized he hadn't changed his ringtone from their duet Uncle Fucker which was earning him tons of stares and glares from the people around him, until of course they realized the star's identity and backed off. He clicked talk and held the phone to his ear.

"Hello?" Oh if this was Scott again Terrance was going to kick his ass, the number was blocked so he figured Scott may have star 67'd him or whatever it was.

"Hello is this Terrance?" It was a scary serious voice, one that scared the man a bit.

"Yes, who is this?"

"I'm sorry to tell you but Phillip has been in a car accident." His heart dropped at that and it sank to the bottom of his chest when he heard "It's not looking too good." Once he got the address he'd ran the entire way there, to him it was much quicker than waiting in traffic.

He'd arrived and immediately questioned about Phillip where he'd learned Phillip had been hit by a drunk driver. Immediately anger had raged inside Terrance's chest and he found himself shaking, he wanted to kick that driver's ass like Phillip did when that six year old had called Terrance an idiot. Of course Phillip had gotten arrested but it was the thought that counted.

He was told Phillip was in surgery and he'd have to wait which was why he was now digging his fingers into the arms rests of the hospital waiting room's chair.

"Terrance?" When he heard his name called his head had snapped out only to see a doctor coated in blood looking at him. He'd felt himself go pale and walked forward, asking the question on his mind.

"Is Phillip ok?"

The doctor sighed, then gave Terrance and smile clapping his hand on his shoulder, "He's going to be fine, thought we lost him a few times but you're friends a real fighter, he's asking to see you."

Terrance didn't think twice about that and he soon found himself in a dimly lit room filled with beeps and other noises. He'd first gone to his friend's side, tears springing to his eyes as he saw the condition of Phillip. There were casts and bandages everywhere, the most eyes catching being the ones around his naked torso and his head, the beautiful blonde hair had to be gone now and Terrance mourned its loss. His lower half except for one leg in a cast was covered with a blanket and Phillip's eyes were closed as he let out soft noises which meant he was probably asleep.

Terrance grabbed a chair and dragged it as close to Phillip's bed as possible, the scraping noise of the chair causing Phillip to open his eyes.

"Terrance?" he asked softly and was rewarded with Terrance squeezing his hand.

"Hey guy." Terrance greeted making Phillip smile.

"I feel like shit."

"Well you look like it." said Terrance helpfully which earned him a glare which made him laugh to see that Phillip was still with him.

Phillip sighed, "So I guess I won't be doing the show for a while huh?"

"Well I'm sure the Americans won't mind, we'll just get replacement Phillip again." At that they both began laughing until Phillip winced from pain and the laughter died down.

Phillip pouted, "You didn't bring me any flowers?" he asked, "I nearly died and you didn't get me flowers?" Of course the words nearly died made Terrance want to cry again, but he simple smiled.

"Course I did guy, I got you two lips." And with that he began farting which caused them both to burst into laughter again.

Terrance loved accidents, not ones that hurt people of course, but the ones that brought him even closer to his best friend Phillip.