Phillip's eyes shot awake as he bolted up in his bed.

Yes his bed. He didn't share a bed with friend anymore because as of right now he was still trying to patch things up with Celine, trying to ignore the fact that she was sleeping with Ugly Bob right under his nose. Phillip had of course tried to be the good friend and tried to warn Terrance, yet the man wouldn't listen to the blonde stating that his best friend was only jealous. That much was true because Phillip was jealous but not of Terrance, it was Celine that held the pit of his anger. After all she got all of Terrance's affections, all of the subtle gestures Phillip seemed to notice that went unnoticed and ignored by the pop star.

However he wasn't worried about Celine right now, right now he'd had the nightmare again. He felt himself let one slip, however even that couldn't make a giggle escape from his lips since he was so frightened. It kept coming ever since their movie Asses of Fire debuted.

Nobody really remembered what happened during that time, for some reason it was a giant loop in time that nobody could recall.

However ever since that day Phillip would have a dream where he and Terrance were cornered by people. Then some kids would run up and act as a shield for them it was a nice gesture but it made him scoff now, how on earth did they think they could be a shield for two full grown men? He remembered being touched, not inappropriately but in a way that he couldn't move and he almost felt like crying. Then the worst thing to ever happen would happen.

His fists tightened their grip on the sheets as he remembered Terrance getting shot in the head, the blood running down his pale Canadian skin as Phillip screamed his name hoping it was some kind of joke and that his friend would fart and laugh it off, joking about how he'd scared Phillip.

When Phillip looked up however he was facing the gun and in seconds everything would go black.

He shivered slightly and found his body moving on its own accord and for once he didn't want to stop it. He stood up on wobbly feet and made his way towards his door, pushing it open with ease and trotting into the hallway. He heard soft giggles coming from his friend's room and he knew he shouldn't intrude but he just had to make sure Terrance was alright!

He threw open the door only to see Terrance sitting on his bed leaning against the headboard, fully dressed with their home phone in his hand. The boy glared slightly at Phillip before frowning deeply.

"Look Celine, I gotta go." there were whispers and Terrance hung up the phone. "What's the matter guy?" he asked with a hint of concern as he stood up. Phillip wondered how shaken he must've looked and in a second he had thrown himself at his costar nearly knocking them both to the ground. "Phillip! How many times must I tell you we're not gay?" It was a teasing gentle voice but as Phillip began to cry Terrance quieted. "Hey, what's wrong?" Terrance inquired, "Come on buddy you can tell me anything."

Realizing his leg were beginning to lock from standing with Phillip's extra weight he slid to the floor taking the blonde Canadian with him. He allowed the blonde to cry out his emotions and found himself gently stroking his hand through Phillip's pretty blonde hair; it was so much softer and prettier than his own hair. His other hand began to stroke the blonde's back with soft rubs and he gently began to soothe the worried blonde with soft words and promises that everything would be ok. Suddenly Terrance found himself emitting a small fart and as he was cursing himself for letting that escape he heard a soft giggle from his blonde which made him smile in return.

"So you feeling better guy?" asked Terrance and Phillip began wiping his eyes and seemed to be regaining the ability to speak which he had lost a while ago.

"Thanks buddy." said Phillip with a sniffle.

"Well you know what they say, a friend in need is a friend with Kraft dinner, speaking of which it looks like you could use some." Phillip nodded and allowed his friend to drag him to his feet, however he was unsteady to Terrance allowed him to lean on him making the blonde close his eyes and sigh happily. Even if Terrance would never be gay with him this was still nice and he felt like enjoying it while it lasted. Terrance glanced at his friend and sighed deeply putting a tired smile on his face as he led the duo into the kitchen, settling Phillip down in a chair while he began to cook, well not really cook just basically throw stuff into a pot but he called it cooking.

"So what's wrong?" asked Terrance as he leaned on the counter looking at Phillip.

Phillip sighed and whispered the words, "Well I had a nightmare."

"It wasn't about the redheaded bitch was it?" asked Terrance and Phillip froze, was Sheila Broflovski in the dream? The only reason the two friends knew about her was from when she had tried to cancel their show years ago. Was she the red monster that had pulled the trigger?

"Phillip?" The blonde snapped out of it and looked at Terrance.

"Well she was but that wasn't the scary part."

"How was that not the scary part?" asked Terrance as he began to drain the pasta seeing as it had cooked.

"You died." The blonde whispered causing the water to slosh slightly out of the pot and spill some of the precious macaroni outside the strainer's rim to be lost forever. He focused on the pasta for a moment however once the threat of being burned or losing any more precious noodles was gone he turned to Phillip.

"What?" he asked softly.

"You got shot in the head." said Phillip, pointing with his finger. "Right there." Terrance knew the spot Phillip was pointing to was his forehead and he frowned.

"And that's what got you so scared?" he asked and Phillip was slightly embarrassed to nod. Terrance frowned, "Oh Phillip look I'm right here."

"I know you are Terrance but it's always so real and if you were gone." The blonde stopped as tears threatened to fall from his eyes once more. Terrance walked over to the blonde and sat next to him, hugging his best friend and then surprising them both by giving him a slight kiss on the forehead. Phillip looked up in surprise and Terrance frowned with a regretful look,

"Let me guess this started after Celine and I got back together didn't it?" Now that he mentioned it the only reason Celine was back was because of the revenue from Asses of Fire. Phillip nodded, that had to be the reason since Terrance could have never died in real life. Terrance sighed, "Why didn't you tell me about this? I mean you could've just told me this instead of those lies about Ugly Bob."

Phillip wanted to interrupt that they weren't lies but allowed Terrance to continue.

"If it upsets you that much then maybe I should stop seeing her." At that Phillip's heart soared as he looked up at his friend.


"Of course guy, you always come first in my book, I mean where would I be without you?" asked Terrance. "You're my best friend." And with that Phillip wrapped his arm around Terrance until a familiar sound made the two stare.

"You had to ruin the moment, didn't you Terrance?"

"Sorry Phillip."