Summary: AU. Sakura moves to Konoha and discovers the world of high school, partying, cheerleading, basketball and of course Naruto's best friend, Sasuke. SasuSaku, NaruHina and other pairings. Rated M for a reason, mostly swearing and lemons!

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So why another SasuSaku high school fic? Because they're so much fun to read and all the clichés make them even better. They're also really fun to write as well! So here's my take on the Naruto gang being in high school.

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Chapter 1



Sakura walked quickly down the long lane, eager to see her friend again. As soon as she reached the large red-brick house, she could hear the voices and screams of people in the back garden as well as the splash of a swimming pool. Naruto had warned her that he was having a pool party that day, but she simply couldn't resist passing by his house to see him. Having arrived in Konoha barely an hour ago with her mother, she had ran off to see Naruto instead of unpacking, too excited that she would once again get to hang out with her long-time friend.

Quickly checking her pink hair wasn't in a mess after walking almost ten blocks in the heat, she followed the noise around the house and came upon a large pool with dozens of high school students mostly chasing each other in the pool, lounging about drinking or chatting away among friends.

The day was hot, swimsuits were out and there was booze, but most of all, there were guys! Lots and lots of guys by the look of things and Sakura couldn't help but stare a little at all the shirtless boys around.

Quickly dismissing the idea of ditching her mom in order to stay at Naruto's to party, she ignored the various looks people were giving her and quickly spotted her loud, obnoxious blond friend.

He was surrounded by three girls, who seemed completely smitten with him as they twirled their hair and giggled at everything he said.

"Well, well, Naruto, aren't you just the player?"

She soon caught his eye and a large grin broke on his face as he waved towards her enthusiastically.

"Naruto!" Sakura squealed, running to him and pointedly ignoring the glares she received from all three girls.

"Sakura-chan!" he yelled and she threw herself in his arms, hugging him tight. "I'm so glad you're here! This year's gonna be awesome!"

"I know!" Sakura continued to squeal, pulling away slightly. "I can't believe I'm going to live in the same town as you. We are totally going to rock this year!"

Her Inner self was squealing loudly with excitement, jumping up and down at the thought of all the fun she knew she'd have with Naruto this year. On the exterior, however, she tried not to make a fool out of herself and noticed the three girls had taken the hint and left, finding some other guy to flirt with.

Without warning, Naruto quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her towards a nearby lounge chair. A dark-haired guy was sitting there wearing nothing but a pair of black board shorts and a certain air of confidence about him.

She noticed his dark eyes were watching her closely.

"Sakura, you remember my friend Sasuke, right?" Naruto asked cheerfully, stopping in front of the shirtless boy.

Sakura suddenly got a much closer look at Naruto's friend. She remembered Sasuke immediately. She had only met him a few times before when she had visited Naruto over the summers and had never really liked him. The boy she remembered was a stuck-up ass who only seemed to tolerate her presence because she was Naruto's other best friend.

However, she hadn't seen Sasuke in two years and as soon as she caught sight of him, Sakura's green eyes went wide.

Oh. My. God. He's freaking hot!

She tried not to stare at Sasuke's toned chest as she greeted him.

"Hello, Sasuke-san," she said politely, forcing her eyes to look up and meet his. "It's nice to see you again."

His onxy-coloured eyes continued to stare at her, his face unreadable as Sakura waited for an answer that never came. She felt Naruto grow restless beside her and gave a small laugh.

"I see you're still as talkative as ever," she added, in a joking tone.

"And I see you're still as annoying as ever," he answered coldly, before standing up and walking away.

Sakura was speechless.

How fucking rude!

"Oh nice one, teme!" Naruto growled at his back as Sasuke walked away, downing his drink without a care in the world as he left.

Sakura stood shock still, her mouth agape.

"How are you still friends with that guy?" she growled, turning back to face Naruto. "He's a complete dick!"

Naruto winced a little at her reaction before running a hand through his unruly blond hair and sighing. "Don't mind Sasuke, he's just gone through a really bad break-up, which seems to have turned him into more of an ass."

Sakura shook her head in dismay wondering what the other students of her new high school would be like.

"If you say so," she muttered, unconvinced. "Anyway, I can't stay. I've got to get back and unpack."

Naruto immediately pouted. "But I wanted you to meet my friends!" he whined, his blue eyes shining with mischief. "Plus it's a party and Sakura…. there's tequilaaaa!"

Sakura heard her Inner Self give a loud whoop. "Ha, ha, nice try Naruto, but I really can't stay. My mom would flip. But if you're free this weekend, gimme a call and maybe we can catch up a little before school starts. Say hi to Iruka when you see him."

"'Kay, will do," he told her, pulling her once more for a quick hug. "Say hi to your mom for me!"


The next weekend, Naruto had agreed to have lunch with Sakura and her mom and had then spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with them in their new home, a large three-bedroom penthouse flat.

"You want anything else to eat?" Sakura asked Naruto, her eyes glued to the action movie she was currently watching with him.

"Nah, it's cool, I have to get going in a few anyway," he told her. "I promised Sasuke we'd shoot some hoops this evening."

Sakura turned to face him intrigued. "Oh yeah, you and your basketball. You any good now?" she teased, nudging his arm slightly.

"The best," he grinned back. "My friends and I are all on the basketball team, we had try outs last week. Our coach is really serious about winning the championship this year and started training before school even started. We lost the final last year to Oto, but this year we're definitely going to kick their ass!"

"I can't wait to see what the gymnastics team is like," Sakura told him, stretching her legs out. "I hope they're as good as the team in Suna."

Naruto blinked back at her. "Er… I don't think Konoha High has a gymnastics team, Sakura."

"WHAT?" Sakura screeched in shock. "Are you serious? Oh my God, I was so happy being in the same school as you I didn't even think to check out the sports teams. No gym team, that sucks! I guess I'll just have to try-out for the lacrosse team then."

"I don't remember ever seeing one," Naruto answered, fearing the sudden wrath of his pink-haired friend.

"No lacrosse team!," Sakura yelled in return. "What about a drama club?"

"Bunch of losers," Naruto immediately replied, scowling at her. "There's no way you're hanging out with them."

Sakura laughed at his words. "Right and I'm sure you're Mr Popular himself."

Naruto grinned once more at her and Sakura felt her stomach squirm slightly. "You have no idea," he answered slyly. "But don't worry Sakura-chan, it's already a given you'll be hanging out with my friends too."

"But I don't care about popularity, I wanted to be part of the gymnastics team," she continued angrily stomping her foot with indignation. "This totally sucks."

Naruto nervously ran a hand through his hair trying to find a way to comfort his friend. "Well there's always cheerleading."

Sakura gave him a look that told him exactly what she thought of that idea.

"No really, I know you don't take it seriously but our school's squad has a coach and all and they do some pretty good stunts," he continued, trying to peek her interest. "They even compete, you'll love it. I'll talk to Ino about it, she's captain."

Sakura merely shrugged her shoulders. "'Kay. So before you go, how about you tell me about Sasuke," she continued, trying to sound casual. It had bugged her ever since Naruto had mentioned his painful break-up. How had any girl ever managed to go out with him and then break his heart? It just didn't make sense to her.

"Oh Kami, not you as well," Naruto groaned, rolling his eyes. "I swear every chick at our school has the hots for him. I really don't know what they see in him —"

"Naruto," Sakura abruptly cut him off. "First, I don't have the hots for him, I just want to know how that cold bastard could even be affected by a break-up and second… are you serious? How can you not know? The guy is sex on legs for God's sake!"

And before he could say anthing, she quickly added. "And if you ever tell him that, I will personally make sure you spend the rest of the year in hospital!"

Naruto knew better than to argue with an angry Sakura and made a hand gesture indicating his lips were sealed.

"So what happened to poor, little Sasuke that turned him into an even bigger asshole since last time I saw him?" she asked in a teasing voice.

"Don't," Naruto warned her causing Sakura's smile to fade. "He's my best friend and he deserves a lot better than what that bitch did to him."

Sakura nodded, suddenly regretting she'd asked in the first place. However, it still amazed her how Naruto kept defending the guy even though he'd been so openly rude to her.

"Teme dated Karin for a pretty long while last year," Naruto continued with a sigh, his tone somewhat neutral again. "They seemed good together although Karin had somewhat of a reputation of being a slut, but Sasuke didn't care – he'd had his own share of girls as well and liked girls with more – experience."

Sakura knew Naruto was trying to remain polite for her sake but laughed at his choice of words.

"It's okay, Naruto, I get it," she told him, wriggling her eyebrows in a suggestive manner before urging him on.

"So yeah, they dated for a while. At first it wasn't exclusive, then it was, then finally just as things seeemed to be getting a lot more serious, she did the one thing that totally caused Sasuke to freak out."

Sakura remained silent, listening intently to Naruto's next words.

"She cheated on him… with his older brother," he finally revealed.

"Noooo!" Sakura let out in astonishment. "Shit, that is harsh. What a bitch!"

"Yeah," Naruto continued, chuckling at Sakura's reaction. "I think Sasuke's brother slept with her on purpose just to rub it in Sasuke's face. They don't get along at all – some sort of rivalry between them to do with clan stuff I think."

Sakura froze at the mention of the word "clan". Damn, didn't I have enough clan stuff to deal with in Suna?

Naruto didn't notice and carried on. "Well anyway, it was bad. Sasuke and his brother had this huge fight that dragged all of us into it. Ino and the girls wouldn't let it go either and broke Karin's nose and now Sasuke hates Karin's guts."

"Wow and I thought my school had issues," Sakura spoke up, remembering all the fights Kankuro and Temari had got into as well.

"Yeah, sorry," Naruto apologised with a smile. "I guess you don't want to know all of this before your first day at school. But don't worry Sakura, no matter what, I'll be right by you and make sure nobody gives you any shit."

Somehow picturing him protecting her on her first day of school made Sakura smile.

"Oh Naruto," she told him with a devious glint in her eyes. "You're forgetting that I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself."


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