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James was not entirely sure how he got himself into this situation. He had simply walked in on a scene he had not wanted to see, and now he was stuck in a closet with a very muscular creature outside of the shuttered door. He quickly shut off his light, but it was too late. The monster, who wore an almost pyramid-shaped helm with the exception of the squared-off tip, had already noticed him. The blond could no longer see it there, and at the sound of the closet opening, he backed against the wall. He was terrified, trying to stop his pounding heart and the loud, quick breathing ghosting from his lips. He flinched at the masculine hand that grabbed his upper arm, firmly holding him. The creature moved its hand to his shoulder and squeezed it warningly. The blond complied, afraid of what would happen if he didn't. The smaller started at the other hand on his cheek and had earned another warning squeeze. The surprisingly warm hand held James' chin, then two fingers placed themselves on the man's trembling lips. The thing then released James, and the blond vaguely glimpsed the rusted helm being removed. He couldn't see whether it had a face. The hand returned to his shoulder once the helmet was set aside with a clunk, and the other hand cupped his cheek. Its thumb rubbed his lower lip curiously, then moved as something brushed his lips. The something pressed on them as James realized it was the creatures lips on his. The taller had moved its left hand to the blonds waist, its thumb rubbing slow, accented circles. James gasped slightly as the other gripped his hip, giving the opportunity for its tongue to dive into his mouth. James closed his eyes, feeling the forked tongue roam his mouth unhurriedly. The hand on his shoulder moved to the small of his back to pull the smaller closer. James felt the defined muscles through their clothing, and as well as a hardness pressing to his stomach. The creature lowered James to the floor almost gently yet firmly, their lips still together. James' eyes were now squeezed shut as the thing above him slid off his jacket and nestled his head on top of the bundled article of clothing. Its hands slowly, almost teasingly slid beneath his white shirt. James noticed it had shed its gloves, and the strong yet soft hands held a strange warm quality. As though they were smooth and soft skin, it felt and rubbed James' ribs one by one. After that came the inspection of the smaller's muscles, firmly rubbing and pressing. The taller was still kissing James, the tongue wrapped around his possessively. James opened his eyes when it pulled away, only to close them again as it forced his shirt off. It grabbed his hair roughly, pressing his forehead to its chest firmly. From the dim light of the kitchen where it had left the mannequins, James saw the tent in its apron. He could hardly breathe as it ground against his hips slowly and excitedly. It slid one of its legs between his, the knee pressing against the blond's crotch teasingly. James couldn't tear his eyes away from the bulge in the bloodied cloth; he was terrified of the sick idea of what it wanted. It laid him back down, its lips at his ears. He felt it nuzzle him as it placed a hand on his chest, the other inching eagerly towards his pants. He closed his eyes as it undid the button on his jeans; he was terrified of the hand pulling down his zipper.

The taller stopped suddenly, and James heard a shuffling sound. His jacket was slid carefully from beneath his head, and a blindfold was tied over his eyes. His wrists were tied tightly, as were his ankles. There was a clanking sound before James was lifted into the air, supported by two muscular arms cradling him. There was so much walking, walking and walking before they stopped. James was lain again on a dirty mattress and untied. The clanging noises of the helm being removed once more came to his ears. The thing straddled him once more, making James' heart pound in terror. It kissed him and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood; he gasped and it plunged its tongue inside his mouth eagerly. It pulled away after a time, tearing off his blindfold. Here the light was no better. It tangled its hand in blond hair and pressed his forehead to its chest once more. It was still hard, twitching slightly against the smock. He felt its hot breath on his ear as it nuzzled him excitedly. He watched in terror as its other hand reached back and untied its apron, letting it fall onto the other. It pulled away the cloth, revealing its nude body. James closed his eyes; he was horrified and scared of the inevitable. He jerked when it slid its hand into his jeans, rubbing and feeling him. He felt sick as he grew hard and pleasured by the creature. He didn't want his body to react like this, he just wanted out. But his wishes were not granted as it slid off his pants, leaving only boxers to cover the smaller. James was terrified, but finally he could move his lead-heavy arms. He pushed at the other, curling up underneath it. He was so afraid, very near to tears. The creature wasn't trying to force him yet. Then he was shifted and pulled into its lap, its arms around him and rubbing his back almost comfortingly. He couldn't help but begin to cry; he hadn't cried for a long time. It all burst forth, and he felt it hold him closer. "Shhh..." he heard at his ear. He was shocked to realize that it could speak. "I shall not harm you, quite opposite in fact, I shall be gentle." He couldn't find his voice, still in tears and sobs. "I... I shan't take you tonight, then, is that a little better?" He continued to cry, shaking hard with the force of the sobs. "Oh... I... um... would you like something to drink...?" He shook his head, trying to stop the tears that were making his eyes red and raw. The creature hesitantly patted his back, which made him cry harder than before. "I... Do you wish to be alone...?" James nodded vaguely, hiccuping a little. "Very well." He was shifted onto the bed with a pillow beneath his head, and the apron was pulled over him. "I shall be just outside the door." Once the door closed James curled up, crying harder than he ever had before. He sobbed until his throat was scratched raw, he cried until there were no tears to shed, and he scratched at himself to take away the touches and the feelings. He couldn't stop remembering how he enjoyed the touches, bringing him sick guilt for betraying Mary. He was scared and more alone than he had ever felt. He continued to claw at his skin, shaking and choking on a new onslaught of tears that overcame him in an instant. He rocked with the sobs that violently shook him to the core, threatening to kill him. He hated himself to death; he was the reason for Mary's death, he was the real monster. He saw the spear near the mattress, he grabbed it and dragged it towards him. He was ready for this, for his death, he didn't want that hand to take away the weapon pointed to his heart. That hand tossed the spear aside and slapped James hard, slapping him again and again. "You dare try that again and I shall beat you!" James pushed the taller away and scooted to the corner, still crying hard. "Do not dare move away from me!" He was jerked back by his blond hair, back onto the bed. "What in the world were you thinking?" James accepted the smacks, he welcomed them. He allowed the other to slap and hit him, not making a single sound. He even stayed silent when a fist drove itself forcefully into his stomach. He lost himself in the distraction of pain, feeling a comfort in the hurting. He was pained when the beating ceased, he didn't want the be suddenly held close, he didn't want to hear the apologies, he wanted escape, he wanted out. He wanted Mary. If he did not fall into the pit of hell, he thought desperately, perhaps he could see Mary. He blindingly reached for the spear again, a strangled cry escaping him when the other grabbed his wrist. "No." He fought against the other, needfully scrambling for his cure. He was slapped but it had not deterred his attempts. He kept grappling for it in desperation for Mary. He let out a choked scream when the taller kicked away the spear; this was a true hell, this damned town. This place was hungry for the lonely. It drew in those who had lost, the abandoned, the dead, the alone. Rejection, deception, reflection, conception... The missing... The torture... The madness... The sadness... The hate he hated believing. This town was a state of isolation. Death to the living, the flame had no living heart. James kept fighting, sobbing and wanting to see Mary. "Stop!" He didn't want to, he was ready for death. He was yelling something, but he couldn't even understand his words. He still loved her, he still needed her. He felt the taller kiss his forehead and tried to tear away, only wanting Mary's kiss. He was in so much agony from the loneliness. He was slapped again, but he didn't care. He ignored the smacks and struggled harder. "What is wrong with you?" He went limp then, those words sinking in. What was wrong with him... why did he let her die... He closed his eyes as he was cradled in two strong arms, still limp. "I..." James pushed the taller away, a rage sparking now. He grabbed his pants and tugged them on, shoving away a hand that tried to assist. He pulled on his shirt and jacket before standing. Arms tried to wrap around him, but he forced them off. "Please, don't..."

"Don't what?" He was amazed that he could actually speak. His burning anger grew even stronger. "Don't leave? That's nice, coming from the one who tried to rape me," he spat. "I hate you, you know that? I came here to look for my dead wife. I fucking got a letter from her, and my dumb-ass self thought I could actually see her again. Then I meet you, and you try to fuck me. I'm no fag like you. I hate you and this hellhole." He turned to spit more venomous words at it, but he stopped. It had a beautiful human face, with dark mahogany red hair. It had ruby blood-like eyes, yet this fact only enhanced its handsomeness. The curves of the cheeks were soft, almost like if he touched it it would be silk-like. The lips were full and trembling with hurt. The slender brows curved in pain from the words, and the eyes had reflected a deep agony and longing. Gashes and bruises marred the beauty of its face, most likely from that helm it wore. Very fleetingly it looked a little like Mary, but it changed back into that beauty that was before him. James was awed by it. With the rage still lit in him, though, he spat out the venom of his next words. "What is wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you, you bastard."

He left then.

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