Transformers Prime

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I am assuming that Grimlock did not know Soundwave was working under Megatron. In the War for Cybertron game, Grimlock left the autobot forces, so was missing on a lot of intel. This is my story and i'm sticking with it.

Chapter 14


"Who is That!" Miko nearly shouted from her spot nect to one of the seats in the balcony inside the bunker. All available were crowded around the monitor along with the humans, who were watching from said balcony. Displayed on the monitor was tall, taller than both Megatron and Optimus in fact. He seemed to be looking for something, as he stopped to look around every one or two seconds.

"I don't believe it..." Ratchet droned out. Miko reiterated to stimulate a response from any of the bots.

"That is Grimlock, leader of the dinobots," Ratchet summarized quickly. "If the rest of them are here...oh primus," Ratchet added under his breath. Arcee blinked in confusion.

"Wait, you're telling me that big guy was Grimlock? I heard he was offlined millenia ago," Arcee insisted. If he was still functioning, why hadn't he joined up with the autobots anywhere?

"I don't know how he came to still be online, but we must deal him in on the situation, before he hurts someone," Ratchet suggested, looking pointedly at the humans.

"Uh, why are you guys looking at us?"

Ratchet sighed in response to Raf's question. "Grimlock and his team, the dinobots, are known to be very explosive and temperamental, prone insubordination, and pretty much all around rebels, but they are loyal autobots. They don't pay much attention to indigenious species when in battle."

"Sounds like my kind of 'bots!" Miko exclaimed.

Bumblebee facepalmed before producing clicking and beeping noises.


"Attention. Crash landing imminent. brace yourselves," a voice sounded over the ship's intercom, which was reiterated with an "I repeat." Optimus and Megatron briefly ceased their clash to right stabilize their own balance as the ship's bow began a steep decline and commenced a nose dive.

"My ship...!" Megatron shouted with almost non-belief. Activating a comm on his wrist, Megatron gave the order, "Decepticons! Abandon ship and rendezvous near the transmitted coordinates!"

Looking for the closest area to get to the roof, he spotted Optimus' peds dissappearing above the outside of the hole that Megatron created in the ship's side. Following suit, Megatron used his powerful arm to swing himself onto the roof of the ship.

"Ratchet, download these spacebridge encryptions I've sent," came Optimus' voice.

So that was Optimus' plan. Knowing that bridging back to the Nemesis would be nigh unlikely to highly impossible, Optimus dragged on the fight long enough to extract a copy of spacebridge schematics.

"Once again you prove your cunning, Prime," Megatron said in half compliment, half disdain. Looking to his side, Megatron could now see the landmass slowly approaching, like how one would jump off an overhanging ledge. Klaxon sirens began sounding off their warning tones and both the Autobot and Decepticons leaders were at a stareoff. Engaging in battle now would only end in grievous injury and possible offlining just from the sheer drop from the sky, so both opted for the temporary stalemate. Megatron however, was the only one with an aerial alt mode.

"So long Optimus, I'm sure you'll find a way to avoid a most unfortunate crash landing," Megatron laughed before shifting to his cybertronian jet form and blasting off towards land.

Optimus watched him for mere seconds before quickly surverying the area to find a decent escape route before an idea came to him.

"Ratchet! Activate a ground bridge at these coordinates!" Optimus commanded clearly, making sure that his instructions were relayed succinctly.


"Hey, what's that flashing light on the side of his neck?" Arcee questioned, pointing at the monitor where Grimlock's neck seemed to have a small blinking device.

"Well, only one way to find out-" Ratchet ceased his speaking to listen to the open comm on the monitor next to the one they were viewing. Optimus' face icon appeared along side a voice meter.

"Ratchet! Activate a groundbridge at these coordinates!" Ratchet quickly scanned the code and sent them to the Groundbridge controls, in which the switch activated on its own.

Everything went quiet as the portal whirled open. Seconds had passed and everyone present began to fear that Optimus somehow didn't get through. However, the sound similar to something launching through a waterfall had occured, and they could see the Autobot leader careening from the sky into the base.

Landing on the base heavily, his feet cracked through the floor a bit before he regained his bearings.

"Thank you, old friend. Please scan those spacebridge schematics i've sent," Optimus requested, not winded at all from his fantastic landing.

"Uh, Prime, you got a little problem there on the monitor," the speech capable Bumblebee alerted while pointing at the machine. Optimus blinked before turning around to look at the monitor.

"Grimlock?" Optimus asked rhetorically. He blinked his Optics before walking towards an open space in the bunker.

"Ratchet, activate the Groundbridge," he ordered for the second time. "The rest of you, stay here." Without a word, the field medic activated the switch, creating the portal that the large mech entered and shortly dissapeared in.