Title: Care for a Dance?

Characters: Dino Cavallone, Hibari Kyoya

Summary: Hibari reluctantly visits Dino in Italy for the holiday break, only to be greeted by larger hands pulling him in for… a dance.

Notes: TYL. Four hundred twenty-two words. For JC on Tumblr. Drabble.

Song Playing: "Baby It's Cold Outside" by the Glee Cast.

A subtle knock. A simple black overcoat protecting him from the wind. The door opens. Music draws the Japanese man into the house as he is suddenly embraced by a certain mafia boss with who he has far too many connections with.

Maybe too much for his liking.

"Kyoya, you came!"

"… I have duties to attend for Sawada, that is all," Hibari responds airily. "Don't get too excited, Cavallone."

The aloof guardian pulls away as he hangs his coat on the side and walks towards the source of the music: the living room. Dino follows wordlessly, smiling.

"This song," Hibari mutters, standing in the middle of the room.

So very nice… I'll hold your hands… they're just like ice…

"You remember?" Dino chuckles. "It was the first song we danced to, as well as the first time you learned how to dance."

Hibari says nothing. To think that he actually allowed the herbivore to listen to such lyrics, perhaps he should just go and stop the music—


A hand comes from behind to grasp the Vongola guardian's own, which was so close to pressing that pause button.

"Could you dance with me? Just once? We haven't seen each other in months," the Cavallone boss starts, before quickly mumbling, "and I do miss holding you."

"Hopeless as always." Hibari says with a slight scowl, though his eyes softens as he give consent for the other to continue with this… foolishness.

Dino grins as he pulls Hibari in just a little closer and hums softly with the melody. "Have you improved at all?"

"Do you think I dance."

Not even phrased into a question, Hibari is quick to cut all conversations for sap and merely stares at his own two feet, carefully making sure to match with the rhythm.

"It's okay, you can step on my fee—"

Dino winces as Hibari successfully finishes his sentence with the very action. Whether it was done accidentally or not, the blond will probably never find out.

"Kyoya, it's fine. Look up and just follow my movements."

The younger man lifts his face up to his partner's. Those all-too-warm brown eyes. That damn grin that seems plastered to that klutz's face. The ink that crawls up to his neck, pathetic in its attempt to be intimidating, yet every time the two are in bed together, absolutely warming to see.


A quick peck. Winter's lips meet summer's own. Rhythmic swaying continues. Dino smiles with relief as he returns the kiss.

"Ti amo, Kyoya."

"… Dino."