Chapter 1

'Come on Pricey, I waiting!' Louis yelled from downstairs. Louis and I were best friends, he was like a brother to me, and we always had each other's back even now whilst One Direction and he are big.

'I'm coming let me finish up.' I called back impatiently. I'm just finishing my last year at school and Louis and I had a big surprise for me and my 4 best friends. I came running down the stairs to find waiting down at the bottom tapping his foot impatiently, Louis. He had his classic look on, cream chinos, white and black stripy top and some navy TOMS. I shook my head in dismay as I tutted to him making him look up at me.

'I'm guessing I have done something wrong.' He replied throwing his arms out as a sign to show what I thought was wrong.

'Yes you're wearing the same thing again Louis!' I admitted

'Well the looks fits me to a T you see and I'm proving it.' He winked; I walked off into my living room laughing at him.

'What? It does!' He claimed.

'Yeah anyways,' I said changing the subject, 'let's run through the holiday plans then.'

'Well we are going to Hawaii for a month to celebrate you, Alice, Bexy, Beth and Bailey passing your GCSE's, we are going to be leaving next week on Sunday late evening to get to Heathrow on time for the flight.'

'Brilliant! I'm so excited!' I cried clapping my hands together jumping up and down.

'I have a surprise for you as well.' He said smirking at me.

'What?' I asked worryingly biting my lips.

'Well as much as I would love to spend a month with my sexy wife and her best friends,' he winked, 'I have invited a lovely bunch.' I knew straight away he invited the rest of One Direction.

'That's alright then, now I have more interesting things to look at.' I winked grabbing a sweet from the sweet tray on the table and popped it into my mouth.

'Would that interesting thing be Harry Styles by any chance?' He said raising an eyebrow as he flicked through the paperwork not even looking at me, I suddenly started to choke on my sweet; he laughed and pat me on my back, helping me out.

'I don't know what you're talking about,' I blushed with the sweet in my mouth. Okay if I'm being honest I have fancied the pants out of Harry ever since we first met through Louis, we have had so many good times together and recently we've been getting closer, I think he likes me too.

'Drop the act Lyds, we all know you fancy the pants off of him, as much as you would love the pants to come off him.' He cheekily winked at me, receiving a slap on the arm straight after.

'I do not; I have no idea what you're talking about.' I walked out of the room as coolly as I could to the kitchen and grabbed two mugs out of the cupboard and set them down. 'Tea, coffee?' I asked hoping to distract him off the conversation.

'Tea, don't try to change the subject you should know me well enough by now Lyd, that tick doesn't work on me.'

'I have no idea what you're talking about, I don't love Harry, and I like him as a friend.' I replied trying to sound innocent as I popped two tea bags in each mug and started to pour boiling water in one of the cups.

'So, you don't love Harry then?' He asked deliberately. From hearing his name I suddenly went all giddy and missed the mug and spilt some boiling water on my hand which was resting on the side.

'OW!' I yelped, throwing the kettle on the side holding my hand in pain. 'You did that on purpose!' I whined shoving my hand under the tap.

'No, I'm just lucky.' He winked and grabbed some dressing from the first aid kit and wrapped my hand.

'Ha, ha, ha! Very funny!' I said in a childlike way poking my tongue out.

'You sit down, I'll finish here.' He offered in an apologetic way. I walked out into the living room and sat myself down.

'So, Bexy's coming then?' His voice arose from the kitchen.

Yeah obviously she's my bestest friend! Why?' I asked curiously. Bexy and I have been best friends since we were in Primary school. Her real name was Rebecca but preferred Bexy or Bex, funny she suited them more than Rebecca. She was like my sister and I was so jealous of her. She was medium, skinny, amazing almost like bright blue eyes and long curly blonde hair past her boobs. It was understandable why every boy at our school would be drooling whenever they see her.

'No reason just making sure your bestie is coming, can't forget her.' He replied walking in handing me a cuppa.

'Seriously Louis why? You never take notice of my other friends.' Suddenly realizing the real reason why he asked. I looked up at him he blushed. 'You like her!' I gasped hopping up closer to him on the sofa.

'No I don't, it was just a question.' He replied sheepishly.

'Louis William Tomlinson you cannot lie to me I know you well enough to know when you have a crush!'

'Fine you caught me red handed!' He blurted out, 'anyways nothings gonna happen is it? She's dating 'Owen'.' Gestured with his fingers when he said Owen sourly.

'I'm sorry Louis, I should have known,' I sighed. 'I think she really likes him but, he doesn't like her that much at all.' I admitted.

'He doesn't? He is missing out big time then, she deserves more than him!'

'That's true but, please don't tell her anything I don't want to upset her.' I begged.

'Of course I won't, why would I want to do that?' With that the door rang, I put my mug on the glass coffee table and sprang up to the door leaving Louis spread out on the sofa. I opened the door and it was Bexy crying her eyes out with mascara running down her face.

'Bexy, what has happened?' I gasped. Louis came rushing to the door to see her. 'What has happened to you? Who has done this?' I asked as we guided her into the living room and sat her down on the sofa between Louis and me.

'I'll put the kettle on,' Louis said jogging to the kitchen, making more noise than she was. I couldn't bear to see her like this I gave her a big hug and she fell into me, her head slotted into my collar bone and she started sniffing which then turned to sobbing. Luckily Louis came dashing in with a pink spotted mug of tea and settled it down on the coffee table, she sat up and took it from the table smiling at him as a thank you and took a sip. She sighed and stared at the floor. We both started at her until she sniffed and spoke.

'I saw him, him. W-w-with her.' She stammered almost bursting into tears. 'I was meant to meet up with h-h-him at 1 but I came 10 minutes early, I got there and I s-s-saw them!' She cried and sobbed into her hands.

'Saw who?' I asked as Louis started to rub her back for comfort.

'O-o-Owen and this slutty bitch!' She spat.

'Awww Bex!' I sympathized. 'You're too good for him, you don't need him okay? Your amazingly beautiful and a stunning girl who is bubbly and sweet like aero chocolate, and if he can't see that then he is not worth it!' I comforted. I looked over to Louis who was at her level looking very worried; I have never seen him like this to a girl before. I have to admit he would be the perfect boyfriend for Bexy. He looked up to me confused and mouth like 'aero chocolate'. I shook my head making him go back to Bexy.

'But I love him!' She claimed in-between sobs.

'I know you do Bex but we are not joking if he can't see how amazing you are and he would rather go for a slutty girl then he is not worth it.' Louis said softly. At this point I thought it would be best to get some make up wipes for her and change my top as I looked down and saw mascara smudges pasted all over the right shoulder of my top from her crying. I came back down and I saw her crying into Louis as he stroked her hair. I smiled sweetly and peeled her off of him and took her make up off. Damn! She even looks good without make up I thought to myself. Louis' phone started to ring, it was Liam he picked it up and walked out of the room.

'You're so lucky, Louis' such a lovely person.' She sighed, 'stuff Owen I've already got pay back on him!'

'You have?' I asked worryingly.

'Yes, but you need to keep it a secret,' I nodded, 'whilst me and Owen were dating, I have been secretly crushing on him, Louis.' I looked at her in astonishment.

'You do?' I shouted back then flinging my hand over my mouth and peered round into the kitchen looking at Louis who looked very confused at me, I smiled and waved and turned back to Bex. 'And why haven't you told me this?' I asked sternly, 'I thought we were meant to be sisters!'

'We are but I thought cause of how close you two were I thought you would of found it weird,' she protested.

'Well I would of but, he likes you too!' I grinned, 'but don't tell him okay, he doesn't want you to know.' She nodded obediently and snuggled into the sofa and turned on the TV, watching Harry Potter. I started to watch it with her but I heard someone whisper my name, I turned round and it was Louis signaling me to go to him. I walked out of the living room and met him in the kitchen.

'Me and the boys think it's a good time to tell Bex about the surprise, it will make her feel better,' he smiled. I looked into the living room and looked at Bexy and heard a few sniffles from her. I nodded and walked back into the room leaving Louis dealing with the boys of when to come round.

'Poor Hermione, she loves Ron but he has gone off with a random frizzy freak too!' She blubbed. 'I know how you feel girl!'

'I am sorry for you but face it this way least you and Louis can get with each other, and there are more surprises to come!

I woke up from the sound of boys entering my house. I shot up from the sofa and darted out to the passage to find, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Harry standing there dripping wet starting at me in shock, I relaxed I forgot Louis invited them round.

'Urmm, hi Lydia?' Zayn said shocked.

'Hi Zayn,' I chirped. 'What's up with you lot you look like you've seen a ghost.'

'We have and we are looking at her.' Niall replied laughing stepping forward giving me a wet hug.

'Huh? I'm confused.' Wiping the wet drips from Niall

'Have you been crying Lydia?' Liam asked worryingly.

'No why?' I replied confused. They all pointed to the mirror, I looked in, I gasped back all down my faced I had mascara dripping off. I did look like something you would see out of a horror movie.

'Sorry no, it's from Bexy she upset.' I said wiping off my gory make up with a spare wipe I had in my hand.

'Oh yeah we heard about that, hope she is okay.' Niall said walking into the living room to find Bexy asleep on the sofa. He came out and gestured she was asleep and walked into the kitchen to Louis giving him a bear hug, the others and I were stood in the passage still shaking their heads, Zayn and Liam looked at me smirking.

'This is how it's done.' Zayn boasted he ran to Louis with Liam behind him jumping on each other. I giggled they are so entertaining I thought. I felt some arms cradle around my waist.

'Hey beautiful.' A husky voice flowed into my ear. I shivered. I looked up and saw Harry looking down on me smiling.

'Hi.' I smiled back. He let go and took off his soaking wet coat and sat on the stairs.

'EWWWW! Guys you're soaking wet get off me!' I heard Louis cry in disgust. I giggled on sat down next to Harry. We were sat there for a few minutes not saying a word, I was biting my lip. I bit my lip a lot, when I concentrate, when something's on my mind, when I'm worried.

'What's up Lyd?' He asked looking down at me bushing some of my blonde hair behind my ears. I was the total opposite of Bex, I was shortish/mediumish, ice blue eyes and long blonde wavy hair which reached just pass my boobs.

'Nothing.' I replied biting my lip more than ever. Harry pulled my chin up delicately so my face was inches away from his.


'Fine I'll tell you.' I blurted dropping my head. 'I broke Bex and Owen up!' I admitted. Harry looked at me disappointed.

'Is this because you know Louis likes her?' He asked he voice was dull, he looked at the ground.

'Yes,' I admitted again. 'I couldn't help it; they are perfect for each other. Anyways Owen cheated on her, I couldn't let her forgive him knowing he will only do it again!' I stopped rumbling on and looked at Harry he suddenly lifted his head and looked at me.

'That's sweet but, I hope for your sake it works out otherwise you'll have someone wearing red TOMS attacking you.' He laughed and offered his hand out helping me up. I stood up our faces were inches apart again, I felt all giddy. I started into his eyes they were lovely and unusual. They were a green/blue colour I felt like I was swimming in them. He bent down and kissed me on the lips. I felt stunned. We stood there shocked over what happened, I then felt myself being lifted up and carried into the living room. I squealed and laugh begging for Harry to put me down.

'Fine I will.' He said, and dropped me onto the other sofa and completely ignored Bexy who surprisingly was still sleeping. Then he bundled me up and plonked myself on him. I fell into him and relaxed. We looked at each other and giggled, I cuddle up even more to him. His hand started to stroke my hair.

Zayn and the others walked in and instantly looked at us. 'It's getting cozy over here then.' Niall giggled and jumped onto us; making himself comfortable. None of them had their coats on and were stood their laughing.

'Thanks Niall.'

'Welcome buddy anytime.' He said replying to Harry getting off to join the others on the other sofa with Bexy and we all sat there and watched Eastenders all night.

I woke up to the smell of croissants cooking. I looked around I was in the living room, must of fell asleep watching TV I thought, would be the reason why the TV's left on. I looked round and saw on the other sofa Bex, Zayn, Niall and Liam asleep on the sofa all bundled up like babies. I then looked up and saw Harry fast asleep. I carefully got up and walked to the kitchen to find Louis already dressed making breakfast.

'I couldn't wait, you lot take too long to wake up,' he laughed turning on the kettle. He passed me a plate full of salmon and bagels with mini chocolate croissants surrounding the edge. It smelt divine. The rest of the boys trailed in yawning and stretching only to collapse in chairs around the table. I sighed and took my breakfast and tea up to my room. I came down 2 hours later with Bexy and the boys in my garden chilling. I walked out towards them, sat on the ground and started to pick at the daisies.

'You lot are changed?' I asked confused.

'Yeah you take so long getting ready we had enough time to get ready ourselves.' Bexy laughed.


'We aren't staying for long Lyds we have to go soon to pack.' Liam said throwing a daisy head at me.

'Where are you off too? Meeting the President?' Bexy winked. The boys looked at me, I turned to Bexy.

'They are going to Hawaii.'

'Oooaahh exotic,' Bexy replied.

'But, they're not going alone; I'm going for a month.' I saw her face drop she looked broken hearted.

'With you, Bailey, Alice and Beth,'

'OMG, OMG, OMG! The ten of us together Hawaii for a month? WOW!'

'It's a congratulations present from the boys! We are going to be staying in my family home to make it even posher!' She leapt up dragging me up hugging me repeating the same words.

'Thank you, thank you!'

'It's fine but, please let go I can't breathe.' I gasped

'Oh yeah sorry.' She dropped me; the boys were laughing at this point until she came over to them and hugged them for dear life.

'Well we have to go now girls see you next week for the holiday.' Liam said walking out of the door with the others. There was a beep from outside.

'That's my mum Lyds thank you so much will speak soon yeah love you!' She ran out down the stairs pass the boys. I hugged all the boys goodbye and said I would text them later. I shut the door and sighed so many things have changed.