Chapter 9

Harry POV

She just doesn't know how I feel about her, I thought to myself as I was wandering through the busy market. There were so many colours and scents dancing through the air, every street you walked through each had a different smell but all of them had a rainbow of different coloured fabrics and ornaments. I was busy texting Lou about what I should say to Lydia when I bumped into someone else. Our phones both fell on the floor, we went down to pick them up bumping our heads against each other.

'Ow, so sorry.' I apologized embarrassingly our hands touched as we quickly reach for our phones which were next to each other, I looked up to see a beautiful light wavy haired brunette looking into my eyes with her beautiful emerald green eyes. I was spellbound before she awoke me from my daydream.

'Urmm, your foot is on my phone.' She giggled nervously. It was the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

'Oh sorry.' I apologised quickly as I jumped up off her phone handing it to her. As I gave it back I noticed we both had the same phone. 'Hey look we both have the same phone.'

'Oh yeah, that's pretty cool.' She smiled thanking me and left. I stood there for a few moments trying to keep a picture of her beautiful face in my mind, wish I got her number, I thought to myself. Not long after she came rushing back, I looked up and smiled.

'Miss me that much?' I joked giving her a hug.

'Yeah more than the facts that I have your iPhone and I think you have mine.' She replied holding out my iPhone, I took her one from my back pocket.

'Oh yeah sorry about that, urrmmm hey what are you doing for the rest of the day?' I asked sheepishly looking down at the floor.

'Well I was going to go to the beach after browsing through the market you?'

'Same! Hey, how about you join me, if you want and you're boyfriend doesn't mind.' Good ways to go play it cool, I thought.

'Oh that is very flattering of you, but I don't have a boyfriend, I'm here on my own and that would be lovely thank you.' She giggled. Obviously not good with compliments, meaning she is quite insecure about herself and bonus she hasn't realised who I am!

'Really a pretty girl like you with no boyfriend! I'm shocked! Hi, I'm Harry, Harry Styles.' I held my hand out to shake her hand.

'Hmmm, you're smooth with compliments. Hi Harry, I'm Danielle, Danielle Jones.' She shook my hand firmly back looking into my eyes. Wow, I thought to myself, her eyes are gorgeous; I could look into them all day.

We walked through the rushed market taking our time getting to know each other. We completely lost track of time and place until we landed at the beach in front of Lydia's house.

'Wait Harry, this is a private beach, we can't go on there we'll get told off!' She ran up and grabbed my hand with begging eyes.

'It's cool babe, my best friend owns this place so as long as you're with me you'll be fine,' I winked a led her along the beach as I picked a bright pink flower from a bush. We walked to the end of the shore and watched the sun set hand in hand, I turned her to face me, my heart skipped a beat, she was perfect, the way her hair flowed down. I held up the flower to her, she giggled and took it giving me a kiss on the cheek.

'It's almost as pretty as you.' I pulled her hips closer to me receiving a soft kiss on my lips; I melted into her, guiding her through.

It was night time, the stars were up lighting the sky and the moon beamed down on the top of the ocean waves, me and Danielle had been on the beach since sunset talking and kissing, I really liked her and she really liked me, we were perfect for each other.

'It's getting late.' Danielle spoke taking a breather from kissing.

'Dark too, you're hotel pretty far away. Why don't you stay the night here?' I cheekily asked putting some of her loose gorgeous brown wavy hair behind her left ear. She sat there looking at me biting her bottom lip whilst smirking, thinking about the offer.

'Hmm, I don't know Harry, I don't want to disturb anyone and it's a pretty big step we aren't even dating yet.' She mumbled looking and the sandy beach watching a small crab wonder by. I lifted her chin up with my index finger so she was looking straight in my face and planted a small kiss on her lips.

'Better?' I asked winking as I removed my finger. She bit her lip again smirking, trying not to laugh, god did it turn me on when she bit her lip.

'A bit.' She giggled. She wrapped her arms around my neck embracing her body against mine running her hands through my hair giving me a passionate kiss, my hands automatically placed themselves across her back running up and down. I left one hand on her back and leaned her to the floor the other hand supporting us; she moved her hands to the bottom of my top and lifted it over my head chucking it on the sandy floor, my hands slipped under her top lifting it over her head chucking it by my top. Both breathing in heavily and faster, both craving for the same thing we both took off the rest of our clothing so we were in our underwear and carried on kissing passionately through the night.