I woke up and looked at the time and it said 6:30, so I got up and went to Suzie's bed and woke her up cause I know today was her first day of school. For her it was her last year at school and then she comes to the real world or goes to college, which I hope she chooses because she has the potential for it. But then she brings up of why didn't I go to college, but I never went because I had her to take care and she is way more important than my education. But I get up off the bed and go shake her and said "Suz you got to get up it's your first day of school, come on sweetie." But she wakes up and just stairs at me and asked "why do I have to go to school, you didn't." But I was just going to say something when Senora Suarez came in and said "because you want that education don't you and it doesn't matter what your sister did, because she didn't have time she was too busy making sure you had clothes on your back and food in month. And that's what family is." So I turned and asked "is anyone else awake?" And she looked at me and said "no and I tried to wake the boys up cause they need to get ready for work." So I get and say "don't worry I'll go get them up, but just help her with that dress that she has to wear, please." But before she says anything I'm already up and walking out of the room and walking to the boy's room. But I don't even walk I just walk in and I say "come on get up right now or you're going to be late to your jobs and so am I." The first one awake was Javier and he asked "what are you doing?" And I said looking at him "I'm going to be working at Hotel Oceana, as a waitress." He looks at me for a few minutes and says "wow were going to be working at the same place, maybe I should show you the way," he said and winked and I just laughed and turned away and started to walk away and said "do you mind walking me and my sister to her school."
"What is her school and then I will know." He said, so I thought about it trying to remember the name and said "Rockwood and I feel bad cause since she look so American, instead of Cuban, they wouldn't take her in to the school I went to so know I'm going to die trying to pay the bills. But, I don't care as long as she gets a great education. Does that sound selfish?" I asked. And I look at him hoping I didn't sound selfish, but then he gave me a look that said 'are you crazy.' So I said "okay then but be ready cause she has school at 8:15 and I want her to be on time for the first day of school." But all he did was nod, so I walked out of the room and started to walk back to mine and Suzie's. So when I got there I opened the door and saw her in her dress thing and she looked really cute. But then I looked at the time and saw it was 7:05 and I knew I had to start getting ready. So I started and first put on a under shirt then I pulled on my black dress pants went and started to do my make-up and did my hair. So after I did all that and put on my button up shirt it was 7:30, so I went into the bathroom and saw Suzie trying to do her own so I said "Suz you know I would have helped you if you asked right." And she turned and said "can you please help me." So I went and grabbed the make-up from her hand and started to put it on her. But as soon as I got done there was a knock at the door and Javier's voice came through the door "come on guys its 7:40, if you want breakfast you better come out now." And I heard his footsteps start walking down the hall so I go and open the door and start to walk out and Suzie was right behind me. So I start walking down the stairs and she follows and after we get down we start walking to the kitchen and I said "do we have a coffee made?" And I see Javier pouring himself a cup, so I walk over to him and take it and start to drink from it and all he did was look at me with that look that said 'what the hell are you doing'. So I just keep on drinking it so he goes and grabs another and pours himself another cup and said "you do know was my cup right." And I just look at him with 'do u think I'm stupid look' and kept on drinking it and then I looked at the time and saw it said "crap guys come on its 7:50 we have to go." So we all go and walk out the front door and out the gate. But we start walking and we got there at 8:00 and I said "okay you know where to go right." And she just looked and said "yes." So I hug her one last time and I hear a girl ask her "why where you walking and hugged a spic?" But before I turn around Javier puts his arm around me and said "don't let her bother you." And we just kept on walking.
*Time jump*

So me and Javier got out at 2:00 and we started to walk home so we can get out of our work clothes. So when we get home I walk up to my bed room and down stairs and see him with a white under shirt and a button up dark blue shirt on top with gray dress pants and those dog tags he wears all the time. But my outfit was a lot different than his I was wearing a black tube top and dark wash skinny jeans and black knee high boots. So we go back out and start walking around but then we hear Cuban music so we follow it and we see tons of people listen and dancing to it. So me and Javier walk up and me being me start slightly dancing to the music by swaying my hips back and forth and he walks over and starts dancing in the middle of it and it was fun. But he then stops and looks up and I'm right next to him, so he says "umm Carolina your sister is here." So I turn and see her standing there watching us, so me and Javier walk up to here and I say "I thought I told you to go home." But she looks at me and said "I did I've been walking home for a hour trying to find my way." But I stare at her and said "okay let us just go say goodbye to everyone and we can go." But she didn't seem like she wanted us to and she said "no I'll find my way home."
"No cause you won't show up for a week or a month or so." But she doesn't say anything else so we walked over and said goodbye and he went and grabbed his shirt. So we walk over and we start to walk but we walk through a group singing and he already took her bag because it might be heavy. But they were singing in Spanish and she thought it sounded nice but she doesn't know what they're saying. But me and Javier heard a horse sound so we turn and look and said we should get off the streets to her. And she asked "why?" I look at her and said "Suz you don't understand what there sing." So I grabbed her hand with my other one because Javier already had my other one. So we start walking through the crowd and we see them coming from everyone way so we tried running. But, are guard grabbed Javier and me and he had me by my waist and she kept trying to help me but I yelled at her to run that way pointing straight ahead and she started to run. But they still had a firm grip on us and we told them that we were just passing through with my little sister and after I really don't know how long they finally let us go. So we started to make are way home, and after walking for a while we finally got home and he opened the gate and we walked in and opened the front door to. So we walked through and we tackled with hugs and the first thing Suzie said to me was "why did you tell me to run when they grabbed you and Javier?" I looked at her and said "because you don't look Cuban and I didn't want you to have to see your sister get harassed like that. Also, I wouldn't be able to see you get harassed like that." But everyone agreed with me too cause we all have been through that. But, she says "I'm seventeen." And I looked at her and said "I wouldn't care if you were 20 I still wouldn't allow it because I went through it and I know what they do." So after I said that she was didn't ask anymore. But I could tell she was mad about that and I really didn't care. After everything we realized it was late at night and I was so tired, but thank god Suz already went to bed and now me and Javier are heading up to and I said "goodnight Javier" and hugged him and gave him a kiss one the cheek and he said "goodnight Carolina" and he hugged me back and after we stopped. I opened my bedroom door and went and side and he was already walking down the hall way. So I closed it and got into my sleep wear and went to sleep.

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